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Spending the Day in Bali, Indonesia

With limited time to spend in Bali, we decided that a tour of the island would be a great way to sample what the island has to offer. Having gotten some advice on “must-sees” from friends who were recently in Bali, we opted for Viator’s “Bali, Kintamani Volcano, Ubud and Barong Dance Full Day Tour.” […]

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A Great Tour Recipe: Valparaiso and Viña del Mar

A tour is like soup. It isn’t just one component that makes the soup taste good but a mixture of the right ingredients. Here’s how Viator and their partners concocted just the right ingredients to provide my father and I with a great trip to Valparaiso and Viña del Mar on the coast of Chile.

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Top 5 Things to See in Krakow, Poland

Krakow draws well over a million visitors to Poland every year with its landmarks of historical relevance, rich culture and an unmistakable quaint charm that makes it a priority destination for globe trotters. Check out the top 5 things to see when you get there.

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June 25, 2010 by | 3 Comments

French Wine Tasting in Paris

We entered ordinary wine drinkers, the casual kind that likes Pinot Noir, as long as it’s red wine…. But by the end of the “Tour De France” wine tasting tour at O Chateau in Paris, France, we were both experts. Well, sort of (it is only two hours long…). Our guide Sebastian, a French-Canadian expat, […]

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Disney’s World of Color

Last week, Disney’s California Adventure in Anaheim, CA launched the night-time spectacular show – World of Color and Viator was lucky enough to attend the world premiere (along with the likes of Terri Hatcher, John Stamos and Jason Segal).

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Things to do in Darwin, Australia

Darwin, the biggest settlement in the Northern Territory by some distance, is Australia’s only tropical capital city. And whether it’s due to the proximity to Asia – Darwin is closer to Singapore than it is to Sydney – or the heat, Darwin has a distinctly different vibe.

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Travel by Eurovision

Eurovision 2010 was a surprisingly tame affair. Is Europe coming to its senses? Is the economic downturn affecting spending on insane costumes? Are countries that desperate to pull in the millions of dollars that hosting Eurovision brings (and you’ve got to win it to host it)? Or is the internet finally spreading the message that […]

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Kauai Suggested Itineraries

There’s a reason that Kauai is known as the Garden Isle among the islands of Hawaii. Perhaps you’ve watched South Pacific, Blue Hawaii or even Jurassic Park with the craggy, dramatic, velvet-green mountains that meet with rolling ocean waves and swaying palm trees and wondered where Hollywood found such a lush tropical paradise, the answer […]

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June 20, 2010 by | 2 Comments

India: Top Tips for Travel

India. The very name evokes both awe and fear in first-time travelers. The lure of grand palaces, exotic food and mysterious temples is countered by the thought of Delhi belly, intense poverty and chaos. Guide books frequently confuse the issue further. Cheap guesthouses or 5-star hotels? 1st-class carriages or 3rd-class seats? An organised tour or […]

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Discovering Glasgow

Every time I visit Glasgow there is something new to discover, from the absurdist cafe to the best South Indian curry, along with revisiting old friends, familiar places and the apparently de rigueur costume party. I’ve been invited on this trip by the very happening and highly regarded Lowsalt gallery to take part in Glasgow […]

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