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Kreuzberg District Tour: Food, Culture, and Street Art

One of many famous works of graffiti in Berlin

The Kreuzberg district of Berlin is a very hip area. Hence, it’s the perfect spot for a Kreuzberg District Food, Culture, and Street Art tour. Tour guide Jannes met me and the other tour participant by the East Side Hotel, just outside of the Kreuzberg district of Berlin, and directly across from the East Side Gallery. The East Side Gallery is the longest section of the Berlin Wall that remains standing – at 1.3kms. It’s covered in graffiti-like art, but it’s not for just anybody to come along and make their mark; artists are invited.

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Helsinki in 48 Hours


Scandinavia’s northernmost capital city is elegantly sprawled around its Baltic Sea waterfront on a peninsula scalloped by inlets and scattered with rocky skerries. Today Helsinki is one of the coolest cities in Europe, with a pounding modern heart, buzzing seaside restaurants and bars, innovative contemporary architecture, fashion-forward shopping streets and an edgy nightlife. That it also manages to be one of the world’s friendliest cities, with many sights easily walkable, makes this pocket-sized capital all the more charming.

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Meet Dilek Camurcu, a Private Guide in Istanbul, Turkey

Meet Dilek!

As a Tourism graduate and fully licensed guide approved by Turkey’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Dilek Camurcu is a well-qualified guide eager to shower clients with her knowledge of the history, mythology, archaeology, religion and art of her beloved Istanbul.

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8 Great Destinations to Explore in the Balkans

Bay of Kotor, Kotor, Montenegro

Often overlooked, the Balkan region is a land of unexpected surprises where history, art, and culture merge to create unique bustling urban centers. Historical sites and museums, distinctive architecture, and lively restaurant scenes are the norm. Throughout the region, striking natural landscapes provide ample opportunity for outdoor activities with lakes, rolling mountains, and even historical ruins dotting the countryside. Throw in the fact that the Balkan countries are relatively small, transportation options are numerous, and prices are quite low, the region is ripe for exploration.

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Save 50% on Tours in Edinburgh!

Edinburgh sale

HURRY! Book by October 24th, 2013 to save 50% on select tours in Edinburgh. This exclusive offer applies to select departure times and dates through March 31st, 2014. Please note that this offer is available for new transactions only and cannot be applied to any existing booking.

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10 Best European Castles You Can Visit

(Photo: Hohenwerfen Castle, Austria via Shutterstock)

Sometimes romantic, sometimes sinister, Europe’s best castles evoke a palpable sense of both melancholy and wonder. Their ancient stones brim with mystery and history—but not the stodgy old history of musty textbooks. Castles are the past brought to life, a visceral reminder that quests and battles and chivalry weren’t always the exclusive province of fantasy novels. Go medieval on your next trip with a visit to one of these castles where ancient history is alive and well.

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A Farewell to Arms: A Salutation to Peace in Kobarid, Slovenia

Soca River

When Earnest Hemingway reached the Italian front in 1918, the Italian army’s wounds were still fresh from the disastrous loss the previous autumn at Caporetto, which saw 40,000 troops killed and wounded, plus another 280,000 captured. Despite the war, the beauty of the Julian Alps impressed the young soldier enough to later serve as the opening scene of A Farewell to Arms. “In the late summer of that year,” the novel begins, “We lived in a house in a village that looked across the river and the plain to the mountains.”

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Save 40% on Day Trips from Rome

HURRY! Book by October 9th, 2013 to save 40% on select day trips from Rome. This exclusive offer applies to select departure times and dates through October 31, 2014. Please note that this offer is available for new transactions only and cannot be applied to any existing booking.

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Decoding Finnish Festivities


At first glance, some of Finland’s traditions and rituals may seem more than a little peculiar, even relative to Europe’s wacky standards – self-flagellation with branches, seafood-themed parties and it’s really quite incredible how many occasions it has been deemed acceptable to wear coloured overalls. In fact, many stem from Christian festivals, just with vestiges of ancient paganism and a sufficient dose of homespun absurdity. Finnish celebrations may be mad but they’re certainly quite magical.

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Amsterdam’s Secret Gardens


Imagine walking around Amsterdam – it’s busy, there are crowds of people everywhere, you’ve just spent an hour and a half walking around the Rijksmuseum after queuing for two hours to get in. You’ve had enough; you’re tired and fed up. You want to sit down somewhere without someone bothering you. That’s when you spot a doorway. You try the handle, and it opens. Inside is a beautiful courtyard with a garden and some houses – maybe even a chapel. You walk in, and sit down. There is nobody else there. You have found one of Amsterdam’s best kept secrets. It’s called a ‘hof.’

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