720° at 360°: Circling Above Sydney

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When we sat down at our table at the 360° Restaurant in Sydney’s Centre Tower there was no doubt the view before us was the best view of Sydney. As the evening evolved and we revolved, we were reminded that Sydney is beautiful from every angle.

Sydney Tower - 360 Bar - View

Sydney Tower - 360 Bar - View

So now we’re calling our dinner at the 360° Restaurant “720°” because we were lucky enough to go around twice. We ended where we began, watching the little ferries dart between Circular Quay and Balmain. Same view –  but what began at dusk ended in the dark with the lights from Luna Park and Star City brightly flashing.

Sydney sparkles from above

Sydney Tower - 360 Bar - Opera House

Dinner with a view: Sydney Opera House from above

Sydney is definitely the star in this attraction. This is a stress-free way to get a new perspective on Sydney. We loved the unusual angle of the Sydney Opera House, funny little pods peeking out from between the buildings.

From above, you can see the geometric shapes in Sydney’s many parks. As the room slowly rotates, the roads, bridges and bays pass by your window.

Sydney’s 360° Restaurant – How it works

The restaurant wraps around the Sydney Tower with views all the way around. You arrive in an ear-popping pie-shaped elevator – no views here. Then step from the elevator into a reception area that is not moving.

The windows and the very edge of the floor also don’t move but the floor where your table is does. This isn’t the teacup ride; the movement is very slow and not at all unnerving.

There are two levels of tables. We were on the lower level right next to the window. There were other tables a few steps up which would have had good views too but we were happy that we were right at the window. There were only two of us but I would imagine if you had more than three that you would want to take turns in the good seats.

This is, after all, a restaurant

The restaurant is classy, but not stuffy. Waits between courses are a bit longer than a typical restaurant but no doubt this is to give you ample time to enjoy the view until the last bite of crème brûlée. The dress code is ‘Smart Casual’ but you won’t feel out of place if you take the opportunity (excuse) to wear (buy) a new dress. Nor will it be a problem if you (like I) can’t convince your partner to wear a tie.

Dinner was a success, even if he didn't wear a tie

Dinner was a success, even if he didn't wear a tie...

The food? We definitely enjoyed it. There aren’t a lot of options on the menu but our selections were tasty and the portions were reasonable. And the chef kindly provided some dairy-free alternatives.

All in all this was a very enjoyable night out, a sophisticated option for tourists or a special night out for locals.

-Melinda Harrington

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  1. Dave -nibbleanibble Says:

    360 restaurants are great but they do charge a premium because of the great views. But most of the times its worth the extra bucks because the views are just splendid.

  2. Vanessa Alexander Says:

    Its a long way down.