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Game of Thrones Film Sites Around the World

Game of Thrones Malta

The HBO award-winning fantasy drama, Game of Thrones, returns for its fourth season this April, just in time to help inspire your summer travels. Dedicated Game of Thrones tours now run in all the key filming locations, so you can voyage to the wild landscapes North of the Wall or follow in the footsteps of royalty at the real-life King’s Landing.

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Top 25 Things to Do in Africa & the Middle East: 2014 Viator Travel Awards

See the Great Pyramids

Welcome to the 2014 Viator Travel Awards: Africa and Middle East Edition! Below, we’ve compiled a list of 25 of the most fun and interesting things to do and best places to visit in Africa and the Middle East. The tours and activities listed have been chosen based on traveler reviews, data from the millions of people who check out during the year, and information on which tours travelers book most often. Reading through this list, you’ll get a sense of the top things to do in each place – it’s a great virtual vacation from work, or the perfect way to start planning a trip anywhere.

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Out of Africa: Kenya Adventures Close to Nairobi

Feeding at the Giraffe Center

When Karen Blixen wrote the words, “I had a farm in Africa,” she probably had no idea how her words would inspire travelers and conjure up romantic images of the East African plains a century later. But as both a book and a film, “Out of Africa” continues to act as a siren song for the mystique and allure that only Africa seems to provide.

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Exploring the Masai Mara in Kenya

There’s a reason why Disney chose the East African country of Kenya as the setting for The Lion King: Masai Mara. This vast reserve, which boarders Tanzania’s great Serengeti, is home to more than 1,500 square kilometers of continuous and untouched land. Its high concentration of wildlife, scenic mountain passes and arid plains, attract travelers and conservationist from across the globe—particularly during the Great Migration, when the tens of thousands of wildebeests and zebra migrate from the south in search of food and water.

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Visiting the Tribes of Southern Ethiopia

Mursi women wear decorative plates in their lips. Photo courtesy of Bryan_T via Flickr.

In Ethiopia’s isolated southern jungle, buried within wild tropical forest, between murky gushing rivers and vast earth-sodden lakes, live some of Africa’s oldest tribes. Visiting the Tribes of Southern Ethiopia now truly is to see the final bastions of ancient Ethiopian heritage and customs.

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August 30, 2013 by | 1 Comment

The Dos and Don’ts of Booking a Safari in Kenya

Giraffes in Road

Lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants and cape buffaloes converging en masse, oh my, the Big Five! Most people about to book their first Kenyan safari will likely admit that the trip is the culmination of a dream fed from youthful reading of National Geographic or watching Discovery Channel. Who, after all, does not want to be meters away from the world’s most notoriously exciting animals?

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Cruises to the Middle East

View of Dubai from Burj al Arab

Many travelers wish to see the historic sites and experience the culture of the Middle East. However, for many, planning a trip to the Middle East seems daunting. That’s where cruising comes in. A cruise to the Middle East is an excellent way to experience many different cities and facets of this region of the world while traveling between each one comfortably and safely.

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What You Should Know About Visiting Egypt Now

Giza Pyramids.

More than two years have passed since Egypt’s 2011 Revolution, and the country is still feeling the effects. Images shown around the world of the violence in Cairo’s Tahrir Square both during the uprising and after have had a profoundly negative impact on the country’s reputation, causing people worldwide to believe that the entire country is dangerous now. This is not true. Egypt is approximately 385,000 square miles in size. The majority of the violence which still sporadically occurs is in an approximately one-square-mile area in downtown Cairo. The rest of Cairo remains perfectly safe as does the rest of the country, from the Mediterranean city of Alexandria to the tombs and temples of Luxor and Aswan, from the Red Sea beaches of the Sinai to the pyramids which give the country its signature skyline.

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Going on a Dubai Desert Safari

When my sister and I were planning our trip to Dubai we wanted to do at least one thing that wasn’t about shopping malls or architecture. This desert safari looked like – and was – a fun alternative experience!

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July 3, 2013 by | 3 Comments

12 Reasons to Travel to Dahab, Egypt

The deserts are beautiful in Dahab.

Egypt – the word evokes images of pyramids and camels, tombs and temples, caches of ancient civilizations lying beneath a vast desert. Lesser known is Egypt’s other side – cerulean waters on soft sand beaches against mountain backdrops, colorful canyons and lush oases holding secrets of the desert and open and approachable locals happy to share bits of their lives. While these aspects of Egypt are not as famous as its ancient history, they are a powerful part of the country’s character. Where do you go to unlock this side of Egypt? One spot that holds the key is the south Sinai town of Dahab. Whether you’ve never heard of it or have been longing to go for years, here are a dozen reasons why you should travel to Dahab.

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