10 Things You Can Do with a Viator.com User Account

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As you may have noticed, Viator.com is expanding! In addition to adding thousands of top attractions and travel recommendations, we now provide our travelers with personalized accounts. These accounts allow you to manage your bookings, upload photos, write reviews, and post recommendations for other travelers. Here is a first look at what your account can do:

A Viator.com Profile

My Viator.com Profile

Managing Your Account

When you first sign into your Viator.com account, you will be taken to blue menu. Here you can navigate to the Viator.com Homepage, Your Profile, or Your Reviews and Photos. Your Profile is where you can manage your account and anything associated with your Viator.com ‘persona’.

1. Change your Password, Contact Information, and Preferences

This is a very important step as it controls how and when Viator.com will contact you. You should have an up-to-date e-mail address, an ‘easy to remember’ password, and select your correct communication preferences. It is very important that you remember the e-mail address you use and your password as you will need these to access your account.

If you are a long-time member of Viator.com, an account may have already been made for you. Go here to claim your account and reset your password. This process will activate your account so you can begin submitting contributions!

How Do I Change My Password, Contact Information, or Preferences? After signing into your account, go to your profile. Across the top of your profile you will see 4 tabs: “Summary, Contact Information, Change Password, and Preferences”. These tabs are only visible to you and only when you are signed into your account. These allow you to navigate to each section and make all necessary changes.

User Menu

Main User Menu

2. Change your nickname and add a bio

Your nickname will appear next to every contribution that you submit on Viator. You do not need use your real name, in fact, we encourage you to be creative! In addition to creating a nickname, you also have the option to include a short bio about yourself. This is a fun way for other Viator.com users to get to know you.

How do I edit my profile information? After signing into your Viator.com account, click on ‘my profile’. Here, you will see an orange button titled, “Edit My Profile”. Click this to edit your nickname, bio, country, and gender.

3. Upload a Profile Picture

Like your nickname , your profile picture will appear next to every contribution that you submit on Viator. You can pick your favorite travel photo or a recent picture from your last Viator.com tour. If you would rather not have your own picture on Viator.com, that’s fine – upload a picture of your pet, favorite food, or anything that you feel represents you and the type of traveler you are (as long as it is “family-appropriate” of course)!

How do I change my Profile Picture? After signing into your Viator.com Account, click on ‘my profile’. If you have not uploaded an image yet, your profile picture will be a blank ‘standard’ image.  Underneath the image you will see a link titled, “change my photo”. Click here and a window will appear where you can upload a new picture. A 125×125 px image is preferred and the file must be either a JPG, PNG, or GIF.

4. Manage Your Viator Bookings

One of the main benefits of having a personal user account is now you can track and manage all of your Viator.com bookings directly online. The “My Bookings” tab will display all bookings for the past 90 days. This tab is where you can manage active Viator.com itineraries, print confirmation vouchers and contact our Customer Care team with booking-related questions.

Share Your Travel Adventures

Now for the fun part – sharing you travel experiences! Here are some fun and easy ways to share your travel expertise with the entire Viator.com community:

Add a Travel Recommendation!

Add a Travel Recommendation!

Note: We manually inspect each and every contribution that is submitted to us. We do this to avoid spam, fraud and other potential abuses. Unfortunately, it means we sometimes have a long queue of contributions waiting to be published. Please be patient as it may take a couple weeks before your contributions are live on the website.

5. Submit Tour Reviews and Photos

In order to protect the integrity of our tours, you can only submit tour photos and reviews after you have purchase and completed a tour. Your tour/activity will appear in the “My Tour Reviews and Photos” tab 24 hours after the confirmed travel date, at which point you will have 90 days to submit a review and photos.

6. Write a Travel Recommendations

Recommendations are short and simple travel tips about a specific location. “The Best Tai Restaurant in Sydney” submitted by Skootre is a perfect example. It provides useful and quick information for anyone traveling to Sydney. The title explains clearly what the recommendation is about and doesn’t mislead the reader.

How to Add a Recommendation? At the top of each location’s “Travel Recommendation” page there is a blue button titled, “Add New Recommendation”. After selecting this button, a new window will open – this is where you submit your recommendation, pick a title, and upload corresponding photos. Recommendations can only be 300 Characters, so choose your words wisely!

7. Suggestion an Attraction

Attractions are popular, or notable, places within a specific location. An attraction for New York, for example, would be the Statue of Liberty. Attractions do not have to be as popular as the statue of liberty though. A beautiful viewpoint or a great restaurant can be an attraction; anything that could be of interest to someone visiting that specific location.

How to Suggest an Attraction? The same way that each location’s “Travel Recommendation” page has an “Add New Recommendation” button, each location’s “Attractions” page has a “Suggest a New Attraction” button. After clicking the button, a form will pop up where you can suggest a new attraction for that location.

8. Upload Pictures to Attractions & Recommendations

If you have old pictures from past travel experiences that you would like to share with Viator.com, you can upload them to an Attraction or Recommendation page at anytime! Just click the “Add Photo” URL available on every attraction page.

9. Add a Review to Attraction & Recommendations

You can add reviews to attractions and recommendations at anytime. Did someone write a recommendation about the “Best Tai Restaurant in Sydney” and you disagree? Tell us! Writing a quick review is a great way to share your travel expertise with other Viator travelers.

10. Share your account and contributions on Facebook and Twitter

Share your Profile on Facebook and Twitter

Share your Profile on Facebook and Twitter

Now you can share all your travel recommendations, pictures, and other contributions with your facebook friends and twitter followers. At the top of your profile page you will see a Twitter and Facebook logo. Just click and your account will automatically be published to your facebook or twitter – it’s that easy!

I hope this was a helpful introduction to your new Viator.com Account. Now it is time to start sharing your travel expertise. Have fun, be creative, and remember to share your feedback (accounts@viator.com) with us!


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