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Melbourne: Bars Akimbo

Bars. There are so many bars in Melbourne. Just 20 years ago, the central city area was a virtual wasteland; packed with suits from 9 to 5, and then empty. I remember looking down Bourke St – one of the two main city thoroughfares – from the state Parliament building one Sunday afternoon in the […]

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Tasmania Mania

You might know from past posts that I am a big proponent of getting out of the hotel and seeing some sights on business trips. On my last trip to Australia I stepped things up a notch by taking off a full week before my meetings and dragged my husband along. We debated visiting the […]

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Escaping the City

Every time I meet someone new in Sydney I am asked – where do you live? And every time I give my answer I get a variation of the same reply – oh my god, you live where? That’s soooo far away! I don’t really live in the bush! It’s not really, only an hour […]

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Travels with a (Big) Dog

Toula on holiday near Bridgeport, California I have a very large dog. How large? Well, when I walk down the streets of San Francisco I hear people say things like, “wow, that’s a big dog.” I also hear a lot of “does she come with a saddle?” and “que caballo!” and “Scooby Doooooo!”. Some people […]

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Give Mom a Gift as Unique as She is – an Experience that Creates Memories to Last a Lifetime from

Stumped on What to Get Mom? Spice it up this year by Going beyond the Traditional SAN FRANCISCO (May 3, 2007) – Someone who’s already bestowed the gift of life shouldn’t be honored with a token that will be quickly forgotten – or worse, returned., the leading online resource for researching and purchasing destination […]

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