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For One Night Only

We’re getting ready to celebrate Elvis Week, the one week of the year when Elvis Presley fans from around the world congregate on Memphis, Tennessee to celebrate the life and music of the legend.

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July 30, 2010 by | 1 Comment

Jerusalem: 5 Streets You Just Can’t Miss

To those who make the pilgrimage to Jerusalem, this particular city is an experience with implications beyond the thrills of ordinary sightseeing. Catholic, Jewish, or Muslim, the land affectionately known to many as ‘Zion’ is the living birthplace of scripture and history responsible for the embodied virtues of millions, while guiding the hand of civilization […]

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July 29, 2010 by | 1 Comment

Memoirs of a Croc Hunter in Northern Australia

Well, it’s been said, it’s been done and, from my point of view, it’s been made a career of – “Never smile at a crocodile” – so the saying goes. Now you can forget those snappy slow moving alligator chappies that spend their time lazing in luxury around Miami… and those 30 foot menaces that […]

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July 28, 2010 by | 1 Comment

Las Vegas: Blackjack, Toroweap and Trekkers

A couple summers ago, some friends and I took a road trip from Texas through L.A. to my beloved Northern California, specifically to my old stomping grounds in Chico. Neither of them had ever been to NorCal, and both love complaining about Texas summers. Needless to say, I was pretty excited about taking them to […]

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July 27, 2010 by | 2 Comments

The London Weekend Getaway: Brighton

Brighton smells like oysters – that briny, seaside smell. Which I like, so kind of like the smell of fresh baked bread, it just makes me hungry. Being perpetually willing to eat in Brighton (a town on the south coast of England) works in my favor as there are many, many wonderful places to eat […]

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Tiny European Countries – Amazing Races!

Running a race is an alternative way to visit a new city: no traffic, a fast (or not so fast, according to your training) sightseeing tour and one more excuse for a weekend away. But in some destinations you can take the experience to the next level, visiting most of a country during a race. […]

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July 21, 2010 by | 4 Comments

Central Lisbon on Foot

At a music festival, it’s all about the depth of the bill. An event with one huge name backed up by a series of mediocre ones is rarely going to be as rewarding as one with a series of good bands, but no obvious headliner. Lisbon fits firmly into that category. It doesn’t have an […]

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Maui Suggested Itineraries

Maui is perfect if you’re into adventure, relaxation or a little of both. There is so much to do for those partial to land, sea or air. Here is a sample of some of the activities you can do on Maui during a 3-day vacation: Day 1: Maui by Land Start with a visit to […]

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Gili: The Ultimate Island Paradise

The Gili Islands – a chain of three tiny Indonesian islands off the coast of Lombok, or a two hour speed-boat ride from Bali – appeal to those who want adventure and nightlife as well as those looking for total peace and quiet, who desire nothing more than reading a good book and soaking in […]

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An Afternoon of Art and High Tea in Sydney: How Lovely

While enjoying High Tea at the Art Gallery of NSW one finds oneself saying things like – “one”. Like the Queen, I believe my birthday should be a public holiday. Unlike the Queen’s Birthday, technically mine isn’t a holiday. But I take the day off anyway – and encourage my friends and family to join […]

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