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Chichen Itza: A Marvel of the World

Chichen Itza, a Mayan archaeological site

Chichen Itza is one of the archaeological most spectacular sites of the Mayan Culture located at a relatively short distance from Cancun and Riviera Maya. Today we can admire what was their impressive religious civic complex: a great plaza surrounded by elegant decorated buildings; to the east the “Warriors Complex”, named this way for the […]

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Viator’s European Shore Excursions: A Big Hit!


Back in February I wrote about Viator’s new focus on shore excursions for cruise passengers, pointing out the numerous good reasons to look further than your cruise line’s own offerings. Since then we’ve added a range of new excursions around popular European ports that are already proving to be big hits.

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[VIDEO] Virtual NY Skyride – the Coolest Views of NYC!

NY Skyride-Brooklyn Bridge-photo_1446927-raw

Visiting New York City and want to experience a bird’s eye view of the action – literally? Score your advance 2-for-1 tickets for the NY Skyride along with a visit to the world-famous Empire State Building Observatory – a great value that will bring the sights of NYC up close and personal and from 86 […]

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One of the Seven Wonders of the World: Petra, Jordan

Royal Tombs, Petra

I had organised everything to perfection. The Petra Palace booked on the Internet and only a stone’s throw away from the main site entrance; the JETT bus times confirmed with the pretty Jordanian girl at reception; and the taxi booked with plenty of time to spare to catch the 9am bus south. I had even […]

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Highlights of Montreal, Canada – A Taste of Europe in North America

Notre Dame Basilica

Montreal likes to bill itself as having the best aspects of North America mixed with the best aspects of Europe, and in that respect, it’s not far wrong. There are few cities in the world that have Montreal’s mixture of buzz and vitality without feeling too intense and overbearing. It is a city that feels […]

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[VIDEO] Authentic Hawaii: Oahu’s Interactive Polynesian Cultural Center

Drumming lesson-photo_1446421-raw

If you think of the ultimate vacation in Oahu – or Hawaii in general – as just sunbathing on white sand beaches, braving the epic surf or feasting on local delicacies, a visit to the popular Polynesian Cultural Center will shed a whole new light on the authentic Hawaiian experience. And do I mean experience!

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[Video] Angkor Wat and the Royal Temples

Phnom Bakheng Sunset

Angkor in Cambodia is known world over as one of the greatest archaeological sites to grace the planet. With its most famous temple, Angkor Wat, getting all of the attention, some people don’t realize that the whole of the site spans over 150 square miles (about 400 square km) and can take a week to […]

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[Video] Sumo Wrestling Tournament in Tokyo

One day in the summer of 1991, I rode my bike to Tony’s Pizza, a whopping $5 in quarters jingling heavily in my pocket. I was headed there not for lunch, but to play the Street Fighter II arcade game. I was never particularly good at that game, despite devouring every magazine article and memorizing […]

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Barcelona: What to See?

Barceloneta Beach

If Barcelona does have a flaw, then it is possibly that there are too many sights. This can present a challenge for the first-time visitor. Where to start? For the culture vulture, there’s Picasso’s art or the medieval buildings in the Barri Gotic. Like sport? Try the Camp Nou. And you can’t miss Antonio Gaudi, […]

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Hanoi: For a Uniquely Asian Taste

Hanoi Fine Arts Museum

Hanoi is a city with the charm of exotic marketplaces, modern amenities and a buzzing street life. In contrast, Hanoi is also a city with the serene natural beauty of the Red River and Hanoi Bay – tranquil pagodas, and downright tasty cuisine. All mixed in with the complications of foreign colonialism, a recent history […]

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