Asha and Brock in Asia and Australia

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In 2012, Viator sent two teams of two travel videographers around Europe and North America with our Dream Travel Job project. For 60 days each, they traveled, took Viator tours, and filmed.

This year we have Asha from our Europe team and Brock from the North America team back to do it all again in Asia and Australia! Read on to see where they are and what they’re doing on their adventure.

But first…

Meet Asha & Brock

Asha in Europe

Fun Facts about Asha:
– Toured Europe (Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland), Latin America (Chile) and Australia as a musician
– Plays a 7-string electric violin and was the lead violinist for the Trans Siberian Orchestra
– Toured the U.S. with Gnarls Barkley and played at the Grammys
– Breast cancer survivor
– Appeared on several pilots for the Travel Channel and the Food Network
– Skydived in New Zealand, white water rafted down the Grand Canyon and rode her bike across Tuscan

Read more about Asha’s adventures in Europe with Viator

Brock at Niagara Falls

Fun Facts about Brock Groombridge:
– In 2010 he backpacked through 36 countries on 6 continents
Backpack With Brock is his travel video blog
– He once ate a cobra snake in Vietnam
– He climbed to Mt. Everest Base Camp in Tibet
– He has lived with a Maasai Tribe in Kenya
– Does he look familiar? Maybe you’ve seen him in a TV commercial for Diet Pepsi, Skittles or Subway!

Read more about Brock’s journey around North America with Viator

Their Asia & Australia itinerary

After a quick stop in the Viator San Francisco office, Asha and Brock took off on their journey around Asia and Australia! Make sure to follow Viator on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram for the latest updates.

Check back below for blog recaps from Asha and Brock:

1st Stop: Tokyo

Welcome to Japan - Tokyo airport

Sayonara, San Francisco and Konichiwa, Tokyo! The team spent a week in Tokyo, where they toured the city sights, took day trips around Japan, and ate lots of Pocky! Read more about their Tokyo itinerary.

2nd Stop: Beijing

Beijing rickshaw ride

Asha and Brock left Tokyo and headed west for Beijing. There, they spent three days exploring the history and culture in and around the city. Read more about their Beijing itinerary.

3rd Stop: Hong Kong

Hong Kong skyline

Their third stop on the trip was Hong Kong, where they stayed for a week, exploring the city and the area around it. Read more about how they spent a week in Hong Kong.

4th Stop: Bangkok

Tuk tuk ride down Khao San Road

From Hong Kong, the team headed down to Bangkok, where they spent a week touring the highlights of the regions. Read more about how they spent a week in Bangkok.

5th Stop: Singapore

High tea at the Raffles Hotel

For their last stop in Asia, Asha and Brock spent a week taking tours, trying lots of food, and visiting the major attractions. Read more about their week in Singapore.

6th Stop: Melbourne

Great Ocean Road

From Asia, the team headed south to Australia! Their first destination there was Melbourne, where they spent a week taking tours, making friends with Australia’s wildlife and sightseeing all over the region. Read more about their Melbourne itinerary.

7th Stop: Cairns

Cairns underwater adventure

Leaving Melbourne, the team headed to Cairns. There, they saw the Great Barrier Reef from above and below, met more wildlife, and learned about Australia’s Aboriginal history and culture. Read more about their week in Cairns.

8th Stop: Sydney

Sydney BridgeClimb

The team’s final stop was Sydney, where they spent a week finding the best views of the city and reflecting on their travels over the previous two months. Read about their Sydney itinerary.

– Viator Travel Team

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