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What’s Happening in New York City: Broadway Fall Preview 2011

Mamma Mia! never fails to entertain crowds on Broadway

New York City crackles with energy come fall, and nowhere better can you feel that excitement than on Broadway. During this time of year, the buzz is palpable as Broadway theaters unveil their dazzling new shows for the first time. Fall is also your chance to see the stellar ongoing performances, all inside such opulent […]

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Haunted Vegas Tour and Show

Haunted hallway

Las Vegas has a little bit of everything. On any given night, you’ll see anything from new brides, to wandering Elvis Impersonators, to costumed super heroes, to any assortment of individuals from all parts of the world. This is a city that cracks jokes that visitors come back to visit their money, and that the […]

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[VIDEO] Jack the Ripper and London Ghost Walk


If you want to learn about the ghost that still stalks the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane and London‘s most notorious killer, Jack the Ripper, the Jack the Ripper and London Ghost Walk is for you.

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Planning Your Day of the Dead in Mexico

Putting the finishing touches on an altar for Our Lady of Solitude

The brilliant orange of marigolds, in Mexico still called by their Nahuatl name, cempasuchil, seems to brighten the evenings that come ever earlier as autumn wears on. All of Mexico is preparing for a truly ancient festival, one with roots far deeper than the Spanish, or even the Aztec, Empires. This is Día de los […]

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Aqaba, Jordan

View of Aqaba from Movenpick Hotel

Think Aqaba. Think Lawrence of Arabia and that wonderful scene in David Lean’s iconic film with Peter O’Toole, in full Arab regalia, astride his camel, shouting ‘tut, tut, tut’ as the Arab tribesmen gallop across the desert toward the unsuspecting Turks, holed up in their impregnable fortress, overlooking the Gulf of Aqaba. Or Omar Sharif, […]

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Top 5 Things to See in Nepal

See amazing views along the Annapurna trek in Nepal - photo courtesy of Ben Tubby via Wikimedia Commons

Long thought of by globe trekkers as the literal and figurative pinnacle of the great outdoors, many travelers quickly find that culturally rich Nepal is not just a country of natural attractions, but a historically affluent testament to anthropology, whilst being both encouragingly and (through poverty) disastrously subversive to modernity. Either way, Nepal is an […]

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Europe’s Top 6 Eating Experiences

High Tea in London

Try this with your friends: say the name of a city they’ve been to and most likely they’ll come up with a one-word, sensory delight that sums the place up for them. For example, Lisbon – ‘oh, the fish; Munich – ‘ah, the beer’; Paris – ‘ooh, the croissants’. Well here are a few of […]

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The Rickshaw Run: A Ride through India’s Wild Side

72 teams competed in the Rickshaw Run

What do you get with a three-wheeled auto-rickshaw, two weeks, 72 teams and a tentative route through India that spans nearly 2,000 miles? You get the Rickshaw Run, that’s what.

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[VIDEO] The London Dungeon

london10-14-2011 1-36-06 PM

If you want to walk in the footsteps of Jack the Ripper, London’s most notorious serial killer, sit in Sweeny Todd’s infamous barber’s chair or face the hangman’s drop at Newgate Prison, then the London Dungeon is the place for you.

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[VIDEO] Hop-on-Hop-off around Verona

veronaHOHO10-13-2011 11-47-30 AM

If you want to view the sights in this beautiful Italian city, then there’s no better way than to board the Verona Hop on-Hop off bus and relax in the comfort of the open top deck. Listen to the multi-lingual commentary, enjoy the stunning scenery and jump on and off at an array of stops […]

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