[Contest] Win Tickets to Grand Canyon Helicopter and Ranch Adventure

September 30, 2010 by

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***Editor’s Note: This contest is now closed and we have a winner! Congratulations to Glen!***

Take a breathtaking helicopter flight below the Grand Canyon’s rim, and enjoy a meal and entertainment at the exclusive Grand Canyon West Ranch! Viator is giving away 1 pair of tickets to our Grand Canyon Helicopter and Ranch Adventure.

Horseback Riding at Grand Canyon West Ranch

Horseback Riding at Grand Canyon West Ranch

Begin your day with a helicopter ride from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon. See spectacular views of the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, plus fly through the world-famous Las Vegas Strip. At the Grand Canyon, you will be one of the few visitors to arrive by helicopter, descending more than 1,500 feet (450 meters) below the canyon’s rim.

Next, you will get a taste of life in the Wild West. After returning to the top of the Grand Canyon, you will be transported by horse-drawn wagon to the Grand Canyon West Ranch. Enjoy a western meal with entertainment by real working cowboys. After your meal, take some time to watch the different ranching activities and perhaps try your hand at horseback riding.

How to enter

Flying over the Hoover Dam on our way to the Grand Canyon

Flying over the Hoover Dam

For the chance to win this incredible prize, simply post a reply to this blog entry answering the question, “Why should Viator give YOU 2 tickets for the Grand Canyon Helicopter and Ranch Adventure?” in 10 words or less.

Entries must be submitted by October 15, 2010.

Winners will be announced on October 19, 2010. You can enter our contest as many times as you like, but remember, your reply must be 10 words or fewer or it will not be considered. And just to be clear, we’re giving away 1 pair of tickets for the Grand Canyon Helicopter and Ranch Adventure to be used by October 15, 2011. See the Viator product site for specific pickup/departure point locations and times.

Viator Travel Team

Terms & Conditions: Our staff will pick the entry that we think best answer the question above, in 10 words or less. We are giving away 1 pair of tickets for the Grand Canyon Helicopter and Ranch Adventure to be used by October 15, 2011. Any other expenses not specifically listed above are not included. Prizes are non-transferable and cannot be sold or redeemed for any cash value.

143 Responses to “[Contest] Win Tickets to Grand Canyon Helicopter and Ranch Adventure”

  1. Abhishek Duggal Says:

    Winning this will give wings to my spirit of adventure!

  2. Krystle Ang Says:

    What happens in the Grand Canyon does not stay there!

  3. Arnando M. Soliven Says:

    The experience will encapsulate what USA adventure is all about!

  4. Arnando M. Soliven Says:

    USA holiday must always be in a Grand Canyon way!

  5. Arnando M. Soliven Says:

    To experience Grand Canyon will complete my USA holiday adventure.

  6. Arnando M. Soliven Says:

    The ultimate lifetime USA adventure is a Grand Canyon experience!

  7. Arnando M. Soliven Says:


  8. annette yates Says:

    in las vagas 2011 june a fab birthday present !

  9. annette yates Says:

    helicopters wagons and horses could i wish for more

  10. Arnando M. Soliven Says:

    Clients buy personal adventure travel sales pitch always.

  11. Arnando M. Soliven Says:

    Canyon Heli Ride and Ranch Adventure will define unforgettable travel!

  12. Arnando M. Soliven Says:

    Never been in a copter, never been in real ranch.

  13. Arnando M. Soliven Says:

    Once read, to experience America is to experience Grand Canyon.

  14. Arnando M. Soliven Says:

    Viator delivers what we only dream as unforgettable travel experience.

  15. Paul Walker Says:

    It would be a Dream come true for Grandaughters holiday

  16. TRACY Says:

    a dream which only Viator can make happen

  17. Georgina Says:

    running out of money for my USA trip 🙁


    because I can’t afford it


    because it would be a once in a lifetime experience

  20. joanne jones Says:

    If i was to win this it wud truley make my 30thy birthday ! it wud b a birthday and experience i wud not forget!! only viator can do this !!! it wud b an amazing, magical experience to always treasure !!!!

  21. Corinne Stewart Says:

    Air Force stationed overseas + Iraq deployment = great welcome-home gift.

  22. Arnando M. Soliven Says:

    No holiday adventure is as good as this – thanks, Viator!

  23. Arnando M. Soliven Says:

    No unforgettable travel is as good as this – thanks, Viator!

  24. Arnando M. Soliven Says:

    Clients always trust first-hand experiences from travel agents.

  25. Dave Martin Says:

    Trip of a lifetime!! Never done either. Would LOVE too!

  26. Arnando M. Soliven Says:

    simply… I sell Viator destination tour packages.

  27. Arnando M. Soliven Says:

    winning will inspire a travel agent like myself.

  28. Arnando M. Soliven Says:

    winning will encourage travel agent like myself to sell Viator.

  29. Arnando M. Soliven Says:

    I write travelogue and destination report – a good marketing testimony!

  30. Arnando M. Soliven Says:

    To see is to believe; the experience sees believability believable.

  31. Arnando M. Soliven Says:

    because you need someone that brings a hundredfold back clients.

  32. Melissa Battye Says:

    So my eyes and heart can glimpse at something magical

  33. Jude Says:

    Because we don’t have canyons in the flat lands of South Texas!

  34. Barbara Says:

    At 55, it’s about time I saw this wonder, right?

  35. Barbara Says:

    I would take my active duty Airforce daughter, what fun!

  36. Barbara McManus Says:

    I would be scared as HELL, but what a thrill!

  37. Barbara Says:

    Nature astounds me and I’ve always loved rocks, ask anyone.

  38. Barbara McManus Says:

    It would be another great Viator experience!

  39. Barbara Says:

    At my age, it’s about time I saw this wonder.

  40. Glen Says:

    2 honeymooning aussie’s who’ve never seen a grand anything!

  41. PAM RICH Says:


  42. Brian Says:

    Fantastic opportunity, something I’ve always wanted to do. Great reviews!

  43. Tess T. Fernando Says:

    Two people can testify the adventure experience sponsored by Viator.

  44. Ben Croker Says:

    Celebrating 40th in LV in April. Bring on the Canyon!

  45. Jayne Says:

    Because Canyons in Britain are frowned upon!

  46. Philippa Smith Says:

    Um, the rock and outback versus the canyon and wildwest.

  47. Laura Says:

    Playing small doesn’t serve the world.


    same as the shuttle com o/k my darling’s one and be lucky too you all too,s and d ,xxx.

  49. Dee Says:

    A morning Vegas wedding then afternoon Grand Canyon adventure…wicked!!!

  50. Sheree Says:

    A modern day cowboy adventure, for a wannabe cowgirl! 🙂

  51. Laura R Says:

    We want to be high flyers, we love it!

  52. Laura R Says:

    Up in the air we’ll fly..zooming around the Canyon!

  53. Yara TR Says:

    Something that takes my breath away- what a dream!

  54. kristy Says:

    It would make my wedding plans awesome, 1 ecstatic bride!

  55. Beverly Pessolano Says:

    would love to see the USA in a big way!

  56. dianne galea Says:

    what better way to overcome my fear of heights

  57. dianne galea Says:


  58. CC Says:

    Would totally make my Holiday of a lifetime in November:)!!!!!

  59. Sarah Says:

    I have a new camera and an itchy trigger finger!

  60. amy Says:

    My husband wants to cure his fear of flying stylishly!

  61. Peggy Beery Says:

    Was there, REALLY wanted to do this, husband refused! Alas!

  62. Peggy Says:

    Been there, REALLY wanted to do this, husband refused!

  63. amy Says:

    My husband wants to cure his fear of flying stylishly

  64. Kristy Says:

    Beauty, splendor, natural wonder, awe-inspiring, trip of a lifetime.

  65. Michelle Says:

    I would love to see Grand Canyon and have adventure!

  66. Lisa Thornton Says:

    Because there’s no other place like this in the world!!!!

  67. David Diez Says:

    Indians, skywalk and canyons, oh my!!!!!

  68. Lisa Thornton Says:

    Its at the top of my bucket list!!!!

  69. Lisa Thornton Says:

    Married 18 years, 2nd honeymoon!!!!

  70. Lisa Thornton Says:

    Because Viator is always the best!!!

  71. Geoff G. Says:

    For a chance to view this wonder would be awesome.

  72. gail Says:

    Life would be so much better with a memory of this World Wonder!

  73. Amy Says:

    because I’m terrified of flying and hate the heat

  74. Grace Says:

    Been down Grand Canyon twice. Now want to go up.

  75. Carlos Says:

    Never been to the Grand Canyon and would love to visit. It is an American Tradition.

  76. Lisa Says:

    To offset cost of tours I’ve purchased in the past! 🙂

  77. Marilyn Says:

    I’ve hiked to bottom and back and lost my bandana

  78. Marilyn Says:

    It’s too far to go from Vegas by mule.

  79. Mary Rice Says:

    Soar above, explore below – fabulous adventure!

  80. John E Says:

    wife afraid of heights

  81. kev gibney Says:

    to show your not a cowboy company yee haa

  82. Anya B. Says:

    Why a Russian immigrant believes America The Great!

  83. Anna Says:

    I want to see what happens when God gets thirsty.

  84. annette yates Says:

    from uk to usa and a magical flight with viator

  85. annette yates Says:

    viator viator hope to fly with you later !

  86. annette yates Says:

    sun fun and adventure with viator at the centre

  87. Kevin Says:

    see the natural wonder from a natural wonderful, thanks viator!

  88. Justine Busuttil Says:

    Because I never win prizes!

  89. Justine Busuttil Says:

    A breathtaking adventure to share with my husband!

  90. Justine Busuttil Says:

    I LOVE VIATOR! Grand Canyon here I come!

  91. Fred Barber Says:

    I’m a city boy. I always wanted to be a cowboy.

  92. Fred Barber Says:

    I’m a city boy. Always wanted to be a cowboy.

  93. lynn Says:

    Great getaway from the cyclone season!

  94. Christine Says:

    Grand Canyon America or Uluru Australia how do I compare!

  95. Kristi Says:

    WOW just WOW

  96. Shannon Peter Says:

    A great Spring Break vacation for the family.

  97. Justine Busuttil Says:

    Grando Canyano adventure of a lifetime!

  98. Alyeen Barry Says:

    Would make up for a downer of my 50th b-day. My spirit would love to soar
    over the Grand Canyon

  99. Juliana Says:

    Only way to slum with great ole nature. Yeehaw!

  100. Barbara Maria Says:

    After being married for 23 years we need some good adventure.

  101. youngatheart Says:

    Two V’s please Vegas and Viator. What’s not to love!

  102. adventurejunkie Says:

    COME FLY WITH ME! Lets fly, lets fly with Viator.

  103. Gina Y. Says:

    My mom made so many sacrifices for us growing up – she deserves it.

  104. Vanessa McBride Says:

    Had fantastic experience in July, want to share with boyfriend.

  105. Sue Says:

    Viator plus the Grand Canyon equals my one ultimate adventure!

  106. Jessica Says:

    It would be a nice way to spend our anniversay

  107. Steve Ruelle Says:

    Because I haven’t shut up about my trip in Switzerland.

  108. LouT Says:

    Mum surprised me with trip to vegas now my turn

  109. Judy Alexander Says:

    Hoover Dam always destroyed in movies, wanna see it whole.

  110. Angela Robledo Says:

    One Natural Wonder I must experience!

  111. jane moore Says:

    Winning this adventure ,would be a breathtaking memory to treaure

  112. jane moore Says:


  113. Alison Harrod Says:

    because we’re hot to trot!

  114. Nicole Cobain Says:

    Last time I went it was covered in fog 🙁

  115. Charo Monger Says:

    Aussies dreaming of the ultimate Grand Canyon experience.

  116. gisele kuntze Says:

    I’ll know the paradise while I’m alive !

  117. mark Says:

    Its on my bucket list

  118. Justine Busuttil Says:

    Cause it’s my birthday!!!

  119. Simone Griffiths Says:

    Life is too short. I need to start living NOW

  120. Simone Griffiths Says:

    Dreaming since a child of going. Taking a chance.

  121. Simone Griffiths Says:

    Just once want to live out a dream for ME

  122. Simone Griffiths Says:

    I would Rave to all my 100’s of nursing collegues !

  123. Mark Dyson Says:

    Helicopters, horses and the Hoover Dam – Heaven. Choose Me!

  124. paul Says:

    how good would that be.

  125. paul Says:

    it would make my dreams come true.

  126. Justine Busuttil Says:

    The ultimate Grand Canyon experience!

  127. Justine Busuttil Says:

    An amazing adventure to overcome fear of heights!!

  128. Justine Busuttil Says:

    Truely greatful candidate if I were chosen!!

  129. Justine Busuttil Says:

    To share this breathtaking experience with my beautiful husband!

  130. Justine Busuttil Says:

    nice to be rewarded for a long time of hard work and caring for others!

  131. Arnando M. Soliven Says:

    Vegas holiday is never complete without a Grand Canyon tour.

  132. Arnando M. Soliven Says:

    Forget the casinos; no need to gamble the greatest adventure.

  133. Arnando M. Soliven Says:

    Grand Canyon Tour is like winning in a Vegas casino.

  134. Arnando M. Soliven Says:

    a “sure thing” in Vegas is a Grand Canyon tour.

  135. Arnando M. Soliven Says:

    a “sure thing” in Vegas is a Viator adventure tour.

  136. Arnando M. Soliven Says:

    Vegas holiday must always be in a Grand Canyon way!

  137. Arnando M. Soliven Says:

    will confirm what Viator defined as unforgettable travel experience.

  138. Arnando M. Soliven Says:

    a nice Thanksgiving gift for a visiting Rarotongan travel agent.

  139. Arnando M. Soliven Says:

    an opportune time to experience world-famous Viator adventure tours.

  140. Arnando M. Soliven Says:

    the best “up & down session” than a casino table.

  141. DARREN Says:

    for my brave wife after many hospital stays this year

  142. DARREN Says:

    for my lovely wife janine after a very tough year

  143. DARREN Says:

    for my wife’s 40th after a very traumatic year