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Hidden Paris: Tips for Hungry, Thirsty Travelers

Life’s too short. It takes time to discover all the quartiers that make up the 20 arrondissements of Paris. When you do find an excellent new restaurant tucked away somewhere, or a bar with a great atmosphere, you pass the information on like a precious gift. So here are a few of the gems I’ve […]

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New York City: Things to Do for $20 or Less

Editor’s Note: The following post is by Laura Z, the online marketing guru at Blurb; Laura also writes about her voracious book consumption on a different site. Lady Liberty A few weeks ago, my boyfriend visited his parents in Manhattan and seemed on the verge of not coming back to California. I flew out to […]

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Central California on a Shoestring: My Credit Card Vacation

“I haven’t got any money either,”my friend Colin commiserated, as we discussed the absolutely irresponsible idea of spending a week exploring California. “Well, all the banks are supposed to fail anyway,” I rationalized. “Won’t they take our credit card debt with them?” And so the trip was on. The Griffith Park Observatory, the Los Angeles […]

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Bath, England: A ‘How To’ Guide

Bath is a World Heritage Site for its architecture and history. But it’s also a modern city with a well-regarded university, cinemas, theatres, clubs, pubs, and shopping with excellent rail links. I highly recommend a visit. Rain is the one similarity between this visit and my last visit to Bath. The big difference between this […]

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Montserrat: A Near Perfect Day Trip from Barcelona

Editor’s note: Despite being somebody who “doesn’t do tours,” Jodi surprised herself recently by having a great time on a day trip to the Pyrenees from Barcelona. This time around Jodi tackles Montserrat, vortex and all. Once again I leap into the friendly green mini-van for today’s tour to Montserrat and the Codorníu winery in […]

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Rugby World Cup – Ian’s Update on the Pool Games

Rugby World Cup

This is part of Viator’s ongoing series of posts about the 2007 Rugby World Cup. Ian has been tipping his favorite teams in Pools A & B and Pools C & D, and writing about players that matter. Now he’s on the ground in France — you can read his most recent posts here.

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“Sold Out” – A Love Story Not Meant to Be

Editor’s note: Rod Cuthbert (a.k.a. Viator’s Founder and Chairman) is working on a screenplay. If you’re a Hollywood agent looking for a ‘sure thing’, leave Rod a comment and his people will call your people. “SOLD OUT” A Love Story Not Meant to Be By Rod Cuthbert FADE IN: ACT 1, SCENE 1 INT. SUBURBAN […]

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Darwin to Alice, Part IV

Editor’s note: This is the fourth in a series of articles about Darwin, Alice Springs, and the quirkiness that is the Northern Territory of Australia by Jack Brown. You can read Jack’s first, second and third posts posts to catch up on where the road’s taken Jack. After 1,000 weary kilometres, hopefully you’ve managed some […]

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God is My Copilot

God is my pilot, and copilot, and navigator… I’m not a frequent reader of, but I did find this story illuminating (uplifting? enlightening?): apparently the Vatican has just launched its own low-cost airline. It’s billed as the “first-ever Roman Catholic airline” with service from Rome to the world-famous pilgrimage site of Lourdes (more destinations […]

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Wild Cow Milking? An Unplanned Rodeo Experience

There are those great moments when “no itinerary” and “total spontaneity” walk hand-in-hand to deliver a unique and completely memorable travel experience. This was the case a few weeks ago when I stumbled upon the Ellensburg Rodeo. Yes, rodeo. Rope ’em, cowboy! Ellensburg is a quaint town located about two hours east of Seattle, tucked […]

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