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7 Reasons to Roam Romania

Romania is a place where the harshness of the recent past, dominated by oppression and injustice, is juxtaposed with the timeless charm of ancient medieval towns, beautiful castles, interesting beaches, and a genuine peasant culture that has all but disappeared from most of the world. Here are seven reasons to roam Romania:

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Skiing in the Southern Hemisphere


It might seem like off-season to those skiers in North America and Europe, but don’t wax and store your skis just yet for the northern summer. While you’re breaking out the grill and packing up your winter clothes, down in the southern hemisphere, the ski season is just about ready to get started.

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Highlights of Halifax

The view of Halifax from George's Island

Halifax great year round destination (if you don’t mind a little snow in the winter) but is at its very best in the late summer and early fall months. Here are some highlights of Halifax.

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The World’s Most Beautiful Parks and Gardens

Central Park

Visiting a local park can be a great way to escape from the noise and chaos of city life and enjoy a more serene atmosphere without needing to go very far. While some parks are simple with a few benches and a green lawn, others are destinations in themselves, with themed gardens, lakes, waterfalls, bridges, […]

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20 Reasons to Fall in Love with Naples, Italy

Few Italian cities cause as many arguments as Naples. Travelers either see it as chaotic and unwelcoming or else passionately believe that the city is one of Italy’s most vibrant and unique. Almost no travelers stand in the middle. Is the dividing line drawn between those looking for a quintessentially romantic Italian experience versus those […]

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Highlights of Greenland

Greenland is the biggest island on earth. Its harsh but stunning terrain — full of soaring fjords and magnificent glaciers — is unlike anything you may encounter anywhere else. Covered with snow and ice for much of the year, and plagued by arctic temperatures, few travelers consider Greenland for their next trip. This is a […]

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Why You Should Consider a Canada Cruise

For being such a large country, Canada is a little known cruise destination. Most people’s minds immediately go to tropical destinations like the Caribbean or Mediterranean when they think of cruising; however, a cruise farther north is just as fun and memorable. Canada cruises confirm this by offering an array of attractions both onboard and […]

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Touring the Colca Canyon in Peru

As an American who unabashedly likes to think we have the biggest and best of a lot of things — the Colca Canyon in Peru had a lot to live up to. Regardless of the fact that I’ve never actually seen the Grand Canyon, I know it’s called “Grand” for a reason and I’m pretty […]

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The World’s Cheapest Countries for Backpackers

Istanbul market

Backpacking around the world can be surprisingly cheap if you don’t mind roughing it at times and are willing to arrange your trip independently. For those on the tightest budget, look towards the developing world when creating your itinerary: Here you’ll find the potency of your experience in relation to the amount you spend will […]

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Best Places to Take Kids in Guatemala

Guatemala might not be what comes to mind when you think of ‘travel with kids’, but this small Central American country actually has a lot to offer when it comes to family friendly travel. Guatemala’s rich history and culture, not to mention their varied terrain and climate, make this a destination for children that’s not […]

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