Chasing Angelina in Santorini

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As I was walking past the newsstands today I noticed all the gossip magazines with Angelina Jolie on the front cover and it reminded me of my trip to Santorini.

A few years ago, my sister and I headed over to Santorini on a ferry from Athens as we had heard it was the most spectacular of the Greece‘s islands. We had seen all the pictures of the white washed churches with the blue dome roofs and breathtaking views of the caldera and we wanted to experience it for ourselves.


We left our hostel in Athens to head off to the ferry terminal and upon picking up our bags from the luggage room, bumped into two guys who were also heading to Santorini on the 10:00pm ferry. We were told it was best to get the night ferry as we could save on paying for a night’s accommodation (not that sleeping on a park bench on the deck was particularly comfortable).

After a relatively sleepless night we arrived into Santorini around 6am the following morning, and what a sight it was to behold. As we stepped off the ferry we were confronted with a hundred or so hotel owners all bombarding us and urging us to stay at their hotels. Unfortunately for us we had not booked our accommodation ahead and so had the somewhat daunting job of picking a hotel, or a hotel owner, as the case may be. Luckily for us our new friends seemed to be in a better frame of mind and we decided to just go wherever they were going.

Upon arriving at our hotel on Perissa Beach, we were informed by our host that Angelina Jolie was on the island shooting the latest installment of the Tomb Raider movies. Too tired to be excited by this news straight away we decided to dump our bags in our room and head for a lie down on the black sand of Perissa Beach. Yes, that’s right, black sand! Santorini has red, black and white beaches! This is due to Santorini being a volcanic island.

The following day we decided that the best way to explore the island would be to hire a car. So together with our new friends we obtained a map from hotel reception and planned our journey. My sister and I were keen to go Angelina spotting but to our dismay and well amazement really, the boys were not interested in hunting down the beautiful star! And in case you’re wondering, yes they are straight!

ammoudi_bay.jpgSo we headed off around the island discovering such places as Red Beach which is, as the name suggests, red. With high red cliffs and hand size pebbles under the water we had a quick dip before heading off to my favorite spot, Ammoudi Bay. 300 steps below Oia this tiny port has a small promenade with tavernas, colorful fishing boats and a large rocky outcrop about 200 meters out in the center of the bay which you can swim out to if you wish.

As we descended down a steep rocky staircase we were presented with a film crew consisting of 5 or 6 people on the promenade and one cameraman submerged in the bay. 2 or 3 of the crew were standing holding large boulders over their heads. Without hesitation, one of the guys we were traveling with grabbed a large rock and jumped in line. Expecting the director to tell him to get out of the way, to our amazement he actually motioned the rest of us to follow suit! So as the director shouted “ACTION” we let our rocks plummet into the bay.

Several months later, back home in Sydney my sister and I headed off to the cinema to watch the new Tomb Raider movie and of course, our Hollywood debut. In the opening scene there is an earthquake in Santorini and subsequently, shots of, yes you guessed it, rocks falling into the Mediterranean below. My sister and I were quite excited and were laughing quite loudly and chanting “That’s my rock, that’s my rock!” Of course the other patrons must have thought we were nuts but, we didn’t care. We never did see Angelina but, this was our claim to fame and that’s all that mattered.

–Tamie Walsh

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    Hey Tamie – sounds like you’ve been up to mischief as normal – haven’t heard from you in years – how are you doing?

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