Brexit: What It Means for Travelers

June 29, 2016 by

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So the UK has voted and is set to leave the EU. No one knows what the long-term effects of this decision will be, but the short-term answer to that question is simple: very little will change.

London, England

London, England

The UK is not set to start negotiating its withdrawal from the EU until October and, even then, talks may last up to two years. Therefore, it’s anticipated that tourists coming into the UK will experience little change for some time.

The Pound

Thus far there been no great financial crash as was predicted, and the pound is trading at the level it saw in March 2016. But whereas Brits will find it more expensive to travel at the moment, it’s actually cheaper to visit the UK from Europe and further afield as the pound is currently slightly down on the euro and US dollar.

Schengen Agreement

Overseas visitors coming in to the UK will not currently notice any difference in the lines at immigration. The UK was never part of the Schengen Agreement, which allows free movement within various EU member states, and EU visitors currently have their own points of entry into the country. Whether this will change long-term remains to be seen.

Duty Free

EU travelers can currently take home 800 cigarettes, 110 liters of beer and 90 liters of wine without being stopped at UK Customs. Again this may change in the long run to be on parity with visitors from outside the EU, who are limited to 200 cigarettes, 16 liters of beer and four liters of wine.

Roaming Charges

Currently these remain unaffected by the UK’s decision to leave the EU. Roaming charges are to be abolished across Europe in June 2017, and Britain may no longer have access to that agreement. Visitors from outside the EU will experience no change.

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