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Taking a vacation can be all about escape — and the same can be said about losing ourselves in the movies and TV shows we love. It’s only natural, then, for film and TV buffs to combine the two when traveling by visiting famous shooting locations around the world.

Sometimes you’ll find out that a story set in one place is actually filmed in another place entirely (or, worse yet, on a soundstage or studio with a green screen!) — but in some cases, the location is so important it almost becomes a character in the story. Here are some of the best film and TV tours around the world that will let you get up close and personal with the destinations behind your favorite shows.

Downton Abbey

Highclere Castle

Highclere Castle

We’ve fallen in love with the beleaguered Crawley family over three seasons, but it’s hard to say whether we would be as enthralled if the spectacular Highclere Castle wasn’t the setting for the fictitious Downton Abbey. Highclere has been a family home for hundreds of years, and even today there’s a real-life earl and his family living in the castle. A private tour of “Downton Abbey” film locations includes a private chauffeur and guide, and you’ll see both Highclere Castle and the Oxfordshire village of Bampton where other scenes from “Downton Abbey” are filmed.

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Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit

Hobbiton tours

Visit Hobbiton!

Peter Jackson brought the fantasy world of Middle-earth to beautiful reality in New Zealand. Although some of the fanciful elements were created in studios and on computers, New Zealand’s stunning natural landscapes make it instantly obvious why Jackson chose his home country as the setting for Tolkien’s visions. In many cases, the structures built for the films have been removed, but the set of Hobbiton still exists — and LOTR fans will recognize the backdrops for famous scenes of Edoras, Rivendell, Helm’s Deep, Minas Tirith and Isengard. Various Lord of the Rings and Hobbiton tours are available, departing from locations around the country.

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Game of Thrones

HBO’s award-winning fantasy series, “Game of Thrones,” is set in the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos. Real-world locations used for the show include Croatia, Northern Ireland, Ouarzazate in the Moroccan desert, Malta and Iceland, standing in for the towns and villages of the kingdoms fighting for control of the Iron Throne. In Croatia, you can visit the fictional city of King’s Landing (Dubrovnik’s UNESCO World Heritage Old Town) and places like Lovrijenac Fortress and the setting for Blackwater Bay to learn about the evil exploits of King Joffrey. From Belfast, you can see even more of the fictional land at locations like Ballytown, Carrick-a-Rede and Ballintoy Harbour, where more scenes from the show were filmed.

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Deadliest Catch

The hardy fisherman on the show “Deadliest Catch” ply the icy waters of the Bering Sea in search of giant crabs, octopus and fish, risking life and limb to bring home their valuable catch. On the Bering Sea Fishing Expedition, you can join the crew of the Aleutian Ballad ship and see how they do the dangerous job up close. While you enjoy a seat in the sheltered amphitheater on the lower deck (or brave the cold in the open-air upper deck), the crew will be hard at work, setting baits, throwing barrel pots overboard, then hauling traps filled with caught rockfish, gray cod, Dungeness crab, octopus and more. In addition to the action on deck, you may even spot some other wildlife, such as whales, porpoises, sea lions and eagles, in the distance.

New York TV and Film Sites

NYC film tour - Ghostbusters

Find the fire station used in Ghostbusters in New York.

The Big Apple has served as the backdrop for more films and TV shows than you can probably count, but sometimes the scenery is particularly memorable or important to the story. Grab your gal pals for a Sex and the City Hotspots Tour of filming locations such as a cupcake bakery and bar the ladies frequented. Take a day trip to New Jersey on a Sopranos Sites Tour, during which you’ll see the Bada Bing bar, where Chris was shot, and the diner booth where Tony sat in the final scene of the series.

Check out the tour in our video below.

See how the other half lives with a Gossip Girl Sites Tour of Manhattan’s Upper East Side, with stops at the hotel where the Bass and van der Woodsen families live, as well as the Henri Bendel shop favored by Serena and Blair. Head for an NBC Studio tour to see where the “Today Show” and “Saturday Night Live” are filmed. You can also go on a New York TV and Movie Sites Tour to see filming locations from “Friends,” “Girls,” “The Mindy Project,” “American Hustle,” “How I Met Your Mother” and “Seinfeld,” or a Central Park TV and Movie Sites Walking Tour to see filming locations for “When Harry Met Sally,” “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” “Ghostbusters” and “Love Story.”

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Harry Potter

Leadenhall Market, Harry Potter tours

Leadenhall Market, featured in Harry Potter films

Who among us hasn’t watched the “Harry Potter” films and wished we could be transported to that magical world? Well, even if you can’t conjure up any spells when you wave a magic wand, you can visit some of the places where the “Harry Potter” films were created. “Harry Potter” tours come in all shapes and sizes, from Warner Bros.-focused to walking to private, so there’s something to satisfy aspiring witches and wizards of all ages.

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Hawaii TV and Film Sites

50 First Dates location, film tour on Oahu

“50 First Dates” film location

You’ll probably have plenty of reasons to do nothing more than lie on the beach during a Hawaii vacation, but visiting the many Hawaii locations featured in movies and TV shows actually means you’ll see some of the most beautiful spots on the islands. On Kauai, you can take a six-hour Kauai Movie Sites Tour which includes 13 filming locations encompassing the likes of “Jurassic Park,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Gilligan’s Island,” “The Amazing Race” and “Tropic Thunder.” You’ll also get lunch at Tahiti Nui, where part of “The Descendants” was filmed. On Oahu, you can take a “Lost” or “Hawaii Five-0” tour, or visit Kualoa Ranch, where scenes from movies like “50 First Dates” and “Pearl Harbor” were filmed.

Pawn Stars

The Gold & Silver Pawn Shop featured in "Pawn Stars."

The Gold & Silver Pawn Shop featured in “Pawn Stars.”

Las Vegas sometimes feels like one big film set, but it’s the recent success of a reality show that’s drawing fans in droves to a real-life pawn shop in Sin City. “Pawn Stars” is filmed on location at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, and the guys you’ve come to love on the show — Rick Harrison as well as his family and employees — are often in the shop themselves whether filming is going on or not. In addition to seeing the pawn shop, a Pawn Stars Tour of Las Vegas also includes a stop at the Toy Shack, a vintage toy appraiser.

The Walking Dead

It seems these days we’re all joking about (or preparing for!) the zombie apocalypse. What better place to get some first-hand zombie knowledge than in Atlanta, where hit series “The Walking Dead” is filmed, and where the movie “Zombieland” was made? During an Atlanta Zombie Film Locations Tour you’ll not only visit filming locations for both zombie shows, you’ll also learn from your guide — a veteran onscreen “zombie walker” — how to walk like a zombie. You never know when that sort of information will come in very handy indeed.

Chicago Film Sites

Marina City and Towers, Chicago film tour

Chicago’s famous Marina City and Towers

Chicago’s unique architecture has featured in many popular movies, whether the stories were set in Chicago or not. During a two-hour Chicago Film Tour you’ll visit more than 75 filming locations — some of which also happen to be some of the city’s main attractions. You’ll see filming locations for movies like “The Dark Knight,” “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” “The Blues Brothers,” “The Untouchables,” “My Best Friend’s Wedding” and “Transformers 3,” covering more than 30 miles through Chicago’s diverse neighborhoods.

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Los Angeles TV and Film Sites

Hollywood sign

The iconic Hollywood sign

L.A. is the capital of movie-making in the U.S., and there are numerous Los Angeles TV and movie tours available, on which you can see sites from some of Hollywood’s classics as well as more modern hits. To check out the darker side of L.A., book the Dearly Departed tour and see where some of the most famous names in Hollywood met their demise. Or be awed by the lifestyles of the rich and famous on a tour of famous stars’ homes in Hollywood.

Doctor Who

Whether you grew up watching “Doctor Who” or are recent convert, there’s no denying the appeal of a London tour of “Doctor Who” filming locations. You’ll see where scenes from the shows were filmed, spanning from 1963 right up through the newest BBC incarnation of the series, as well as major London landmarks along the way. You’ll even see a remarkably TARDIS-looking police box.

Boston TV and Film Sites

Cheers, Boston movie sites tour

Enjoy a beer at Cheers

The city of Boston has served as the location for so many stories over the years that during a two-hour walking tour of Boston TV and movie sites you’ll visit more than 30 distinct filming locations. Among the places you’ll visit is the brownstone house featured in “The Parent Trap,” the famous park bench in “Good Will Hunting,” a mob hangout for Jack Nicholson in “The Departed” and the park featured prominently in “Ally McBeal.” And of course no tour of film sites in Boston would be complete without a stop at the original “Cheers” bar, where you’ll get a chance to have a drink. It’s up to you whether you want to count the number of people who yell “Norm!” as they walk in. You can also catch some of the same sites with transport.

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