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The Dubliner: Searching for Meaning at 2am

Editor’s Note: This is the 2nd post from writer and playwright Anto Howard. He’s writing about his hometown of Dublin — about the good, the bad and even the ugly. Last time round Anto explored Dublin on a Saturday at 2pm; this time he’s exploring the very same Dublin streets on Saturday at 2am. Temple […]

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New York City: 5 (More) Things to Do

Here’s an idea: Spend New Year’s Eve on the NYC Harbor A few weeks ago our blog on New York City: Things to Do for $20 or less struck a nerve. Not in a bad way (nobody went to the hospital). Rather, we received some comments and emails asking for more ideas of things to […]

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Iguazú Falls

A waterfall is a waterfall, is a waterfall. Right? Visit the Iguazú Falls and see if you still believe that. The sheer size and crashing noise of the falls make this a highlight on any trip to Argentina – or South America, for that matter. Situated on the Argentine-Brazilian border, the falls are easily reached […]

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Melbourne: Feed Your Inner Bohemian

The charms of Melbourne are subtle. It’s sophisticated, a little hidden and very different from sunny, brash Sydney. All those jokes about Melbourne having ‘four seasons in one day’ may be true, but the rainy weather lends itself to a stylish layered wardrobe. And the need to find diversions inside has created a rich cultural […]

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From Alice to Heartbreak

Editor’s note: This is the fifth in a series of articles about Darwin, Alice Springs, and the quirkiness that is the Northern Territory of Australia by Jack Brown. You can read Jack’s first, second, third and fourth posts to catch up on where the road’s taken Jack. An important consideration when travelling is always ‘how […]

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Aswan – My New Favorite City

Flying from Cairo to Aswan you get a sense of the size of Egypt, mile after mile of sandy desert interspersed with the odd abandoned building and the occasional siting of the green belt along the Nile River. As far as the eye can see it’s nothing but orange sands and blue sky. On arrival […]

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Vamp it up!

Mina Harker, Vampire Guide A few years ago, before I was working at Viator, I was invited to a distinctly different birthday event. We all met atop Nob Hill, it was a typically chilly and foggy San Francisco night and all the streetlights had that weird halo effect going on, like they used to do […]

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October 23, 2007 by | 2 Comments

My Favorite Temple in Egypt

Our trusty taxi! There are many, many temples to be seen as you travel along the Nile River through Upper Egypt, some well known and often visited, others sitting lonely on the banks with few if any visitors. Obviously you have the biggies like Luxor’s Karnak and Hatchepsut, and Aswan‘s famous Philae Temple, but when […]

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Puffin Island Encounter

See? Puffins are super cute. I’m not sure what it is about me and animals that start with the letter “p” (see my previous post about penguins), but I definitely have a soft spot. When I was in Iceland last year I could not resist a whale watching cruise that also offered a visit to […]

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Valley of the Kings

Another day in Egypt and another step back in time to a land centuries ago. Traveling along the Nile on an 8 day cruise, today was all about the West Bank of Luxor, or Thebes as it was called in the time of the Pharaohs, the side of the city dedicated to the dead. While […]

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