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Exploring Brussels with a Chocolate Walking Tour and Workshop

At our chocolate workshop

When in Belgium, eat as the Belgians do – which, if tourist lore is to be believed, is a diet consisting of fries and waffles, washed down with beer and polished off with a buffet of chocolate. And so I had two goals when I arrived in Brussels. To try all the local delicacies on offer – I didn’t want to be rude, after all! – and to be able to button my pants upon departure. Thus, I signed up for Viator’s Chocolate Walking Tour and Workshop –the perfect combination of indulgence and activity.

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Getting a Taste of Orlando on a Winter Park Food Tour

I always encourage visitors to get outside of the theme parks for at least a day to see the Orlando area the way locals experience it. This tour is a great way to get to get to know the area and have a taste of why Orlando is earning a reputation for being a great city for foodies.

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Five Fun Things to Do in Inle Lake, Myanmar

It was my first day in Nyaungshwe, Myanmar, a bustling town that sits on Inle Lake, and already I was in awe. The placid lake and surrounding rolling mountains set the stage for a myriad of fun activities; from hiking and cycling to vineyard visiting and sweets tasting options abound.

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Lima Market Tour and Pisco Sour Lesson

Pisco Sour lesson in Lima

When in Peru, drink as the Peruvians do – that’s how the saying goes, right? That’s the theory travel buddy Zoe and I were operating under when we signed up for the Lima Market Tour and Pisco Sour Lesson. Pisco has been a part of Peru since the Spanish invasion, when colonizers attempted to make their beloved wine from home. However, the harsh Peruvian climate refused to participate and they ended up with Pisco instead – a clear, strong, whiskey-like liquor.

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Little Havana Food and Walking Tour

Cuban Sandwich with a Twist with Swee tBread Called Medianocheat

If you have yet to travel to Cuba, Little Havana is not only a taste of the Cuban food, but its rich culture. Nestled just west of Miami’s downtown, Little Havana should be a stop on any visit to Miami. So that you don’t have to guess as to the best cafeterias, bakeries, or cigar shops, why not do it with a local? That’s why I did the Little Havana Food and Walking Tour; and, I’ve lived in South Florida for years.

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Sampling the Flavors of Amsterdam on a Food Tour

Hopjeswafels, a popular variation on stroopwafels

In a city of such colour and character as Amsterdam, the only way to cut to the “real stuff” is to have a local take you around. And there’s a lot of real stuff to cut to; Viator’s Amsterdam Food Tour is packed with plenty of good eats, interesting information, and great conversation.

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A Gourmet Food Tour in Vancouver

Delicious Gelato

Food is one of the best ways to explore a city, especially a multi-cultural city like Vancouver. For years Vancouver has been like a second home to me, the place I would go to escape the stresses of life. This time however was different. This time I was in Vancouver after completing a five week cross Canada trip, and exploring the city was at the top of my list.

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Copenhagen Food Tour

Cheese Tasting Counter

In recent years, Scandinavian cuisine (due in large to Denmark’s celebrated Michelin-starred restaurants) has risen in popularity. Therefore, I was more than a little excited to spend a day sampling some of Copenhagen’s famous culinary delights. To my surprise, I ended up with a special bonus; a fascinating cultural exploration of how this city has evolved through its food.

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Austin for Foodies

Austin knows how to make BBQ.

Austin has gained a reputation as an alternative culture oasis in the middle of conservative Texas. They push the “Keep Austin Weird” motto, striving for uniqueness rather than homogenization. And food is increasingly part of that eclectic funk. The city is moving beyond staples like barbeque and taco stands (though, to be sure, there’s plenty of excellent barbeque and tacos to be had in Austin) and incorporating locally-sourced meat and produce in edgy New American cooking – often prepared in a cramped food truck.

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Hanoi Street Food Walking Tour

First on the menu, after Thao handed around some fresh lychees, was the Bánh Mi – a crispy French-style baguette with a tasty, zesty filling of pork, coriander, chilli and – I think – pickled carrots. It’s a great snack-sized introduction, served direct from one of the local carts set up on this (and many other) corners in Hanoi.

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