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Oslo: Messing Around in Boats

In many ways, Norway is defined by its relationship with the sea. The fjords that lacerate the coast are the abiding image that most have of the country, while the harsh mountainous interior leads to most of the population clinging to the coast for habitable land. The diet is fish-heavy, ferries are often the best […]

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How to Avoid a Turkey Thanksgiving

If most Americans are like me, and I suspect many are, when it comes to Thanksgiving, they trudge home through horrible traffic and/or airport delays to eat a very large meal on Thursday, visit their family, maybe see a movie, and possibly battle some horrendous shopping crowds in an effort to get a jump on […]

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November 24, 2010 by | 3 Comments

A Day Advenure in Iguazu Falls, Argentina

I know TLC told us that we shouldn’t go chasing waterfalls, but I bet you Chilli, Left Eye and T-Boz have never seen the Iguazu Falls in Argentina. If so, they would never “stick to the rivers and the lakes that they were used to”. Instead they would be taking speed boats under massive water […]

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Munich Christmas Markets

The start of Advent season brings the traditional Christmas markets to the squares and streets of Munich. Opening this year on November 26, 2010, the most well-known market is Christkindlmarkt, located in Marienplatz.

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Things to Do in Oslo, Norway

For a relatively small capital city, Oslo has a surprising amount that grabs the interest. And, more to the point, most of those things that pull in the punters are distinctly different. If you ever want a city break the stands out, then it’s an ideal candidate.

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Ancient Rome: A Beginner’s Guide

Most visitors to Rome want to scratch beneath the surface of the Roman Empire, probably the most important historical aspect of Rome. That’s why an itinerary exploring Rome’s ancient past is something that should be a part of every visit to Rome. Here are a few of ancient Rome’s essential highlights.

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Walking on Water in Saigon

For anyone looking to wake up one morning and find themselves in Ho Chi Minh City, expect everything. With a population well over 7 million (and growing) spilling onto its busy streets everyday to peddle its exotic wares, cuisine (which includes a variety of snakes, dog, and fruit you’ve never fathomed exists), and hound foreigners […]

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Boston: The Sweet-Toothed City

Boston, it appears, really likes chocolate. The fact that the Beacon Hill Chocolate walking tour is one of two possible routes around chocolate shops and dessert-specialist restaurants in the city tells its own tale. Here we have a city with a serious sweet tooth and whilst you can try and fight it, you’re going to […]

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[Video] San Francisco: Check out the Waterfront!

Even hard-core “professional” travelers like us enjoy just meandering around, seeing what pops up, with no particular goal in mind other than taking it all in. And given that our US Headquarters are right here in San Francisco, we can probably give you a clue or two on where to start that meander!

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Philadelphia: Beyond the Old City

In terms of tourist attractions, Philadelphia trades heavily on its past. To all intents and purposes, it’s the city where the United States was founded – both the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were written and signed here. This means that it’s easy enough to spend a couple of days solely around the Independence National […]

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