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***Editor’s Note: The contest is now closed and we have a winner! Congratulations to Abhishek!***

Ever fantasize about escaping to the beautiful Spanish countryside for a romantic getaway? So have most people. But unlike most people, you now have a chance to win your very own 4-Day Spain Tour: Cordoba, Seville, and Granada from Madrid from Viator.

Viator is giving away 1 pair of tickets for 2 lucky people to discover Andalucia’s most popular cities: Seville, Cordoba, and Granada! This trip includes stays in 4-star accommodations and is valued at US$788 – an incredible prize package!



Head out of Madrid and over to Andalucia, an autonomous community located on the southernmost tip of Spain. When you think of Spanish culture, chances are you’re thinking of Andalucian culture. Most of the quintessential elements of Spanish culture, including flamenco dancing, bullfighting, and Spanish architecture, originated within this coastal region.

If you win, you can look forward to four days exploring the cities of Seville, Cordoba, and Granada. Your journey will begin as your depart from Madrid and travel south to Cordoba. Stroll along the city’s intricately winding network of streets, alleys, squares, and whitewashed courtyards, as you get a glimpse of what it might have looked like during the medieval period.

Beautiful Arches  in Cordoba

Beautiful Arches in Cordoba

Next, it’s on to Seville to take a tour of the beautiful city’s many highlights, including the cathedral, gardens and Santa Cruz quarter. Seville was built on the banks of the Guadalquivir River over 2,000 years ago, and exchanged hands between many different groups of people throughout its history, giving it a diverse and vibrant cultural identity. The city was most heavily influenced by Arabic culture, and you’ll get to see this aspect of the city’s heritage in the Moorish landmarks and architecture.

Continue on to Granada, a beautiful city situated at the foot of the mighty Sierra Nevada Mountains. While there, enjoy the Moorish and Spanish Gothic style architectural sites, including the Alhambra, a 14th century palace and fortress complex constructed by Moorish leaders.

Your journey ends with a visit to the World Heritage city of Toledo before returning to Madrid.

4-Day Spain Tour Contest: How to Enter

To enter simply post a reply to this blog entry answering the question,“Why should Viator give YOU a pair of tickets for the 4-Day Spain Tour: Cordoba, Seville, and Granada from Madrid?” in 10 words or less. Entries are due by July 31, 2010 and the winner will be announced on August 6, 2010.

You can enter our contest as many times as you like, but remember, your reply must be 10 words or fewer or it will not be considered. And just to be clear, we’re giving away 1 free pair of tickets for the 4-Day Spain Tour: Cordoba, Seville, and Granada from Madrid to be used by December 31, 2010 and they are subject to availability.

Viator Travel Team

Terms & Conditions: Our staff will pick the entry that we think best answers the question above, in 10 words or less. We are providing 1 free pair of tickets for the 4-Day Spain Tour: Cordoba, Seville, and Granada from Madrid. The tickets must be used by December 31, 2010 and are subject to availability. Airfare, hotel, taxes, and any other expenses not specifically listed above are not included. Prizes are non-transferable and cannot be sold or redeemed for any cash value.

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252 Responses to “[Contest] Win Tickets for a 4-Day Spain Tour”

  1. Abhishek Duggal Says:

    Because it would make Paul the octopus sad otherwise.

  2. Shirley Says:

    Starting 3-mth Europe trip in July and wanna go Spain!

  3. Grace Says:

    Because I can later die happy having seen amazing Andalucia!

  4. Nimas Norma Says:

    my first best place of my first travel across continent!

  5. Sukriti Says:

    Nobody can love Viator like I do.

  6. jolyn m Says:

    Never been and have wonder and excitement for these cities.

  7. Stevie Says:

    so hate spain, would steal world cup, give to nederland!

  8. Nally Tsang Says:

    Taking my parents to Europe and they would love this.

  9. anita crocus Says:

    To celebrate my birthday at Columbus’ tomb on Columbus Day!

  10. Alokananda Niyogi Says:

    I enjoy travelling with Viator and be their Ambassador.

  11. Kunal Niyogi Says:

    I can spread the word and be a lifelong customer.

  12. Emily Says:

    Because I want to go to Spain!!!

  13. Aloka Niyogi Says:

    A motivation to taste the difference between Viator and others.

  14. Alokananda Niyogi Says:

    Spread the good word around,as they are indeed great!

  15. Ishanie Niyogi Says:

    After an ecstatic Italian vacation with Viator,this is unbelievable!

  16. Ishanie Niyogi Says:

    As Viator wants to develop more Viator fans like me.

  17. Alokananda Niyogi Says:

    Viator wants me to experience their unparallel tours and service.

  18. Nancy Bettencourt Says:

    I’m a loyal fan and customer of viator.com and broke!

  19. Anna Says:

    Like Don Quixote, “My Quest: To Dream the Impossible Dream”

  20. bruce montgomery Says:

    Because I need a anniversary gift for my wife!!

  21. karen montgomery Says:

    Because I need a Spanish Surprise for my awesome hubby!!

  22. Anna Says:

    To spend my birthday, Columbus Day, at Columbus’ Sevilla tomb.

  23. Jasmin Tan Says:

    i couldn’t afford the trip to spain…

  24. becca c Says:

    London? Check. Rome? Check. Spain? …..not a check, an adventure!

  25. becca c Says:

    me duele el corazón de los sabores de sevilla

  26. becca c Says:

    my heart aches for the flavors of seville

  27. Ben H. Says:

    I love my true love, my true love loves Spain.

  28. Samreen C Says:

    I long for SPAIN, where even the dead are alive.

  29. ash Says:

    Ohio resident,history/arcitecture major.Friend lives in Madrid!

  30. Rangimarie T Says:

    To walk the paths of Kings and Queens of Spain

  31. rachel Says:

    I have been dreaming of visiting my whole life!

  32. Michelle Williams Says:

    I should win because I desperately need a break!

  33. Tim Says:

    Lived in hometown entire life and desperately need an escape!!!

  34. mary knowles Says:

    my daughter and I deserve it.


    Viator.com introduced Spain to us, we tell Spain about Viator.com

  36. Daniel Says:

    Deep in my heart I am Spanish.

  37. Brid Frawley Says:

    I’m retiring after 40 years and long to visit Andalucia

  38. Brid Frawley Says:

    I’m retiring after 40 years and long to visit Andalucia

  39. Stephany Says:

    I have NEVER traveled out of the United States.

  40. Marianna Szabo Says:

    It would be great vacation after graduating from College!

  41. Chach Says:

    just returned from first Europe trip and MUST return ASAP!

  42. Jason Lucey Says:

    Because i met my true love in Spain

  43. Joellen Friesner Says:

    Debo ganar porque yo amo Espana! I should win!

  44. Christine Says:

    Because Viator is Spain!

  45. Vanessa Says:

    Because I really, really, really, really, really need a Vacation

  46. Craig Best Says:

    Because my step daughter will be studying in Granada

  47. becca c Says:

    Because Spain won’t wait for me….why should I?

  48. Yvette piovanetti Says:

    Olé, olé,olé. Viva España.

  49. Heidi Says:

    Because Spain is spectacular and I deserve a holiday! 😉

  50. Trish Says:

    One’s dreams should be fulfilled…..Please make mine realized.

  51. Jennifer Says:

    Husbands ancestors hail from Spain…we are coming Home!

  52. Inga Says:

    I’ll write a poem in Spanish dedicated to Viator 🙂

  53. Jennifer Says:

    “Pay it Forward” and we certainly will!

  54. Edgar Says:

    Cause Andalucia is beautiful! I need some Spanish culture 🙂

  55. Mary Rice Says:

    Spain needs me to go there and spend money.

  56. Ben H. Says:

    I am a student. I study Spanish. Please.

  57. Suzanne Kittell Says:

    Spain on my bucket list, best shot to go

  58. Elizabeth Evans Says:

    After one year lost, three generations commemorate Gramps of wonderlust.

  59. Julie McLean Says:

    because i live in ice cold alaska dreaming of europe

  60. Jennifer Says:

    I really want this first rate tour from Viator~

  61. Anita Says:

    Spanish lore says Viator is never a bore!

  62. Imelda Kim Romero Says:

    All of us needs a break, why not Spain?

  63. silvia sogomonian Says:

    I love viator , incredible, so easy and so informative
    I booked for myself and also recommended to so many people…

  64. Irina Says:

    Dreams can come true…Viva!!!

  65. Irina Says:

    Spain a wonderful palace. Viator the bridge to this palace.

  66. Irina Says:

    Why? Because the best offers only from Viator

  67. Cindy Says:

    Trip to Spain is first thing on my bucket list.

  68. Maureen Meehan Says:

    First time visitor to Viator never been to Spain!

  69. Peter Says:

    to go back to the home of my ancestors

  70. Jennifer Says:

    Viator, makes travel experience,exciting by being organized and professional!

  71. Chris Says:

    To hopefully win the girl of my dreams over.

  72. Krystal Says:

    Because because Viator would make it incredibly special and my partner and i would love this experience of a lifetime, we have never been and it would be just incredible!!

  73. Krystal Says:

    because i love viator and it would be aweseome!

  74. millicent Says:

    to get out of the house and meet new people

  75. Chris Says:

    4 day taste of Spain to whet the appetite, extraorinario.

  76. marlene Says:

    Canadian retirees need a getaway from Canadian winters.

  77. arlyssa harris Says:

    A viator tour from madrid? Count me in!

  78. arlyssa harris Says:

    So i can stimulate the economy for spain and viator!

  79. arlyssa harris Says:

    Buying tours through viator $600….winning european vacation…priceless!

  80. Lucy Says:

    Celebrating college graduation the Spanish way in a bad economy

  81. Pauline Whitehurst Says:

    the smells, the sounds, the food, the ambiance!

  82. Lindsey Says:

    Work is sucking the life out of me. Need tapas.

  83. Gaurav Says:

    To experience Viator tours first hand and report on it.

  84. Gaurav Says:

    So I can gauge Spaniard reaction to wearing Heitinga’s shirt.

  85. Chester Says:

    I left my phone charger somewhere in Plaza de España.

  86. Vikram G. Says:

    As I’m longing an Andalucian getaway with my awesome wife.

  87. Swati Says:

    Spain is my dream travel destination and Viator fulfills dreams

  88. rosie Says:

    I fell in love with Spain in the 60’s would love to go back.

  89. Pankaj Says:

    As Spain has a mesmerizing beauty and intriguing charm.

  90. Rosie Says:

    I would love, love, love to go to Spain!

  91. Liz Says:

    what a way to celebrate my 30th wedding anniversary.

  92. Ramon Says:

    Been able to see my family

  93. Howard Hellams Says:

    Never been to Spain, but I kinda’ like the music.

  94. Molly H. Says:

    Love to travel, love Spain; it’s the perfect combination.

  95. Mari Lim Says:


  96. Ana Says:

    Andalucia with Viator, celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary !

  97. Molly H. Says:

    We’ve traveled with Viator many times but never to Spain.

  98. Molly H. Says:

    Loyal Viator fans would love the multi-day Spanish tour.

  99. Ana Says:

    In Spain with Viator, the perfect combination!

  100. London, Alexandr Says:

    I love to travel, ready to do it all my life.

  101. JD Burns Says:

    Simply put…Why not?

  102. Roxanne Says:

    in memory of mom who wanted to travel there

  103. Susan Li Says:

    Because Paul Octopus predicts that I will win.

  104. Evan Says:

    Going to Spain without Viator would be just a pain!

  105. Carol Wollington Says:

    A dream come true my sister and I, Spain magnificent!

  106. Evan Says:

    …because sangria just tastes better when you’re in Spain!

  107. Darlene Formosa Says:

    Viator always has the perfect deals to complment our trip.Spain holds such a vast array of culture and history I would never forget, thanks to Viator

  108. Deborah Says:

    80 yr old mom and me for wild fun bonding

  109. Petra Says:

    Would love to photograph Spain to help teach my students.

  110. Kuriakose M Jacob Says:

    Visiting Spain with Viator is like cherry in the pie

  111. Rebecca D Says:

    I desperately need a vacation but can’t afford it yet.

  112. Abelle Says:

    It would be my greatest dream come true!

  113. Georgiana Likar Says:

    A girlfriends trip is planned for Spain in late September,and we already have booked a side trip to Morocco with Viator. This would be a wonderful addition to our itinerary!!!!

  114. Jozsef L- Z Says:

    VIATOR is the most client friendly online travel agent.

  115. John McKee Says:

    Because we would love to discover Andalcuia firsthand.

  116. Debran Reed Says:

    Because it would bless me and my husband immeasurably.

  117. Debbie Says:

    Brother travelling to Spain be a wonderful surprise.

  118. Cheryl Loveday Says:

    We’ve used Viator many times & would love to again.

  119. Christine&Ruben Says:

    To celebrate our engagement in the hometown of our ancestors

  120. Christine&Ruben Says:

    We love Viator their tours are nothing short of spectacular

  121. Jeff Says:

    Perfect pairing, my daughter will be in Seville for school!

  122. Jeff Says:

    World Cup, Tour de France, me. Trifecta!

  123. Nishant Says:

    ’cause this globe trekker deserves it !

  124. Daiga Says:


  125. Carol Says:

    Dancing in Spain would bring joy.

  126. Francisco Antonio Alvarez Says:

    Its my Dream to visit the land of my Forefathers

  127. Lynn Says:

    Escape from creepy neighbour – she wont have rubbish to rummidge!

  128. donna yorke Says:

    my beautiful little girls and i need a break please.

  129. donna yorke Says:

    my beautiful girls and i need a break please

  130. donna yorke Says:

    my beautiful little girls and i need a break please

  131. Tineke Says:

    Admire Spanish architecture in photos but never really seen it!

  132. Tineke Says:

    love to see Spain for real, not in pictures!

  133. Tuovi Says:

    There is no place like Spain – Viva spain!

  134. Kate M Says:

    No lifetime is complete without seeing Spain

  135. Annette Says:

    Time is precious…….
    Celebrate husbands 60th in an outstanding destination.

  136. Simryn Bissoon Says:

    Wow! The Alahambra looks amazing – I dream of walking the corridors of this amazing wonder. I have a Spanish soul, even my wedding was themed Spanish with Sanish acoustic guitarists and paella and Sangria – Pick me!!

  137. Gerry Passmore Says:

    My wife and I love Spanish Heritage, Culture and Food.

  138. Gupta S Says:

    Escape into eternal tours with viator, best 1 can do in life….

  139. Sue-Ann Lee Says:

    I want to share with my husband something very special

  140. Edu Says:

    We are more in love with Spain than anyone here

  141. Sue N Says:

    To reward daughter for getting Spanish GCSE – we all suffered!

  142. elizabeth day Says:

    What a wonderful honeymoon for a just married couple

  143. elizabeth day Says:

    Just married a superb honeymoon present

  144. Chester Says:

    It won’t rain in Spain, I’ll’ve no reason to complain.

  145. Paul Says:

    ‘Cause I think it’s time I left Fawlty Towers.

  146. Chester Says:

    I’m sick of plain, English, Janes. Send me to Spain!

  147. Paul Says:

    No pain, no gain. No Spain.

  148. jega Says:

    Desperate to visit spain!!! Too much temptations already.

  149. Teresa Says:

    Without question, Viator is the best way to see Spain!

  150. Mario Says:

    Viator Spain Tour, and you know what you drink.

  151. Annette Says:

    Lord, You’ve been good to me………. could be even better!!

  152. Sana Says:

    A pair of tickets suits a newly wed like us!

  153. Roxi Jensen Says:

    Rubbing the finish off my Geenie bottle! Grant one wish!

  154. Annette Says:

    VIATOR means

    OF the

  155. midas2swfl Says:

    Gave BF birthday gift of passport – She needs first stamp!

  156. Ben H. Says:

    I will eat. I will speak. I will post.

  157. kierrah Says:

    Viva es pania and all that jazz,tango,samba!

  158. kierrah Says:

    the rain falls mainly on me…so what out spain.

  159. Mary Says:

    Spanish cultural study abounds; need Cordoba, Seville, Granada and Madrid!

  160. Michael Coyne Says:

    Madrid? Ma’didnt. Me’wanto!

  161. Roxi Jensen Says:

    Finish is now off my Geenie bottle! Grant wish soon!

  162. Karen S Says:

    From OZ to Spain without the rain

  163. Godwin DSouza Says:

    Spain is my dream destination; and I love Real Madrid!

  164. Janelle Says:

    Why not? To live is to give.

  165. Johnny Duncan Says:

    pregnant wife+1st year marriage+ 1yr deployment= angry af spouse

  166. claire Says:

    because i’ll show spain how to party!!!!

  167. Traci Sinks Says:

    To take my mom before Multiple Sclerosis takes her mobility.

  168. C H Chue Says:

    Amaze ME with VIATOR’s “Unforgettable tours & experiences. Unbeatable deals”!

  169. aspa Says:

    i have visited barcelona already!!waiting for the rest..

  170. Kim Says:

    Because I’ve always dreamed of a sultry Spanish adventure!

  171. C H Chue Says:

    To Show Me How Fantastically Incredible an Viator Experience Is!

  172. Raymond Hillary Says:

    To enjoy a dream holiday in an historic country

  173. C H Chue Says:

    Because I can trumpet Viator’s Unforgettable & Unbeatable Deals!

  174. Jennifer Says:

    Unpaid photojournalist,desire to share my art exclusively with Viator!

  175. Nick Says:

    I enjoy Viator tours and subscribe all my friends

  176. Karla Rizzi Mae Francisco Says:

    There’s still an escape in this shit world I have=(

  177. Nick Says:

    Spain is our next Viator destination!

  178. Karla Rizzi Mae Francisco Says:

    Dream once I was really there! it was so real.

  179. Karla Rizzi Mae Francisco Says:

    Hopefully my trip will let me find purpose in life.

  180. Karla Rizzi Mae Francisco Says:

    getting married in December 29, 2010; a honeymoon place plz?

  181. Karla Rizzi Mae Francisco Says:

    I Prayed for this so much,wont waste the trip.

  182. Rich Says:

    Viator Champagne tour was great!Spain tour would be great!

  183. Susan Dewar Says:

    Rome Paris London Edinburgh rocked! Let’s see Spain together, please!

  184. Vanessa and Joey Says:

    We are two good people that can’t catch a break.

  185. Diane Feuchter Says:

    Viator, I don’t want to see the world without you!

  186. Linda Hoffman Says:

    My daughter studied Spanish and would love to go there!

  187. Annie Says:

    Bags are packed, passport in hand..need I say more?

  188. les Says:

    we,ve experienced viators high standards before and we love spain

  189. Jose Says:

    One more trip until changing diapers and raising a family.

  190. john duford Says:

    This would make my upcoming trip to Spain complete!

  191. emilie castro Says:

    To know the country who colonized us for 400 years.

  192. Yvette Says:

    Ecstatic. Loving. Delighted. Most Appreciative. Me after visiting Spain.

  193. Jozsef L- Z Says:

    Andalucia – one of the most attractive part of Spain

  194. Jozsef L- Z Says:

    Andalucia is a meeting point of different cultures.

  195. Jozsef L- Z Says:

    A glamorous mixture of landscapes, architecture and cuisine.

  196. Jozsef L- Z Says:

    In Seville don’t forget to think of the barber !

  197. Grace Says:

    The sun has set in British empire. Time for Spain!

  198. Grace Says:

    Because the sun never sets in the Kingdom of Spain.

  199. Wilbert Jones Says:

    Spain is one of the many foundations that makes the United States so great. As a retired school adminstrator and student of history, it would cherish the experience!

  200. S.M.Shenoy Says:

    View Incredible Andalucia, Tell Others Rave reviews about VIATOR tours.

  201. Diane Says:

    Single mother of special needs child needs a little vacation.

  202. Alexey Says:

    ’cause I’ve never been there!

  203. Wayne Says:

    Mediterranean alfresco, Spain’s sun, welcomed gratitude Viator my number one

  204. Meah K. Tweh Says:

    I love destination travel and will blog travels & Viator!

  205. Vicky Says:

    Viva Espagna!Viva Viator!Love you both <3

  206. Vicky Says:

    Viva Espagna! Viva Viator! love you both <3

  207. Brenda Says:

    To take my friend out of this town.

  208. Sally Says:

    Because my heart belongs to Spain!!! Viator rocks!

  209. Brenda Says:

    To show my friend there’s a world out there.

  210. Sally Says:

    Spain is the best place to visit!

  211. Sally Says:

    The food and the people in Spain are fantastic!

  212. Sally Says:

    There’s no place like Spain!

  213. Sally Says:

    This poor grad student needs a vacation!

  214. Sarah Snelgrove Says:

    Two Aussies, two years of travels left, then babies

  215. Annette Says:

    Viator means:

    Visualising an




    Of the


  216. Chuck Says:

    It’s the right thing to do.

  217. Anita Carol Says:

    Because Viator makes sure your reign in Spain is sane!

  218. Nanette Says:

    Birth place Kansas City, MO Sister City Seville Dream Place

  219. Jennifer Says:

    Yet to plan our tour of Spain, this would help!

  220. Leslie Says:

    Spanish is hotter now as Paul has predicted I’m the winner!

  221. Leslie Says:

    Keep my spanish dreams alive! Lead me to fairy SPAIN-LAND!!

  222. Gail Says:

    Viator takes the strain off my brain to tour Spain!

  223. Helen Says:

    Because after seeing the Alhambra I can die happy.

  224. Jacqueline mossman-moulder Says:

    My last chance for I.V.F Spain goes up to 50

  225. Jacqueline mossman-moulder Says:

    Last chance for IVF Spain goes to 50 I’m 47

  226. Jacqueline mossman-moulder Says:

    Last chance 4 IVF I will 4ever be eternally grateful

  227. Janice Says:

    60+ & need to do such a wonderful trip, PLEASE!

  228. Sue Says:

    To make an old man and woman Viatory happy!

  229. Simon Williams Says:

    Me gustaria ganar estas vacaciones porque me apetece descubrir los encantos de España, su cultura y su gente.

  230. Simon Williams Says:

    Quiero ir a España para descubrir sus encantos, su cultura y su gente

  231. Maria Elena La Motta Says:

    We dream to see those historic place, wine, paella, awsome

  232. Ravina Somal Says:

    Ancient architecture, enchanting culture and alluring art to die for.

  233. Narissa Sandhu Says:

    Ah, Hispanic history, culture and climate! The missing piece? Me.

  234. Narissa Sandhu Says:

    Iberian world. I came, I saw, I fell in love.

  235. Hardeep Sandhu Says:

    A tour like a fragrant breeze drifting through my mind.

  236. Hardeep Sandhu Says:

    Captivating vistas and a cultural venture. My Iberian dream!

  237. Mark Says:

    Would simply be fantastic to see this wonderful area!

  238. Ivva Says:

    I dream, I hope and sometimes it might happen.

  239. Remedios Rosario A. Racadio Says:

    to find and trace my family ancestry….

  240. Remedios Rosario A. Racadio Says:

    to find and trace my family ancestry and reunite with them

  241. Remedios Rosario A. Racadio Says:

    need to see the place where my great great great grandparents live….then I am complete..

  242. Remedios Rosario A. Racadio Says:

    I think I ma destined to win this contest..my street address in the Philippines is Andalucia…my country was conquered by the Spaniards for 4 hundred years…

  243. joni dalingay Says:

    Enchanting Spain and Viator, tour facilitator, a winning travel combination

  244. husna Says:

    Viator had made my 2008 Rome vacation, the best ever!!

  245. husna Says:

    Viator will make my dream come through again!!

  246. Ernie Platt Says:

    Spain is my Vacation Destination

  247. Jimmy Says:

    I am the Flamenco and Moorish arts afficianado.

  248. Jimmy Says:

    City of unique cultures and glorious cuisines.

  249. Ahmad Kamal Says:

    A dream tour of cultural splendour.

  250. Alokananda Niyogi Says:

    I am still waiting for the results. Who is the lucky Winner ??? Do let me know. Thanks –

  251. Belinda Says:

    Because my mum would adore it for her 70th.

  252. Nicole Says:

    Home away from home. My heart is there. Family forever.