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Exploring Europe: Estonia and Russia

In April 2007 I hopped on a plane and headed to the Eastern European countries of Estonia and Russia. Here are some observations and thoughts on what I saw, heard, smelled, tasted, touched and experienced while traveling through these former Soviet Union countries. Tallinn, Estonia You can actually walk to and from the airport. About […]

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Istanbul Rules

On a recent trip to Europe I had the pleasure of spending time in Istanbul, Turkey. The city is enchanting, bustling with people, and can intrigue any visitor. Istanbul has it all from ancient history to delicious food to phenomenal art and architecture to endless shopping…the list could go on forever. I want to share […]

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My Barcelona Summer

I arrive in Barcelona only to be swept off to Mar Bella for the Sunday gay beach party, coinciding with the Loveball gay and lesbian festival. The first afternoon in Barcelona is a blur of mojitos, watching a drag queen in purple wig and silver platform shoes dance to the village people, and then plunging […]

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A Las Vegas Wedding

Sometimes it is the little things that put a smile on your face. Case in point: Last week I was emailing with a friend of a friend about his upcoming trip to Las Vegas. He’s planning to pop the question AND get married all within 24 hours, assuming his girlfriend agrees, and he had a […]

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Portland? Check. Donuts? Check.

Years ago when I lived in an apartment near a local donut shop, every morning I would awaken to the smell of fresh donuts being made. I’d get up, hop on my bike and ride over for a fresh bear claw or a good old glazed donut – the best I’d ever had. Of course, […]

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Insider’s Guide to Costa Rica: Liberia & Guanacaste

Rising from the sun-drenched tropical savanna of northwest Costa Rica, the tidy, Spanish Colonial town of Liberia has become a top tourist destination in recent years, despite its decidedly non-touristy (by Costa Rican standards, at any rate) demeanor. Lovely Guanacaste, Costa Rica The capital of Guanacaste Province and an important agricultural center, Liberia is home […]

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Three-Day Weekends: Washington D.C.

When I get off the plane on trips to Washington D.C. and see the nation’s capital on the drive from Reagan airport a sense of patriotism comes over me. Yes, a bit strange, even surprising from a person who lives in the liberal/radical bubble of San Francisco. I know I am crazy, but I love […]

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Three-Day Weekends: Chicago

Yes I have written about Chicago before, but seriously now, there is no better city to visit in the summer than sweet home Chicago. So it is humid on some days. So Michigan Avenue is crowded with people. So getting a bleacher seat for a Cubbie game can be a small fortune. Chicago is by […]

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Three-Day Weekends: Los Angeles

A little over a month ago I had the pleasure of taking Friday off and flying down to Los Angeles for a long weekend. My close friend Darcy moved back there from San Francisco for graduate school last fall. She is originally from the San Fernando Valley and is an LA native. To be honest, […]

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A Long Overdue Post on Traveling to India

Amber Fort outside Jaipur Last month I took a quick trip to India. I, like most sensible travelers, realize that India is a huge country, with billions of people, a complex and amazing culture and tons to see. So naturally I thought that, when I go to India, I should go for awhile, at least […]

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