After-Hours Tour of the Vatican & Sistine Chapel

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Editor’s Note: We’re happy to announce another once-in-a-lifetime Vatican experience! Viator VIP Access: Sistine Chapel Private Viewing and Small-Group Tour of the Vatican’s Secret Rooms lets you go behind-the-scenes and see rooms of the Vatican that are typically closed off to the public.

Last year Viator offered its first private after-hours tour of the Vatican & Sistine Chapel in Rome. This is a private small-group tour of the Vatican and Sistine Chapel. Yes, you heard right – a private two-hour tour of the Vatican and Sistine Chapel, after the crowds go home, without hordes of people spoiling your view.

Private Tour of the Vatican and Sistine Chapel from Viator

The Creation of Adam, from Michelangelo's ceiling fresco in the Sistine Chapel

Well, it was a smashing success. So we’re offering it again (we have two dates in 2009 remaining: September 14, October 10). Just like last time, tickets are limited to 60 people each evening, and each group will consist of 20 people maximum plus your own guide. And these tickets are only available through Viator.

And just like last time, this private after-hours tour of the Vatican & Sistine Chapel begins after the Vatican Museums are closed to the general public. The evening is hosted by an English-speaking guide specializing in the Italian Renaissance. You can read the full description of the tour over on the main Viator site, and check out reviews from other travelers who took the inaugural tour last year. In fact, here’s an actual review from one of the people who took the tour:

“Our private tour through the Sistine Chapel was definitely the highlight of our trip to Italy. When we first went by the Vatican, the lines waiting to get in were literally almost a mile long. There were fewer than 20 of us on this tour and the guide was marvelous. She knew so much about the history and the art itself that I never would have known. And the guide was so involved in the subject matter, she made it a very emotional experience for all of us. We ended up spending about an hour in the Sistine Chapel itself which never could have happened without the tour. I would definitely do this again. It’s well worth the money.” –Robert Z, USA

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Robert.

At the moment we are offering this exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel on selected dates in 2009. We will offer additional dates as we get them, so keep checking back or sign up for’s email newsletter for the latest updates. This is a completely unique experience, exploring the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel after hours, without the crowds, with time to admire the amazing art and architecture in peace and quiet. What a way to spend an evening in Rome.

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The Viator Team

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28 Responses to “After-Hours Tour of the Vatican & Sistine Chapel”

  1. philippa Says:

    Wow, that is fantastic! Worth travelling to Rome just for that. When I was in Rome, the Vatican was so crowded you couldn’t see anything and the Sistine Chapel was truly a joke – wall to wall people. I’m impressed and tempted to hop on a plane.


  2. Joan Sereboff Says:


    Please, please, please offer this tour on Tuesday November 20 or Wednesday November 21.

    Thank you.

  3. Scott Mc Says:

    Hi Joan. We’ll see what we can do. Stay tuned! If there’s a way to make it happen, we will. Though as you might guess, dealing with the Vatican is not always the quickest / easiest thing to do. But that’s our job, and we’re happy to do it!

  4. Anastasia Says:


    Will you be offering this tour between April 17-19 at all?

    Thank you

  5. Scott Mc Says:

    Hi Anastasia.

    We don’t have any dates (yet!) for April 17 – 19. But keep checking back, we’re trying to add more dates.


  6. Travel Diary Says:

    That must have been amazing. I had an amazing trip to Rome 2 years ago and spent easily half a day in the Vatican. I only wish I had known about this before…

  7. CC Says:

    Agree do you have a date 18, or 21 April for the tour

  8. Scott Mc Says:

    Hi CC.

    I’m sorry to say, as of right now (and this could change, so definitely keep checking) the only date we have in April in the 7th.

  9. vs Says:

    Will you be adding July 29,30 or 31st to the schedule? Unfortunately, none of your other dates work.


  10. Scott Mc Says:

    Hi VS. We’ll look into these dates — as of right now, the only dates that are confirmed are listed above. But stay tuned, we may be able to add additional dates.

  11. Nomadic Matt Says:

    wow! amazing! too bad i didn’t know about this when i went to italy last year 🙁

  12. Collee Roy Says:

    Wow, that is fantastic, that must have been amazing. I had an amazing trip to Rome 2 years ago and spent easily half a day in the Vatican. I only wish I had known about this before…

  13. Martha Holzgrefe Says:

    We are in Rome Dec 20 thru 26. Do you have any tours schedules for these dates in December 2008?
    Martha Haxall Holzgrefe

  14. Scott Mc Says:

    Hi Martha. We don’t have any dates yet for December, but please do keep checking back. We’re adding new dates as we get them.


  15. Tom Arnold Says:

    We will be in Rome September 11, 2008 to September 15, 2008 and would love to take one of your tours of the Vatican & Sistine Chapel at night. Any chances???

  16. Karen Maxwell Says:

    I will be in Rome the week of Dec. 21 thru the 26 of December, please let me know if you are planning on scheduling a private tour of the Sistine Chapel then, I would definitely sign up! I would even adjust the days I am going to Rome to make sure I could participate in the private tour. Many thanks!

  17. Scott Mc Says:

    Hi Karen.

    Right now there are no new dates to announce, I’m sorry! We’re working hard with the Vatican to get more dates, but towards the end of the year the Vatican gets very busy with the Christian holiday calendar, and the tours become less of a priority for a few months.

    But if we do manage to get some extra dates, I’ll be sure to send you an email.


  18. Jon Fitzpatrick Says:

    We will be in Rome on the evenings of the 29th & 30th October. Do you have any tour dates available to fit in with our schedule? Thanks, Jon

  19. Scott Mc Says:

    Hi Jon.

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we will have any private tours on October 29 or 30. The Vatican has simply not made any new dates availability.

    Sorry about that.

    One thing you might want to consider — the Viator Private Tour to the Vatican. It’s not closed to the public but it is a private tour. Here’s the link:

  20. Scott Mc Says:

    Hello travelers! Please note that we have released dates for 2009, so if you’re interested in booking a private Vatican tour in 2009, now’s your chance! The link is here:

  21. Kelly R Says:

    I am looking for a date sometime in the first week of September, 2009. Am I in any luck?

  22. Scott Mc Says:

    Hi Kelly. We’ve not yet announced the September 2009 dates, the latest we have right now is through early July. Sorry about that. But keep checking back.

  23. mary Says:


    Any chance the tour will be held on September 10th or 11th 2009? I am a travel agent and have 4 clients who would love to particpate. Several of my clients were lucky to particpate in this tour several weeks ago and it was the highlight of thier trip !



  24. Scott Mc Says:

    Hi Mary.

    Not yet, unfortunately! We’re trying to get more dates, but so far no luck. Keep checking back though, and thanks again for contacting us.

  25. Marcia Says:

    We are going to be in Rome next week, June 19-25. Do you have an evening tour going any night during this time??? We would definitely book if you did!

  26. ViatorLoryanna Says:

    Hello Marcia,

    Thank you for your interest in our After Hour Vatican Tour! Unfortunately, as of today the next available date I can see in our system is for July 26, 2011. This is a really popular tour! You can always call our call center at 1-866-648-5873 to see if anything opens up – but just know we can’t guarantee a date will become available!

    If we don’t get you on this private tour for this trip, I hope we’re able to accommodate you next time you head to Rome!

  27. Erin Says:

    Please can you tell me if you have 2 spots for the 15th or 17th July 2012 Erin

  28. Laura Says:

    Hi Erin,
    You can find availability and more information here:

    It looks like the earliest date might be July 18th. Hope it works out for you to go – it’s a pretty unique experience! 🙂