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7 Highlights of Caucasus Georgia


From the fertile wine region of Kakheti—full of beautiful churches, monasteries and wineries—to the ancient villages of mountainous Svaneti, Caucasus Georgia is a land of unparalleled natural beauty, with a long, fascinating and largely under-appreciated history.

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Ireland Road Trip: 7 Spots Not to Miss


Castles, coastline, verdant countryside. Beer. This part of Ireland lives up to its somewhat clichéd reputation: it’s a lush and scenic land, dotted with castles and filled with small towns with pubs on every corner. There’s so much that’s quintessentially Ireland in this region, but here are your best bets for a road trip tour […]

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7 Top Sights in Kerala, India

Santa Cruz Basilica

Close your eyes for just a moment and picture a wide canal lined with coconut trees and the small, tin-roofed homes of local villagers. The mirrored surface of the river is disturbed only by a lone fisherman, poling his narrow wooden canoe downstream. Now open your eyes–and say hello to Kerala, one of India’s southernmost […]

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8 of the Best Day Trips from Athens


This year is likely to be one of the best times to visit the historical city of Athens, with great bargains on flights, hotels and transportation and if you’re lucky, a few less crowds at the many local sights. Just take a few precautions like carrying some extra cash and double-checking schedules and opening hours. […]

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10 Best Pacific Northwest Hiking Destinations

Middle Sister Oregon

The Pacific Northwest is a backpacker’s dream. With more national parks, national forests, and other protected areas than you can shake a hiking stick at, the dark, damp forests and wild coastal stretches of western Oregon and Washington attract backpackers and hikers from around the world. Volcanoes, mountain meadows, sea stacks, and old growth forests […]

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Bhutan: The Ecotourist’s Shangri-La

Bhutan forest

Bhutan, a tiny land-locked kingdom perched high among the southern slopes of the Himalayas, enclaved by the Tibetan Autonomous Region of China in the north and India in the south, is one of the least visited places on the planet, and is listed as one of the top 10 global biodiversity hot spots.

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Chocolate Tasting and Workshop in Brussels

Brussels Chocolate Walking Tour and Workshop

Dark chocolate goodness melted in my mouth, and it was only 9am. Now this is how you begin a day right in Brussels! The Brussels Chocolate Walking Tour and Workshop started at 9 in the morning–a strange time to eat chocolate, but I figure there is never a bad time to eat chocolate!

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Traveling to the Greek Islands: High Season vs. Off-Season

Mykonos - Super Paradise Beach

Flying in the high season, ferrying in the off season (or shoulder, as it is sometimes known): I selflessly undertook both of these trips to determine the ideal Aegean getaway based on weather, price and availability as well as the more elusive qualities which define a great holiday. Here are the results.

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10 of the Best Ways to Get to Know New York City

Ellen's Stardust Diner

They don’t call New York “The Big Apple” for nothing. With five boroughs, a population of over eight million people and 468.9 square miles of land and water, there is a lot of ground to cover. The city puts it to good use, with some of the world’s best restaurants, bars, shops, museums, galleries, iconic […]

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America’s Coolest Jazz Clubs

Blues Alley

Jazz: the quintessential American art form. Invented in the red light district of New Orleans at the turn of the 19th century, jazz was born of a mix of African and European music traditions. With its infusion of democracy, individuality and freedom of expression, it exemplifies the American experience.

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