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Jessica Furseth is a freelance journalist based in London, England. In addition to travelling as often as she can, she likes to be a tourist in her own city. Jessica blogs here:

Literary Pubs of London: A Beer-Soaked History

Pillars of Hercules

The 2000-year-old city that is London is a living, breathing history book. While Samuel Johnson was right: “There is in London all that life can afford,” often what we locals like doing most is to haul up in the pub. Luckily, we need not choose between comfort and culture when looking for a watering hole around London town, because so many pubs are rich in historical and literary connotations. So get your pint and find a seat by the fire, underneath low beams on crooked floors, and get merry in the knowledge Dickens may well have sat in the very same spot.

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[PHOTOS] Moscow Metro: The People’s Ballroom

In a city as rich in monuments and history as Moscow, you may be surprised to find you have to head underground for what is arguably the best attraction of all. The metropolitan public transport system of the Russian capital is one of the busiest in the world, carrying nine million weary commuters between home and work every day.

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On the Real San Francisco Hippie Trail

San Francisco street art

Simply walking down the street will give you a decent fill of the San Francisco hippie flavor, with chatty strangers, talented street performers, wafting smells of various substances, as well as general friendliness and curiosity. But if you are serious about gaining your flower power credentials, here are ten must-see destinations.

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