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Leora is a freelance travel writer with an extensive background in fashion. A former executive for Burberry, she now comments on style around the world at An American Girl in Transit. Leora is most interested in the different definitions of beauty around the world. Follow her adventures via twitter at @leoranovick.

10 Unforgettable Father’s Day Activities

As the years of ties and ball game tickets rack up, it’s time to get more creative and hands on. Chances are, dear old Dad is just looking for a chance to spend more time together. So why not focus on the experience, rather than the gift, and join Dad on the trip of his […]

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June 10, 2013 by | Comments Off on 10 Unforgettable Father’s Day Activities

The Delicious Highlights of Peruvian Cuisine


With claims of over 500 unique dishes, a world-renowned chef, and inspiration dating back to the Incas, Peru is emerging as the latest in global culinary hotspots. Ranging from the sweet taste of neon-colored Inca Kola, the savory tang of a lemon zested ceviche, and the just plain unusual look of a fully cooked Guinea […]

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April 10, 2012 by | 1 Comment