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For “Breaking Bad” fans who can’t stand the wait for Season 2 of the show’s popular spin-off, “Better Call Saul,” take a trip to Albuquerque and retrace Walter White’s steps on a self-guided tour of the city’s film spots. From the family home to Los Pollos Hermanos, visit all of Heisenberg’s haunts with less than hour of driving. Note: If you have not finished watching the show, there are a few spoilers ahead.

Desert near Albuquerque

Desert near Albuquerque

Driving into town, you’ll get a sense of the desert where Walt and Jesse spent hours cooking in their beat-up RV, and the blue sky and red dirt will bring you back into the grip of the Albuquerque-set drama. The show was nominated for 58 Emmys and won 16 over five seasons.

If you’re looking for a guided “Breaking Bad” tour, there are several options, including one in an RV. Otherwise, it’s easy to hit all the major spots on your own, but remember that these locations are actual businesses and people’s homes, so try to be respectful when you’re taking a selfie!

Here are a few of the most notable locations, from east to west in Albuquerque. If you’re coming from downtown, just reverse the order.

A1A Car Wash

9516 Snow Heights Circle NE

Start with the notorious car wash, as seen in Seasons 1, 3, 4 and 5. Walter has a history with the place, where he worked part-time when he was a high school chemistry teacher. He and Skyler ultimately purchase it — one part revenge, one part money-laundering scheme. Take your car in for a quick wash if you like, and “Have an A1 day.

The A1A Car Wash from "Breaking Bad"

The A1A Car Wash from “Breaking Bad”

Saul Goodman’s Office

9800 Montgomery Blvd. NE

Next up is Saul Goodman’s office, which is actually Sinners N Saints Bar and Grill — very appropriate. Saul, the seedy lawyer operating out of a strip mall, wheels and deals with Walt and Jesse in all five seasons. He’s the star of AMC spinoff “Better Call Saul,” which takes place about six years before he becomes White’s lawyer. The second season is set to air next year.

Saul's office

Saul’s office

Walter White’s House

3828 Piermont Dr. NE

From there, we’ll go to Walter and Skyler White’s house — a real house, where real people who are not actually the Whites live. Please be respectful.

Walt's house

Walt’s house

The Candy Lady

524 Romero St. NW

At the next stop, pick up some blue “meth” candy or other “Breaking Bad” souvenirs — everything from a Heisenberg hat to Pez dispensers — or sign up for a guided tour. The Candy Lady originally produced white rock candy (cotton-candy flavored) as a prop for the first season, and continued creating candy props for Season 2. Walter’s infamous Blue Sky Candy became available to the public after it was featured on the Late Show with David Letterman.

The Candy Lady

The Candy Lady

Jesse Pinkman’s House

322 16th St. SW

Jesse Pinkman’s house is next on the list — another home where a real family lives, so don’t expect one of Pinkman’s infamous parties. If you’re going to drive by, do so quietly.

Jesse's house

Jesse’s house

Dog House Drive In

1216 Central Ave. NW

The Dog House Drive In makes appearances in Seasons 1, 2 and 5, first when Jesse tries to sell meth on his own and, later, when he hands a homeless man a stack of cash through his car window.

Dog House Drive In

Dog House Drive In

Los Pollos Hermanos

4275 Isleta Blvd. SW

The final stop on the tour is Twisters (a New Mexico fast food chain), a.k.a. Los Pollos Hermanos, Gustavo Fring’s successful chicken franchise and drug business front. Be sure to go inside and check out the Los Pollos Hermanos logo posted on the back wall, and grab a burrito if the drive has made you hungry.

Los Pollos Hermanos

Los Pollos Hermanos

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