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New Zealand: Things to Do in Rotorua

Rotorua sure packs a lot in. The Sulphur City on New Zealand‘s North Island is the place to head to for bizarre adrenalin rushes, introductions to farm life, geothermal activity and Maori cultural shows – as David Whitley discovers. Here are some of David’s top things to do on your next visit to Rotorua.

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[contest] Win 2 Free VIP Tickets to the UK’s Epsom Derby

****Editor’s Note: We have a winner! Congratulations to Sheila for her winning entry: “I’m jockeying for position in Viator’s competition!” It was tough selecting just one winner, since so many of you had wonderfully creative entries. Thanks again to everybody who entered.**** To celebrate the launch of the new ‘A Day at the Races Trip […]

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Iceland: Reflections from Ground Zero

It’s been two weeks since the April 14 eruption of the volcano Ejyafallajökull. By now, most delayed and inconvenienced travelers have found their way home and the world’s press has departed to cover the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Here in Iceland the cleanup is just beginning.

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Washington DC: A Contemporary Architecture Tour

No surprise, Washington DC is a city deeply rooted in American history. Its urban fabric is adorned with grand monuments and patriotic memorials, often cast in severe neoclassical forms to highlight their historical prominence. This doesn’t mean Washington DC is stuck in the past. In fact there’s a growing collection of buildings here that speak […]

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My Favourite Religious Experiences in Europe

I go to a churches a lot. Rarely on a Sunday and never for the purposes of praying. I go to seek out hidden chapels and explore gaping cathedrals, it’s undeniably a favourite pastime, particularly when I travel. The reverent hush makes me walk with deliberation, and an inch of two taller. The inert chill […]

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Things to Do in Auckland

Auckland is New Zealand‘s largest city, but it doesn’t have the best of reputations as far as tourism is concerned. It’s often seen as an arrival point on the North Island, to be got out of as soon as possible on the way to bigger and better things. In some respects, this reputation is fair. […]

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Immersing Myself in Hanoi

I do like to immerse myself in a culture. That’s not why I spilled my bowl of pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) all over myself on a recent tour to Hanoi. Yes, the Vietnamese national breakfast dish was reduced to a warm puddle with bits of meat and vegetables dripping off my thigh. I got up […]

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Cava 101: A Guide to Drinking in Barcelona

Eating and drinking aren’t just enjoyable things to do when you travel – food and wine reveal so much about a culture and its people. Well, that’s our excuse for doing so much of both on Grantourismo, a contemporary grand tour we’re doing of the world this year. (Read more about Grantourismo here.) Learning was […]

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Update for Viator Customers Affected by Europe Airport Closures

UPDATED: April 23, 2010 Air travel in Europe has been thrown into chaos, following the eruption of a volcano in Iceland that is wreaking havoc on airports and airspace across Europe. You have our deepest sympathies if you’re one of the millions of travelers affected by the airport closures in Europe. The good news is […]

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Things to Do in Fiji & Nadi

For most visitors to Fiji, Nadi is both their arrival point and major hub for activities and excursions. While there is little to see in Nadi itself, many of Fiji’s highlights are easily accessible from there. Here’s our pick for things to do in Nadi and beyond.

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