About Viator.com

Viator.com has created the world’s most comprehensive resource for travelers to plan ‘the things you do when you get there.’ We want you to have an unforgettable experience every time you travel. That’s our one and only goal here at Viator.

With thousands of tours and activities in 1,500+ destinations worldwide, Viator is the traveler’s one-stop-shop for researching, planning, and booking destination activities that meet a wide range of travel tastes and preferences. Viator offers something for everyone, from the traditional excursion to the extreme adventure… and everything in between.

Unlike many destination sites that aggregate content from various sources, Viator is not a paid listing or advertising site. Viator’s activities are provided by quality local operators, hand-selected by our in-house travel experts who routinely review these activities for quality of experience, overall value and superior service. Viator understands that travel – like life – is made up of unique moments that make trips memorable for a lifetime. At Viator, our goal is to enable our customers to have unforgettable experiences each and every time they travel.