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Coffee Culture: My Six Favourite Local Cafes

I read about a Slovakian poet who lost an entire year in a Bratislava café, like an umbrella left behind in the rain. Which sounds like quite a commitment to sloth. Yet this is exactly what I love about settling into a good local café: for the price of a latte / mélange / milchcafe […]

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Glasgow Art, Culture, Music – What’s Not to Love?

While its reputation as a gritty industrial town is well-earned, Glasgow is also a fantastically stylish city, home to a diverse mix of music, art, entertainment and culture. All up, Glasgow has got it going on! It is an extremely cool, happening metropolis with a vibrant alternative and contemporary arts scene that is constantly reinventing […]

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Rod’s Top 5 Meals in 2007

Editor’s note: We asked Viator’s founder, Rod Cuthbert, to pick some of his favorite travel experiences in 2007; in this edition he makes us all very hungry with a review of his top meals in 2007. Also check out Rod’s Top 5 Travel Destinations for 2008. Pasta with Lobster Sauce, Venice I arrived at Venice‘s […]

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December 25, 2007 by | 1 Comment

Legend of the Viator ‘Hot Dog’

You know how some things take on a life of their own? You never really know how they started or when, but they just evolve and become larger than life… Welcome to the world of the Viator Hot Dog! Now we’re not talking about that classic American iconic food (side note: the best ones I […]

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Down Under Gifts for the Hard to Please Traveler

Editor’s note: Feeling stuck finding that special something for Christmas this year? First have a look at our Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers. If that doesn’t sort you out Jack Brown has a few suggestions, if you dare. We take no responsibility for Jack and his Down Under sensibility. Road-Kill Jerky, Camel Flavor This is […]

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East Coast Australia with Kid, The End

Editor’s Note: This is the final post in a series from John “traveler, father & wit” Ryan. He’s taking the family from Melbourne up along Australia’s eastern coast. Have kid, will travel is John’s motto. Read John’s previous post here. Our last full day in Brisbane was another absolute beauty! There’s something to be said […]

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Top of the Rock: Why Tall Buildings are Fun

The view from Top of the Rock, its better in person than in my not great pictures. There are some people I know who would visit a skyscraper just because its there. This is a similar, but lazier, mentality to the I-climbed-the-mountain-because-it-was-there set. If these people are in a city with a really freakin’ tall […]

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December 17, 2007 by | 2 Comments

Rod’s Top 5 Travel Destinations in 2008

Editor’s note: We asked Viator’s founder, Rod Cuthbert, to make a list of his top 5 travel destinations for 2008. Favorite, that is, when he’s not surfing and people-watching on his local beach, Sydney’s Bondi Beach. Sometimes Rod, you do make us a little jealous. Gordon River, Tasmania 1. Tasmania, Australia And not just because […]

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December 14, 2007 by | 3 Comments

Bratislava, Slovakia: Things to Do, Places to Be

Editor’s Note: Our intrepid bridge-loving artist, Jodi, is reporting back on her recent trip to Bratislava and Slovakia. You can read about Jodi’s previous jaunts in Slovakia here and here. Bratislava is a perfect blend of Eastern European history and contemporary style. Not many travelers have an opinion (favorable or otherwise) about Bratislava, and yet […]

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December 13, 2007 by | 2 Comments

Day Trip Victoria: All that Glitters May In Fact be Gold

Tucked away just 140-odd-kilometres from Melbourne is the site of the world’s biggest alluvial gold rush, although things have quietened down considerably over the last 150 years. Take for example the rural hamlet of Fryerstown, now home to a few hundred people (ponies and dogs not necessarily included, but perhaps not excluded either), which in […]

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