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Sailing in Sydney Harbour

The Southern Swan

Whether you live in Sydney or you’re a first-time visitor, you can’t witness the majestic Sydney Harbour without a soulful longing to be out on the water. And when there are one million people lining the harbor to see the world’s biggest fireworks display on New Year’s Eve, the only way to escape the crowds […]

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Island-Hopping in Dubrovnik

Island of Sipan

“I am your captain and this is my espresso,” said the captain as he passed out traditional Croatian rakija, the most common form of domestic alcohol served throughout Croatia, to the passengers on board his ship. “Cheers, salud, Živeli!” And with that we set sail across the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea on the […]

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Top Mediterranean Shore Excursions

Gaudi in Barcelona

Cruises to the Mediterranean are much-loved cruise sailings for a multitude of reasons. First off, the countries that call the Mediterranean home are stunning in their beauty, with cobblestoned roads, white and terracotta colored houses, and luscious gardens and hills bordered by sea water in various shades of teal and turquoise. Secondly, the people who […]

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12 Worst Cruise Rip-Offs

(Photo: Kayaking Excursion via Pavel L Photo and Video/

The cruise rip-offs come when you start buying the extras or conforming to the industry’s standard practices. That means if you’re careful and you avoid the many temptations thrown at you, you can avoid most rip-offs completely. Sadly, lots of people don’t want you to avoid the rip-offs, so diligence is the best defense. Here […]

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Cruises to the Middle East

View of Dubai from Burj al Arab

Many travelers wish to see the historic sites and experience the culture of the Middle East. However, for many, planning a trip to the Middle East seems daunting. That’s where cruising comes in. A cruise to the Middle East is an excellent way to experience many different cities and facets of this region of the […]

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Cruising Alaska

Alaska is often considered to be America’s last frontier, with the state’s rugged mountains covering vast amounts of land, and much of it largely untouched by humans. Alaska is also home to glaciers and wide waterways, referred to as passages, bordering the thick brush of the mountains. It is these waterways that enable cruising to […]

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Cruise International Awards: Vote for Viator Shore Excursions

Cruise Awards 2013

Cruise International magazine has listed its nominees for its annual Cruise Awards, and Viator Shore Excursions is up for Best Cruise Product or Service!

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Why You Should Consider a Canada Cruise

For being such a large country, Canada is a little known cruise destination. Most people’s minds immediately go to tropical destinations like the Caribbean or Mediterranean when they think of cruising; however, a cruise farther north is just as fun and memorable. Canada cruises confirm this by offering an array of attractions both onboard and […]

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Cruising in South America

Cruise ships going through the Panama Canal. Photo credit: Roger Wollstadt via Flickr.

When people think of vacationing to South America, they don’t often think of exploring it via cruise. However, this is starting to change as more and more travelers are realizing why seeing South America by cruise is a great way to explore the continent – whether it’s your first time in South America or your […]

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How to Choose the Best Cruise Staterooms

A cruise is much like a glorified resort at sea, and cruise lines realize this, which is why many of the top cruise lines devote a substantial amount of time and money to making sure the staterooms on their cruise ships are comfortable and inviting. That’s usually where the similarities end – even within a […]

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