Skip the Line: Ancient Rome and Colosseum Half-Day Walking Tour

June 21, 2012 by

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View of Forum and Palantine Hill from Colosseum

View of Forum and Palantine Hill from Colosseum

It’s entirely possible to visit Rome’s ancient sites on your own. But because they are a part of the city’s modern landscape, it’s hard to get a sense of their context within Rome’s history. That’s why if you’re going to take one tour in Rome, do it for the ancient sites – it will give you a whole new perspective as you travel throughout the city for the rest of your vacation.

The tour meets up close to the Colosseum, a building that continues to be so emblematic of everything Roman. Our spirited young guide first makes sure that our radios are working and then takes us past long queues of waiting tourists, so the skip the line really is true. You cannot but be overwhelmed by the ancient enormity of the place and while your eye takes in various details the guide is full of anecdotes about the various rooms, arches, carvings etc. Outlining how the seating was arranged, why there was a need for a Vomitarium and just how cozy and social the lavatories were.

Our guide also gives us a great insight into how many of the gladiators were often spared from death as for most of them it was a profession and so they were needed to fight another day but this was not the case for others such as the Christians who met some nasty ends at the hands of lions and other wild beasts. After the Colosseum it was a short walk and once again we skipped past a long line of waiting tourists at the Roman Forum. Once more under the hot Roman sun our energetic guide brought the ruins alive. And there are a lot of ruins of temples, the Forum, and finally the Emperor’s palace where the tour ends. It’s a lot to absorb in three hours but a total immersion into two very special sites in the history of ancient Rome.

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