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Meet Bridget Putre, a Private Guide in Munich, Germany

Meet Bridget!

For the last four years, Bridget Putre has been organizing and leading tours around Munich, Germany for groups of 2-40 people. With her extensive experience and knowledge of her region, as well as a wonderful rapport with clients, it is little wonder why those traveling to Munich so often seek Bridget out as their guide. Having been born in Vienna and lived 20 years in Colorado, Bridget is familiar with a wide range of cultures, and lives to show her region of Europe to her guests.

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From Ruin to Cultural Riches – Exploring Budapest’s Ruin Pubs

Ankert Entrance

For years, these “ruin bars” or “ruin pubs”, a literal translation from the Hungarian word romkocsma, were considered temporary, since one might pop up for a single summer, only to disappear by the winter or re-open at another address. However, Budapest now has around 20 ruin pubs and counting, with bars spilling out beyond the VII District. Ruin pubs have become an ingrained part of Budapest’s cityscape, even though their birth year still puts them below the legal drinking age.

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Save 40% on Paris Paradis Latin Show

HURRY! Book by November 21, 2013 to save 40% on the Paris Paradis Latin Show. This exclusive offer applies to select tickets and dates through April 30th, 2014. Please note that this offer is available for new transactions only and cannot be applied to any existing booking.

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Loch Ness and Glencoe: A Day in the Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands

Years ago I saw pictures of the Scottish Highlands and knew that it was a place that I needed to visit, but as things sometimes go, time passed by and other trips took higher priority. Then one night while watching an episode of Downton Abbey, the family took a trip to the Scottish Highlands where they traipsed across lush green hillsides and were regaled by the sound of bagpipes, and suddenly I knew I had to make that trip happen.

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Hacking Monaco: A Commoner’s Guide to One of the Wealthiest Countries in the World

Monaco - Prince's Palace

What do Novak Djokovic, Sir Roger Moore, Bono, and Princesses Charlotte and Stephanie have in common? Not much, besides the fact that they’re all loaded and therefore own homes in Monaco. The tiny country on the Mediterranean has more millionaires per capita than any other country in the world. It’s really is dripping in diamonds; everyone dresses beautifully, there are Aston Martins parked on every corner, there is not a speck of dirt on the floor, and every building looks like a big cake. We are pretty sure even the pigeons wear diamonds.

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Sampling the Flavors of Amsterdam on a Food Tour

Hopjeswafels, a popular variation on stroopwafels

In a city of such colour and character as Amsterdam, the only way to cut to the “real stuff” is to have a local take you around. And there’s a lot of real stuff to cut to; Viator’s Amsterdam Food Tour is packed with plenty of good eats, interesting information, and great conversation.

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Meet John Blakey, a Private Guide in London

Meet John!

As a former television and film actor with 20 years of experience, John Blakey knows how to breathe life into stories and characters associated with a place. His motto is ‘Bring history to life’, and his aim is to take clients into the heart of his native England — whatever their interest might be.

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10 Norway Winter Activities

Norway horse riding in snow

Vast, glistening fjords? Horn-capped Viking invaders? The eerie glow of the Northern Lights? Whatever comes to mind when you think of Norway, there’s no doubt that it’s steeped in mystique. With its location on the cusp of the Arctic and wilderness blanketed with snow for up to 6 months a year, Norway is a country tailor-made for the winter and there’s no better time to explore than with a carpet of fresh snow underfoot. Whether sleeping in a suite carved from ice, careening across the plains in a husky-drawn sled or marveling over a city made entirely of gingerbread, here are 10 Norway winter activities you’re sure to enjoy.

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Meet Dawn Blee, a Private Guide in London

Meet Dawn!

As a professional Blue Badge tour guide working in London and the Southeast of England, Dawn Blee’s entertaining and informative tours earned her the Tour Guide of the Year award in 2011, as well as a reputation for being one of the area’s best guides.

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Kreuzberg District Tour: Food, Culture, and Street Art

One of many famous works of graffiti in Berlin

The Kreuzberg district of Berlin is a very hip area. Hence, it’s the perfect spot for a Kreuzberg District Food, Culture, and Street Art tour. Tour guide Jannes met me and the other tour participant by the East Side Hotel, just outside of the Kreuzberg district of Berlin, and directly across from the East Side Gallery. The East Side Gallery is the longest section of the Berlin Wall that remains standing – at 1.3kms. It’s covered in graffiti-like art, but it’s not for just anybody to come along and make their mark; artists are invited.

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