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***Editor’s Note: The contest is now closed and we have a winner! Congratulations to Degs!***Experience the wonders of ancient Egypt on a 5-day Nile River journey. Cruise down Egypt’s famous river as you learn and discover the mysteries behind this ancient civilization. Viator is giving away one pair of tickets for a 5-Day Nile River Cruise from Luxor to Aswan.

View of Cairo along the Nile River

View of Cairo along the Nile River

With all meals, accommodation and sightseeing expenses included, your M/Y Mirage cruise on the Nile River makes your journey into ancient Egypt as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. Included in your trip are guided tours to:

  • The Valley of the Kings, the resting place of numerous New Kingdom pharaohs whose remains were interred in tombs burrowed into rock. The 60-odd tombs which have been discovered may represent only half of the total tombs in the area.
  • The Luxor Temples, including the Temple of Karnak, which is the largest of Luxor’s temples and is one of the most sacred sites in ancient Egypt.
  • The Temple of Edfu, located on the west bank of the Nile in the city of Edfu. It is the second largest temple in Egypt after Karnak and one of the best preserved.
  • Kom Ombo, an agricultural town in Egypt famous for the Temple of Kom Ombo.
  • The Philae Temple in Aswan, built to the goddess Isis, known as the Mother of God, giver of life, protector and healer of kings and her temple.
The deluxe Nile cruiser M/Y Mirage

The deluxe Nile cruiser M/Y Mirage

This deluxe Nile cruiser has an onboard restaurant, lounges and reading areas, a swimming pool with jacuzzi, large shaded sundeck with bar, massage service, boutique, gift shop and laundry service. Evening entertainment may include Nubian music and dancers, a Galabayeh night and belly dancing.

Winners will stay in a 205 sq ft, fully air-conditioned double cabin. The cabin includes adjacent beds, private bathroom with shower and hair dryer, mini bar, safe deposit box, telephone and Satellite TV.

Note: Sightseeing on this cruise will be done by joining the English speaking guide on board and not on private basis. Winners must depart on 17 January 2011 from Luxor.

How to enter

For the chance to win this incredible prize, simply post a reply to this blog entry answering the question, “Why should Viator give YOU 2 tickets for the 5-Day Nile River Cruise from Luxor to Aswan?” in 10 words or less.

Entries must be submitted by October 31, 2010.

Winners will be announced on November 5, 2010. You can enter our contest as many times as you like, but remember, your reply must be 10 words or fewer or it will not be considered. And just to be clear, we’re giving away 1 pair of tickets for the 5-Day Nile River Cruise from Luxor to Aswan to be used on January 17, 2011. Winners will stay in a double cabin and will not have a private guide. See the Viator product site for more specific details.

Viator Travel Team

Terms & Conditions: Our staff will pick the entry that we think best answer the question above, in 10 words or less. We are giving away 1 pair of tickets for the 5-Day Nile River Cruise from Luxor to Aswan to be used on January 17, 2011. Any other expenses not specifically listed above are not included. Prizes are non-transferable and cannot be sold or redeemed for any cash value.

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100 Responses to “[Contest] Win a 5-Day Nile Cruise!”

  1. David Christie Says:

    Ancient tombs from cruising rooms, and temples galore with Viator!

  2. sarah loves ingo Says:

    Nile, quiet beast,
    Desert, soul release
    Combined equals lasting peace.

  3. sarah dharamraj Says:

    Glistening river, sparkling streams, caressing my lover in your breeze.

  4. INGO Says:


  5. INGO Says:

    HELP ME ESCAPE THE hustle AND bustle of busy highways!!!!!!!1

  6. Sean Biederman Says:

    At one with water
    Quietly contemplating
    As ancients look on

  7. Kameron Says:

    I have never been out of Texas! Please help me!!

  8. Kameron Says:

    I would be forever greatful for this blessing and memories.

  9. Kameron Says:

    The world to see, yet by no means. Pray; grace thee.

  10. Shery Dill Says:

    Was robbed & house set on fire, NEED A BREAK!!!


    Love for trips means love for Viator. I’m in love.

  12. Vanessa Cardinale Says:

    walk like an egyption? more like cruise like one!

  13. Reamhel Says:

    Always Facinated by Egypt’s History, But can’t afford the cruise

  14. jolene Says:

    I want to retrace the footsteps of the Pharaohs

  15. Peter O Says:

    Blue Nile, White Nile
    My poem’s best
    There’s no denial

  16. Darlene Says:

    Nile, the treasures to behold
    Viator helps this to unfold!

  17. sidney a. Schneider Says:

    a chance to see tha beauty of Egypt via Viator.

  18. Rachel Says:

    For 50 years my mom talked about the Sphinx.I am 59 and I still want to see it!

  19. Graham Says:

    Been around the world and I, I, ain’t seen Egypt

  20. Tara Says:

    Once in a lifetime vacation full of lasting memories.

  21. Nicole Says:

    Sacred experience awaiting to be revealed to a grateful person.

  22. Ben Croker Says:

    I’d rather it was me who was comin’!

  23. Kylie Sheens Says:

    Building house + wedding = POOR = No honeymoon = NEED HOLIDAY!

  24. Sue McRae Says:

    my daughter has just told me how beautiful it is

  25. Dr. Prasun Kumar Das Says:

    Nile! Nile! Nile!
    Love See You Smile
    through Viator Aisle

  26. fran campbell Says:

    pyramids,antiquities,and floating like cleopatra on her barge–incredible

  27. hiruka Says:

    Cruising along Nile,
    Luxor to Aswan,
    A dream to be!

  28. hiruka Says:

    Give me a chance to unlock those mysteries of Egypt!

  29. Joseph Rossello Says:

    To relive the experience of Caesar and Cleopatra!

  30. Mary Ann Maquiñana Says:

    Viator thanks for this opportunity! hope i can have it.. 🙂

  31. linda glorioso Says:

    because the mummy has waited centuries for my return(yah right)

  32. Diana Says:

    that picture is on my laptop screen Kitchener island

  33. Aaron Says:

    Because I care enough to submit this post!

  34. Gunta Says:

    It is my dreem for ever – to see Nila.

  35. Susan Smith Says:

    Viator is the only way to see old world history.

  36. Susan Smith Says:

    We’ll never get to see it any other way.

  37. Nei Says:


  38. Steve Connolly Says:

    A magical honeymoon for my fiancéé that she would love!

  39. James Wilson Says:

    It’ll help me figure out Middle Eastern Peace

  40. Gabrielle Says:

    Nile…steeped in history
    Viator…unfolds the mystery

  41. Melody Says:

    daughter just got married a great vacation for rlaxation

  42. Scott Says:

    The Valley of the Kings is where I belong!

  43. Chrys Says:

    Because life is too short to stay at home!

  44. Jen Says:

    VIATOR always makes my travel dreams come true!

  45. Margaret LYNN Says:

    Uncle Colin and I are already packed and ready

  46. Riikka Says:

    I would show my son the history of men

  47. Diana Goodwin Says:

    Viator, the only way to travel floating down the NIle.

  48. Jennifer Says:

    My freezer is my AC, I can take the heat!

  49. Noeline Kelly Says:

    Viatours owes me for loyalty worldwide.

  50. Noeline Kelly Says:

    Viatours – Paris,London,Santiago,Argentino!Yea!

  51. Anna Spiteri Says:

    It would be the dream of a lifetime come true!

  52. Peggy Says:

    Age 74, sis 70, wanted for years, gotta go soon!

  53. Rose Says:

    Viator, please make my dream into a reality!

  54. LaDonna Scott Says:

    Finally retired and ready for life and excitement!

  55. Boris Says:

    We dream to see Nile; in style, mile by mile

  56. Jennifer Says:

    Graduating AU-need help making dream trip come true!

  57. Dwight Walker Says:

    This trip would easy my mind of having Muscular Dystophy.

  58. Daniel Sykes Says:

    Contrast ancient Egyptian lifestyle with our modern way, in luxury.

  59. Carol Says:

    Former life Egyptian princess needs to return to Egypt

  60. Barbara Putney Says:

    Avid fan of Agatha Christie and all women explorers.

  61. Deepti Gheewala Says:

    Loyal Viator user and did 5 trips w/u this yr?

  62. clair Says:

    …because every teacher deserves a’Viator’break at half term !!

  63. marvin Says:

    See it again !!!!

  64. Glenn Painter Says:

    V ERY
    A T
    T HE
    O LD
    R IVER


    NEED help with loss of mom..Viator please help me!

  66. Pam Says:

    Temples and valley of kings. What luxory!

  67. Benjamin Says:

    Must compare Egyptian sand to San Diego sand!

  68. Jennifer Says:

    No good gift goes appreciated. Send me to the Nile?!

  69. Jenny Says:

    Everyone should visit Eygpt once in the life time- where the great human civilization began…..

  70. edward pronovost Says:

    Married 48 yrs. & not one vacation for us yet

  71. Benjamin Says:

    My beautiful queen deserves to cruise the Nile like Cleopatra!

  72. cindy wilbur Says:

    To experience a further unforgettable cruise which your reputable organization offers. Additionally to observe another countries’ customs and traditions. A place I always wanted to go!
    Thank you,

  73. K M Says:

    Already going in november and this would be a perfect surprise gift for my Wife on our second anniversary.

  74. M Says:

    to convince husband who will never cruise it is great

  75. Antoine Wakim Says:

    We’ll tell everybody to use VIOTOR, no need to study.

  76. Antoine Wakim Says:

    We used VIATOR
    do not try others
    we are sure.

  77. Jenn Says:

    Commuting four hours a day, Viator, please send me away!

  78. maria chiara stella Says:


  79. Racheli Says:

    Ramsess II made peace .We Israelis wish to learn how?

  80. Racheli Says:

    See the Nile, the life source of many historical nations

  81. Marian Jones Says:

    To celebrate our Ruby Wedding on the Nile
    How romantic

  82. Marian Jones Says:

    To clebrate ou Ruby Wedding on the Nile
    How romantic

  83. Abhishek Duggal Says:

    To sail the cradle of civilization better than the Pharaoah’s!

  84. Melody Says:

    Because I’ve been studying the Life of Moses.

  85. Margaret Says:

    teacher seeks educational dream trip from cold Canadian reality.

  86. Irene Ohmann Says:

    to be Cleopatra with my lover and celebrate 58 years of wedded bliss seeing the pyrimids along the Nile like our favorite song.

  87. Irene Ohmann Says:

    Just for fun and grins let me win.

  88. Susan Mary Says:

    Because I’m nice and people like me, please choose me!

  89. Degs Says:

    I Sphynx sooNile be cruising down the river,
    Cos Viator Tours will ALWAYS deliver.

  90. Degs Says:

    I Sphynx sooNile be cruising down the river.
    Pharaoh Nuff?

  91. lindy coberly Says:

    I’ve always wanted to visit Egypt as I am fascinated by the intellectual genius of its historic civilization. Ancient Egyptian inventions include modern conveniences such as beer AND condoms! Can you imagine how terrible life would be without condoms and beer?! I need to pay homage to these two amazing inventions, which have saved my life in many ways, with a visit to their homeland.

  92. lindy coberly Says:

    Egyptians invented condoms and beer, I need to pay homage.

  93. Degs Says:

    Sail with a smile
    when cruising the Nile,
    Viator style.

  94. Degs Says:

    Because cruising on the Mirage
    Brings smiles to my visage.

  95. Corinne Stewart Says:

    I may propose to HIM…Will Viator provide the setting?

  96. Dianne Guest Says:

    A dream come true with a blast from our past.

  97. Degs Says:

    I’ll sail with a smile,
    Cruising the Nile
    Viator style.

  98. Renee Pobjecky Says:

    Only chance for a disabled veteran to cruise in style.

  99. Vago Says:

    Vagabond plus wife plus Nile tour equals great trip promotion

  100. Vago Says:

    10 words or fewer 🙂