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New Year Traditions Around the World

12 uvas nocheviejas

What are you doing when the clock strikes 12 on New Year’s Eve? Depending on where you are, this answer could vary. In America, there is the tradition of watching the ball drop from Times Square in NYC (or the Peach drop in Atlanta and so on), along with an impressive fireworks display that rivals […]

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Top 10 Private Guides: 2015 Viator Travel Awards

We’ve analyzed travelers’ reviews and studied our bookings to compile our end-of-the-year guide awards. From the highest rated guide to the most popular newcomer, we present you with the top members of our team. Drum roll please! Introducing the Top 10 Private Guides of 2014.

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The Hobbit’s Ultimate Guide to New Zealand

Matamata, the famous setting for Hobbiton

Luckily for travelers to New Zealand, this fantasy-world of rings and hobbits was shot in a very real place, and thanks to the convenience of movie-themed tours, it’s easy to visit the same outposts where dwarves and trolls once voyaged. To take a walk in the footsteps of The Hobbit, here is a guide to […]

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Top Traveler of the Year: 2014 Viator Travel Awards

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Meet Chris, a Viator customer from Australia who traveled around the world with his wife this year, booking several of our tours and activities along the way. We asked him about his favorite tours from the year, why he uses Viator, and some of his best travel tips.

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Finding Zen in Yakitori: 12 Delicious Dishes to Try in Japan

Any first time visitor to Japan will no doubt be overwhelmed by the sheer variety of delicacies available, whether they go to an upscale restaurant or visit a tucked-away izakaya. One of the best ways to experience Japanese cuisine is to seek out the neighborhood izakaya and try a variety of enjoyable dishes – from […]

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Great Gift Ideas for Travelers

The holidays are supposed to make us feel warm and fuzzy, but there’s often plenty of pre-holiday stress to go around. One item on the to-do list that can cause consternation is finding the perfect gifts for your friends and family. Well, if you’ve got a traveler (or two) on your list this year, we’ve […]

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Taking a Cruise Down the Amazon River

Though it was already dark by the time we arrived at the pier in Nauta, The Aria looked beautiful lit up at night. As soon as we embarked, I ran straight for my cabin and resisted the urge to jump joyously on the bed. The interior design was simple and modern, and accentuated the large […]

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10 Ways to Discover Santa Claus Around the World

Macy's Santa

Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, Papa Noel. Whatever name you give to the portly man in red, there’s no denying the magnetic charms of everyone’s favorite Christmas character. With daily meet-and-greets in his many workshops and grottoes around the world, Santa is just as busy in the run up to Christmas as he is […]

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Meet Tugrul Sokmen, a Private Guide in Turkey

For Tugrul Sokmen, working as a licensed tour guide in Turkey is more a passion than a job. This is evident to all who arrange a tour with him. An obsessive lifetime learner who loves to meet with new people and share his in-depth knowledge of Turkey’s history and culture, Tugrul has worked in almost […]

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Christmas Markets Around the World

Aside from a few flurries in November in the Northern Hemisphere there is nothing like a good Christmas Market to know that the holiday season is fast approaching. Celebrated around the world for one weekend or a whole month, Christmas markets are a great way to embrace the coming season, to enjoy some yearly traditions, […]

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