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Sasha Heseltine has fed orphaned wallabies on South Australia’s Kangaroo Island, got lost off-roading in the Sierra Nevadas, dived with manta rays in the Maldives and very nearly died hot-air ballooning in eastern Poland. Back home in the UK, she interviews personalities and reviews hotels and restaurants for local media as well as writes about her travels for international print and online publications.

Five Sights Not to Miss in Slovenia

Beautiful Bled

Ljubljana’s pastel-painted Old Town, castle, Baroque churches and edgy Metelkova district intriguingly combine clashing architectural styles, making it a perfect destination to spend a few days. But beyond this lovely city lies some of central Europe’s most spellbinding countryside. Here are five sights not to miss in Slovenia — many still remarkably overlooked on the […]

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Five Top Sights in Lithuania

Siauliai Hill of Crosses.

Lithuania’s lovely, small capital of Vilnius has a deliciously photogenic Old Town and many reasons to tempt visitors to explore; but outside the capital there are many more attractions to discover, from remote sandy beaches to bravura Baroque architecture and a UNESCO World Heritage memorial constructed from crucifixes. Here are five top sights in Lithuania, […]

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Five Reasons to Visit Bucharest

Get off the beaten path in beautiful Bucharest

Often overlooked by visitors as a drab, post-Communist city, Bucharest is actually anything but. In addition to centuries’ worth of architecture to discover, the city has a vibrant, celebratory vibe that mingles with a café culture and edgy nightlife. The Soviet blues are fast disappearing but prices are still cheap in comparison to other European […]

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Day Trips from Sofia

Snowy street of Plovdiv's Old Town.

Historic towns and UNESCO-listed monasteries surround the capital city of Bulgaria, not to mentioned the wild landscapes of the Seven Rila Lakes. Here are some of the most popular day trips from Sofia:

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Exploring Northern Cyprus


The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has plenty of charm and history to explore, from Crusader castles to pretty harbor towns to often-deserted beaches.

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Ljubljana in 48 Hours


Ljubljana is having a cool moment; it is awash with strutting university students bedecked in designer clothes; the countless bars and restaurants along the River Ljubljanica are overflowing all year around and the pocket-sized city has a Baroque Old Town, medieval castle, bucolic markets, and innovative museums to discover. The cultural soup caused by Slovenia’s […]

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14 Festivals and Events Worth Traveling For in 2014

Monument to the Warsaw Uprising in 1944. Image courtesy of Do Not Lick on Flickr.

Fed up with lazing on the beach or vacationing on the piste? Start planning your next trip right here as 2014 is panning out as a bumper year for travelers chasing a little more substance for their buck. There are major-league sporting events to attend all over the world and a cluster of poignant war […]

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10 of the Most Beautiful Spots in Finland

Finland is famous for its natural beauty, from its jagged coastline and strings of rocky archipelagos to bleak, scrub-covered fells and soundless expanses of northern snowlands. Over half of Finland lies within the Arctic Circle, forest covers 86 per cent of the land, there are 37 national parks, 187,888 lakes and almost as many islands […]

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November 20, 2013 by | 1 Comment

Helsinki in 48 Hours


Scandinavia’s northernmost capital city is elegantly sprawled around its Baltic Sea waterfront on a peninsula scalloped by inlets and scattered with rocky skerries. Today Helsinki is one of the coolest cities in Europe, with a pounding modern heart, buzzing seaside restaurants and bars, innovative contemporary architecture, fashion-forward shopping streets and an edgy nightlife. That it […]

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7 New Museums to Explore in Krakow, Poland

Krakow Pope John Paul II

A bunch of innovative museums have opened or reopened in Krakow over the last few years. Forward-looking and beautifully curated, they are a welcome addition to the manifold Renaissance charms of Wawel Hill and the fine decorative art displays in the National Museum. Several of these new venues are scattered around the historic Old Town […]

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