[Contest] Win Free Tickets to Walt Disney World in Orlando!

November 16, 2010 by

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***Editor’s Note: The contest is now closed and we have a winner! Congratulations Alyson!***Make every little kid’s dream come true and take your family to the most magical place on earth, Walt Disney World! Now you can experience 4 Days of Disney magic in Orlando, Florida for FREE! Viator is giving away four (2 Adults and 2 Children, ages 3-9), 4-Day Magic Your Way Tickets with both Park Hopper and Water Park Fun and more upgrades. This is the complete Walt Disney World ticket package!

Win 4 Tickets to Walt Disney World!

Win 4 Tickets to Walt Disney World!

Experience the wonder and excitement of the most magical place on earth with this ultimate 4 Day Ticket package. With both the Park Hopper and Water Park Fun and More upgrades, these tickets really do have it all!

Enjoy admission to all four Walt Disney World Theme Parks for any 4 days within a 14 day period.

Make your kids' dreams come true!

Make your kids' dreams come true!

Instead of having to stay in one park each day, the Park Hopper option allows you to come and go as you please through all four parks.

Experience the magic of Disney World beyond theme parks with the Water Park Fun and More option. This upgrade includes admission to:

  • Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park
  • Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park
  • DisneyQuest Indoor Interactive Theme Park
  • Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex
  • Round of Golf at Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course

How to enter

For the chance to win this incredible prize, simply post a reply to this blog entry answering the question, “Why should Viator give YOU 4 tickets to Walt Disney World?” in 10 words or less.

Entries must be submitted by November 30, 2010.

Winners will be announced on December 7, 2010. You can enter our contest as many times as you like, but remember, your reply must be 10 words or fewer or it will not be considered. And just to be clear, we’re giving away four Disney 4-Day Magic Your Way Tickets (2 Adults and 2 Children, ages 3 -9) to be used anytime before 31 December, 2011, subject to availability. See the Viator product site for specific pickup/departure point locations, dates and times.

Viator Travel Team

Viator Travel Team Terms & Conditions: Our staff will pick the entry that we think best answer the question above, in 10 words or less. We are giving away four Disney 4-Day Magic Your Way Tickets (2 Adults and 2 Children, ages 3 -9) to be used anytime before 31 December, 2011, subject to availability. Any other expenses not specifically listed above are not included. Prizes are non-transferable and cannot be sold or redeemed for any cash value.

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354 Responses to “[Contest] Win Free Tickets to Walt Disney World in Orlando!”

  1. Thomas Travels Indonesia Says:

    Wonderful! Thanks! Since I took my kids to Disney several years ago they have never stopped talking about their memories. I was saving to go again but maybe I can win and take my kids on a special family outing. We sending in our answer later tonight.

  2. Hillary Fritsche Says:

    After a rough year, my family could use disney magic.

  3. Juli Says:

    We’ve survived unemployment, divorce and illness: we need a break.

  4. Caren Says:

    Headed to Florida next summer with our 2 boys!

  5. Katie Says:

    Getting married in Disney in 2011. Tickets would be awesome!

  6. Amber J Says:

    Viator should give the four tickets to Disney World to me because I can not afford to take my family on my own. I would be delighted to win this.

  7. Donna Weikel Says:

    Because we have NEVER been and always wanted to go!

  8. Sharon Reedy Says:

    So I can share with others who come with me

  9. Karen Klein Says:

    I would love to win the 4 tickets so my Sister, husband & my 2 nephews can experience Disney World.

  10. Kim R Says:

    take little sister to first Disney park after my wedding!!

  11. Michael Jacobson Says:

    Only time I was at Disney was during Hurricane Andrew

  12. Mary Angelini Says:

    When I was a child, I believed that Disney had a large invisible bubble on top of the parks where it was protected from rain, and the rest of the outside world. In a child’s mind, this was fact. Because in all of my childhood memories, as a floridian visiting manny times, I do not remember once a rainy day at Disney.
    As an adult I know now that that was impossible, and that if I think real hard I do remember those bright yellow Mickey Mouse ponchos. But the idea of anything sad, or disappointing happening at Disney was impossible, because even if it was raining at Disney, it didn’t feel like rain, it felt like happiness, because, well, we were at Disney!
    I would love to give that imagination and that experience like I had, to my family. Now that would be a magical thing!

  13. Vicki Huerta Says:

    Because I am a true Disney lover from before birth!

  14. Kelly Feeney Says:

    Huge Disney fan who desperately needs a family vacation!

  15. Naylise Sifonte Says:

    Disey Fan since Day one and I deserve a freebie

  16. Naylise Sifonte Says:

    Disney Fan since Day one I deserve a freebie

  17. Amber Says:

    We’d like to see the magic through our daughter’s eyes.

  18. Christina Says:

    We are a Disney couple. We got engaged at Disney.

  19. Christina Says:

    My husband and I got engaged and honeymooned at Disney.

  20. Christina Says:

    I worked at Disneyland, and would love to see WDW.

  21. Amanda K Says:

    Because I’m getting married there January 4th, 2011!!

  22. Tracey Hodges Says:

    We never had a honeymoon. Perfect to celebrate six years!

  23. george ashmore Says:

    My family NEEDS the vacation–Please

  24. Amanda Says:

    I teach Kindergarten and need to be a kid too!

  25. Daniel High Says:

    $1200-1600 in airfare, Free Park admission would be Awesome!

  26. Naylise Sifonte Says:

    Disney Fan since Day one and I deserve a Freebie

  27. Eric Says:

    My daughter would love to meet a real life Mickey.

  28. Bailey Says:

    I want to give my parents a financial break and take them on a Disney Vacation!

  29. Jessica Revard Says:

    “Why should Viator give YOU 4 tickets to Walt Disney World?”

    Celebrating a Disney wedding, would love to surprise my family.

  30. Tim Chingos Says:

    We’re getting married and this is a perfect honeymoon.

  31. Jillian Says:

    This was our first trip and is the perfect honeymoon.

  32. Jesika Says:

    We love Disney and money is tight.

  33. Jesika Says:

    We got married at Disneyland and we need a vacation.

  34. Jesika Says:

    My kids love Disney World and we can’t afford it.

  35. Jesika Says:

    Our dog is named Disney!

  36. Jesika Says:

    My kids have Disney World maps tacked on the walls.

  37. Jesika Says:

    We love Disney waterparks.

  38. Jesika Says:

    My teen becomes a kid again at Disney World.

  39. Jesika Says:

    My son finally agreed to try space mountain.

  40. Julia Says:

    To surprise the love of my life!

  41. Susan Says:

    ‘Cause I’m hypnotizing you (yes…YOU, VIATAR!) with my eyes. o__o

  42. Susan Says:

    ‘Cause I’m hypnotizing you (yes…YOU, VIATOR!) with my eyes. o__o

  43. Melanie Says:

    Great trip for our 2 kids and their tired parents!

  44. melissa Says:

    Because sophie is 3 and wants to meet the princesses!

  45. Samantha Says:

    Just got married in Disney! Anniversary Trip!

  46. Samantha Says:

    Because I rent points at DVC and need tickets

  47. Bryan Says:

    Because the wonderfull VIATOR sends me to Wonderfull Disney World

  48. Bryan Tromp Says:

    Star bright star light, please let VIATOR pick me tonight

  49. Chris C. Says:

    Because Goofy is by brother, and I really miss him. hyuck!

  50. kyle Says:

    Are you kidding me? The most magical place on Earth!

  51. Rick Says:

    Need to escape the real world and enjoy Disney Magic!

  52. Jesika Says:

    We really need a vacation and this would be perfect.

  53. Jesika Says:

    You would make our dreams come true.

  54. Jesika Says:

    The kids would be so excited.

  55. Jesika Says:

    We miss Mickey!

  56. Jesika Says:

    I want to see my kids faces light up again.

  57. Nela Says:

    We are so broke…couldnt afford it otherwise!

  58. James Says:

    Only in my most magical dreams!

  59. kimberly Says:

    It’s a dream come TRUE!

  60. Shellia Says:

    My husband had cancer this year, he would love to take our 6 year old granddaughter.

  61. Abhishek Duggal Says:

    Walt Disney World can rock every child and adult’s world!

  62. Veronica Says:

    Because Im a kid at heart too!

  63. Laurie Says:

    Lost our jobs, my son turning four deserves some fun!

  64. Amber Says:

    My husband won’t stop comparing it to Disneyland- I’m curious.

  65. Kristen Says:

    I really need an excuse to to act like a Kid!

  66. CHERYL E. MOORE Says:

    Currently unemployed & hubby has never experienced the magic!

  67. Amber Says:

    Our daughter isn’t afraid of giant mice yet, thank goodness.

  68. Alyson Says:

    Mirror mirror on the wall, we’d be “gratefullest” of all!

  69. Jesse Pollak Says:

    Logan and Sadee my two kids, nuff said?

  70. Pam K Says:

    I cry every time I see the commercials!! Disney is so awesome for the family!!

  71. Kevin E Says:

    I would love to take my family to WDW!

  72. Kevin E Says:

    I had to sell our tickets to pay bills!

  73. Kevin E Says:

    The kids want to go so badly!

  74. Kevin E Says:

    My DD wants to go in the Haunted Mansion

  75. Kevin E Says:

    My twins want to go on Pirates of the Carribean

  76. Maureen Cottrell Says:

    My five year old grandson NEEDS Disney World!!

  77. Beverly Says:

    Only been to Disneyland, need to see East Coast Pluto!

  78. Kendall Says:

    Because everyones a kid at heart

  79. Gabriel V. Says:

    because my reasons are more than 10 words… Wanna know?

  80. rosie fajardo Says:


  81. FELIX BUSTOS Says:

    Love my family but just cant afford to show it.

  82. FELIX BUSTOS Says:

    If karma is real then my wife deserves these tickets.

  83. Gabriel V. Says:

    VIATOR gives the best vacation deals… Wanna enjoy this one.

  84. Kathryn Says:

    Aussies holidaying USA seeking Disneyworld Magic Our Way Fantastic Cheers

  85. gabriel Says:

    because I love the look of my wife when discovering…

  86. elizabeth rhodes Says:

    We still believe wishes and dreams can come true!

  87. Kathryn Guidi Says:

    Disney magic I believe. Pick us, I want to receive!

  88. Robert Says:

    Disney Excites Me, Florida Delights Me, Hope Viator Invites Me

  89. Danna Says:

    It’s the happiest place on earth to be!

  90. Sue Bradley Says:

    Going this christmas with friends, unfortunately cann’t afford these tickets !!!!

  91. olayinka oluwi Says:

    I deserved the four tickets to disneyland, for years now, we have been yearning to go as a family but could not afford it. winning these tickets will be a dream come true. thank you

  92. Paul Whitlam Says:

    2011,Dad 60, Sophie 18, a present for all ages!

  93. Oday H. Says:

    Viator likes to give as much as I dream to…

  94. Graham Still Says:

    We are grandparents in our 70’s. This would be the only way we could take our grandchildren for this wonderful shared treat and leave the two boys with a lasting memory of us.

  95. Elizabeth Says:

    The ultimate visual expression before losing my eyesight.

  96. Michelle Mauricio Says:

    My family could use a little Mickey Majic right now.

  97. Priya Says:

    My nephew wants to rescue Disney Sally from Disney world.

  98. Allie Says:

    Disney is a magical place that brings my family together!

  99. Dennis Says:

    I’ll write several articles about experiences with Disney and Viator.

  100. Jeannie Says:

    We love Disney and could really use some Pixie dust.

  101. Jeannie K. Says:

    Viator has awesome tours. Viatar plus Disney equals love:)

  102. Jean Matschina Says:

    Give my daughter’s family some fun after a very bad loss of income and 6 people to feed and house.

  103. Alyson Says:

    Because my family NEEDS some “real” LOL’s 🙂

  104. Alyson Says:

    My family’s travel bug has been begging to go!

  105. dyannb Says:

    love to give grandaughtes princess training at real princess home!

  106. michael Says:

    In the past year and a half, my children, 5yrs old and 7 yrs old girls have gone through major changes. From the divorce of myself and their mother, two new homes, a third new home after I lost my job and the difficulty of understanding why their family is not together, these girls can really use a little getaway to the world of magic and fun that they so often talk about. Catching up on all the debt incurred in the divorce and Unemployment has taken away the opportunity to do anything with them for a long time and these tickets would be a gift to them I could never have given and something they would enjoy so much. It would allow them to escape a life they so often question and just be able to be kids again. Hopefully I could make this happen for them.

  107. Natalija Says:

    It will be incredible gift to my son`s second birthday!

  108. Jessica Taburada Says:

    This would be a dream come true for my family

  109. karen mans Says:

    I’ve never been,it would be magical.

  110. karen mans Says:

    it would be magical vacation.

  111. Lisa Nicholson Says:

    My family and I need Disney Magic in our lives.

  112. Lori Says:

    Because I’m a Princess looking for a palace.

  113. michelle Says:

    This would be the perfect way to get my hubby to book us a florida holiday to go with the tickets we have won.

  114. Paul Brunelle Says:

    Imagine the joy in 2 young grandchildrens eyes

  115. Ellen C. Says:

    I’d like the tickets for a new beginning.

  116. Michelle Mauricio Says:

    My family wants to meet Mickey Mouse and his friends.

  117. Kevin E Says:

    Viator should give US the tickets to Disney World because …

  118. Kevin E Says:

    we cannot afford to buy tickets on our own.

  119. Kevin E Says:

    My parents belong the Disney Vacation Club so…

  120. Kevin E Says:

    we have a place to stay if we win tickets!

  121. Kevin E Says:

    We would just have to save up enough money to…

  122. Kevin E Says:

    buy airfare tickets for all of us! 🙂

  123. Kimber Smith Says:

    I was laid off and had to cancel Disney trip.

  124. Kimber Says:

    When I see “Wishes” I cry…please make me cry!

  125. Jesika Says:

    We love Disney but can’t afford it now.

  126. Jesika Says:

    We need a vacation like you wouldn’t believe.

  127. Jesika Says:

    I love my kids and they love Disney.

  128. Jesika Says:

    My son loves turtle talk with Crush!

  129. Jesika Says:

    Disneyworld is our favorite place.

  130. SARAH BURAS Says:

    You would make 2 adults and 2 girls very happy

  131. SARAH BURAS Says:

    Mississippi Weather is the worst, take me to Florida!

  132. Angela Says:

    Why me? Why not? Everyone loves Disney!

  133. Judie Giuliano Says:

    An unbelieveable experience to an unimaginable place.

  134. Judie Giuliano Says:


  135. Kevin E Says:

    We purchased tickets to go in Spring 2011 but…

  136. Kevin E Says:

    we had to sell them to pay for bills!

  137. Kevin E Says:

    Now we are back at square one – please help!

  138. Geoff G. Says:

    to Experince the Magical Make-believe,bringing Memorable Memories forever.

  139. Alen Burger Says:

    To bring Happiness to an orphan we foster called Happiness!

  140. Vivek S Says:

    One stop-shops: For stuff- WALMART, For Fun= DISNEYLAND

  141. Vivek S Says:

    Searching Google for “FUN” lands you in Disneyland

  142. Selinda McCumbers Says:

    son missed trip with grandparents because he was too young!

  143. Maureen S Says:

    Family has never been; We want to Discover the Magic!

  144. mariovalverdealfaro Says:

    Because I am not making up stuff like: I suffer a lot this year, blablabla, Is just that I really want those tickets

    Simple and truth 🙂

  145. Rachel F Says:

    With a lucky ticket, I get to meet Jimmy Cricket.

  146. Steve M Says:

    As a fan of Peter Pan, I’ll meet the man.

  147. Rachel F Says:

    I share the same birthday as Disney World, September 1971.

  148. Jasmine Green Says:

    Because commenter 134 wants to win the draw!

  149. Steve M Says:

    A Starry Night with Snow White, the apple tastes alright.

  150. Phaedra Says:

    My children have been praying and saving for three years!

  151. Phaedra Says:

    I have been planning our trip for three years!

  152. Phaedra Says:

    This would be such an awesome testimony of faith!

  153. Phaedra Says:

    God said he would give me desires of my heart:)

  154. Phaedra Says:

    We have faith the size of a mustard seed:)

  155. Debra Gepp Says:

    To make our kids Dreams come true!

  156. Jennifer Says:

    Star bright, star light make my dreams come true tonight!

  157. Jesika Says:

    My family loves Disney we want to go.

  158. Jesika Says:

    Kids are only kids for so long.

  159. Jesika Says:

    Disney World makes my teenager smile.

  160. Jesika Says:

    We are so ready to have some fun.

  161. Jesika Says:

    I miss the Mouse.

  162. Jesika Says:

    We want to be part of the magic.

  163. Bruce Lantry Says:

    Two grand kids have been there. The others missed out.

  164. Tiffany Stone Says:

    We love magic and happiness and would forever be grateful!

  165. Janet Says:

    I would love to make someones dream come true.

  166. Lisa Burbee Says:

    Moved to Florida; 4 days in car with 2 kids!

  167. Shaylin Says:

    I’m 12, live in Florida and never been there.

  168. Bruce Says:

    Want to take my two girls and wife for Christmas.

  169. Lisa Says:

    To see real joy in my childrens eyes.

  170. Lisa Says:

    Give my pre-teen the experience while she’s still a child.

  171. Michelle Mauricio Says:

    Would love my kids to see Mickey and the gang!

  172. Michelle Mauricio Says:

    Pretty please, with a cherry on top. Thank you.

  173. Cherrijean Brown Says:

    Cubby age 3, Ben 2, Melody 1, all dreaming Mickey.

  174. Hillary Fritsche Says:

    WDW would make our family forget our troubles and smile 😀

  175. gary hasty Says:

    There’s no crying at Disney World!

  176. Hillary Fritsche Says:

    Always believe in your wishes, our ULTIMATE wish is WDW !!

  177. Jesika Says:

    Disney vacations are amazing.

  178. Jesika Says:

    The kids can’t stop talking about Disney World.

  179. Jesika Says:

    My kids are finally willing to ride the rides.

  180. Jesika Says:

    My little one can ride all the rides in fantasyland.

  181. Jesika Says:

    We need a break from reality.

  182. Jesika Says:

    If you pick me I will love you forever.

  183. Jesika Says:

    I’ll be your best friend.

  184. Jill Says:

    Promised my 7-year-old, now 25, wanna be honest.

  185. Jill Says:

    Promised my 7-year-old, now 25, integrity counts! Please?

  186. Kelly Says:

    To beat my husband in our “who is the funnest” parent contest

  187. Steven Says:

    Because my wife says I never win anything!

  188. Rachel F Says:

    I want to celebrate my anniversary in Disney.

  189. Susan Clarkson Says:

    I can “imagic” my way to Disney 24/7.

  190. Stacy Says:

    I would love to take my mom(huge disney fan) before she goes completley blind.

  191. Noreen Rachuba Says:

    It’s the place to forgot reality and be children again.

  192. Rachel F Says:

    Please send me tickets! I love Disney and Viator!

  193. Rachel F Says:

    To show my family, I can be a kid.

  194. Matthew Says:

    Dreams are dreams, but Disney makes them a reality.

  195. Matthew Says:

    Magic of Disney equals memories for a life time.

  196. Matthew Says:

    A dream come true imprints on the soul.

  197. Matthew Says:

    Wishes come true when made upon a star.

  198. Matthew Says:

    Live a dream for a day and remember it forever.

  199. Matthew Says:

    Happiness is lived in Disney. May we come and visit.

  200. Hillary Fritsche Says:

    FAITH, TRUST, AND PIXIE DUST hoping you’ll pick us!

  201. Conny Says:

    Dont dream about life, live your dream, a princess fairytale.

  202. Melissa Says:

    I want to see my child’s eyes glow with happiness!

  203. Patricia Says:

    We wanna be at the happiest place on earth!!!

  204. Teresa Says:

    It will be a Christmas miracle for my family!

  205. Alain Says:

    Back from my Afghanistan deployment, I’m going to Disney World!

  206. Chad Kennerk Says:

    Going on a trip to Walt Disney World is a long outstanding dream of ours. These tickets surely would be a dream come true. Thank you for this opportunity, we greatly appreciate it.

  207. Angela Says:

    I want Dreams, Inspiration, Sparkle, Nostalgia, Entertainment, Yippee!! – DISNEY

  208. Christopher C. Says:

    I would enjoy a Disney vacation more than any kid!

  209. AngieEmJem Says:

    I wish…. my family were in Walt Disney World Florida!

  210. Jesika Says:

    We want to picnic on Tom Sawyer’s island.

  211. Jesika Says:

    We all need a little Disney in our life.

  212. Jesika Says:

    My kids light up when they spot the castle.

  213. Jesika Says:

    Disney World is where dreams come true.

  214. Joann Says:

    Because we are crazy enough to take our five grandchildren

  215. Joyce Harrell Says:

    The Magic of Disney with the Magic of Two Grandchildren

  216. Kevin E Says:

    I didn’t go to WDW until I was 17!

  217. Kevin E Says:

    I don’t want my kids to wait that long.

  218. Frances B Says:

    WDW is just the sort of fun we need!:)

  219. Frank Says:

    I want to show a Bosnian and two Colombians what the US is all about!!!!!

  220. Jesika Says:

    We need new mouse ears.

  221. Jesika Says:

    My family is happy at Disney World.

  222. Jesika Says:

    My little girl is finally old enough to love it.

  223. Jesika Says:

    My kids love eating with Mickey.

  224. Jesika Says:

    Disney is where dreams come true.

  225. Jesika Says:

    I’m in love with the Mouse.

  226. Jesika Says:

    My kids think Disney is Magic, me too.

  227. Laura Says:

    My young nieces survived divorce. They deserve a break.

  228. Laura Says:

    Also ONLY thing nieces asked for Christmas. My Brother=Broke.

  229. Matt Says:

    My children are all over 17 and have never been.

  230. Laura Says:

    I was 19 before I went. My nieces deserve this!

  231. Matt and Trina Says:

    We want to take our grandchildren. They would be ECSTATIC!

  232. Laura Says:

    My nieces have dreams! Disney makes dreams come true! 🙂

  233. Laura Says:

    Walt says: “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

  234. Eva Says:

    For stepdad’s first vacation in thirteen years, he deserves it.

  235. Marsha Zink Says:

    Because I asked you nicely…..Please!

  236. Kevin E Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  237. Kevin E Says:

    I am very thankful to have 3 healthy kids

  238. Kevin E Says:

    Even if I do not win this contest,

  239. Kevin E Says:

    I know that Disney World will always

  240. Kevin E Says:

    be there waiting for us once we can afford it.

  241. Chrisitna Says:

    Because Disney is expensive; but totally, wonderfully, awesomly magical.

  242. Amy Mullins Says:

    Because everyone, young and old, deserves a break from reality!

  243. Susan Says:

    Because I won’t be able to go if you don’t. 🙁

  244. Laura Says:

    It would mean everything to my nieces to win this!

  245. Laura Says:

    Calleigh(3): “I love Tinkerbell. I was Tinkerbell for Halloween.”

  246. Laura Says:

    Valorie(7): “I want to see a real life Minnie Mouse!”

  247. Laura Says:

    Alexis(10): “I want to meet Beauty and The Beast, please.”

  248. Sharon H Says:

    Hopeful parents, both graduating with Master’s degrees. Time for vacation?

  249. Sharon H Says:

    After 36 years of school, we want a break!

  250. ROSEMARY G Says:


  251. ROSEMARY G Says:


  252. ROSEMARY G Says:


  253. ROSEMARY G Says:


  254. ROSEMARY G Says:


  255. ROSEMARY G Says:


  256. ROSEMARY G Says:


  257. Jesika Says:

    Christmas at Disney would be magical.

  258. Jesika Says:

    Disney World feels like home.

  259. Jesika Says:

    I want to finally try the Margarita’s at Epcot’s Mexico.

  260. Jesika Says:

    Disney is the only place where I leave work behind.

  261. Jesika Says:

    My daughter may finally get on Splash Mountain this year.

  262. Jesika Says:

    I was a Disney bride and I love it there.

  263. Jesika Says:

    We just really want to go to Disney.

  264. Jesika Says:

    Disney World is great exercise!

  265. Jesika Says:

    Disney World is full of family photo opportunities!

  266. psoneil Says:

    We are poor school teachers; we love Walt Disney’s creatures.

  267. PAULA Says:


  268. Kevin E Says:

    My daughter and I made a wish on the

  269. Kevin E Says:

    Turkey wishbone this morning.

  270. Kevin E Says:

    She wished that she could go to Disney World.

  271. Kevin E Says:

    She got the bigger part of the wishbone!

  272. Carolyn H Says:

    Fell in love at Disneyland want 31st anniv at WDW.

  273. Michelle Mauricio Says:

    My children love Mickey Mouse and I love them.

  274. Michelle Mauricio Says:

    Everyone could use a little fantasy now and then!

  275. Jesika Says:

    We are a Disney Family, we love it!

  276. Jesika Says:

    My kids are full of joy at Disney.

  277. Jesika Says:

    Disney World is all the kids talk about.

  278. Jesika Says:

    We love Disney World a ridiculous amount.

  279. Tammy Kennedy Says:

    Mickey and I have the same Birthday November 18th

  280. Melissa T Says:

    I’m a huge dreamer and Walt Disney would be a Dream come true! Bring my fantasie become realy and share this with my family!

  281. Melissa T Says:

    I’m a huge Dreamer Walt Disney would be Dream Come True!

  282. Ben Says:

    Disney is our favorite place on Earth hands down

  283. Tresha Says:

    My family of four are the biggest Disney fans EVER!

  284. Steve Says:

    The greatest Christmas present ever for our two kids!

  285. Beebs Says:

    My kids actually live in Florida and have never been to Disney. For the most past, I have not been spending time with them as I should be, working long hours to pay the bills. It would put a smile on thier and my face.

  286. Dirrindia Garska Says:

    Disney with kids, done. Disney magic for mom, waiting.

  287. Jesika Says:

    Disney World is magical and happy.

  288. Jesika Says:

    We want to ride Toy Story Mania again!

  289. Jesika Says:

    We are looking forward to the 13 hour drive.

  290. Jesika Says:

    My daughters need to feel like princesses.

  291. Jesika Says:

    I want a mickey mouse ice cream bar.

  292. Jesika Says:

    I want to see Tinkerbell fly up by the castle.

  293. Jason Says:

    Our family desperately needs a magical escape from everyday reality.

  294. Cassandra Says:

    I would love to take my sister with autism!

  295. Tena Taylor Says:

    Would love to spend time with Mickey!!!

  296. Kevin E Says:

    I would love to take my twin 3-year old

  297. Kevin E Says:

    son’s to Walt Disney World for the first time.

  298. Kevin E Says:

    They watch the travel video about Walt Disney World and

  299. Kevin E Says:

    They are in awe watching it.

  300. Marcia Says:


  301. Marcia Says:


  302. Marcia Says:

    Disney World for my kids is a BEAR Necessity!

  303. Marcia Says:

    We will write VIATOR Travel a great Thank You Note!

  304. Teresa Moore Says:

    I want to take my five year old daughter.

  305. Teresa Moore Says:

    I want to be a kid for awhile myself.

  306. Chad Says:

    I love Mickey more than any woman I ever knew

  307. Chad Says:


  308. Chad Says:

    “DisneyWorld!” Eliza Jane whispered when she blew out her candles

  309. Marcia Says:

    Because we feel sure Walt would want it this way….

  310. Chad Says:

    One of the Bear Necessities of Life – DisneyWorld!

  311. Marcia Says:


  312. Jo Says:

    This would be a great 35th b-day gift for me!!!

  313. Jo Says:

    We want to take my daughter to Disney in Feb.

  314. Jo Says:

    We are driving to Florida from Michigan in Feburary!!

  315. Jo Says:

    I’ve lived in Germany, but have never been to Disney.

  316. Jo Says:

    I haven’t had a vacation in 12 years!

  317. Jo Says:

    Mower racing is fun, but Disney would be more fun!!

  318. Maureen M Says:

    Because our family is young and young at heart!

  319. marla Svenson Says:

    So My Grand Daughter can see her mirror, in snow White.

  320. Jesika Says:

    I want to fly with Peter Pan.

  321. Jesika Says:

    We love Disney, it’s our happy place.

  322. Jesika Says:

    We could really use some disney magic right about now.

  323. Melodie Says:

    My mother and I are going to America & want to go to Disney Theme Parks!

  324. Nancy Hujik Says:

    We have never been on a family vacation. We have done things together like go play miniature golf for the day but we have never been able to afford a vacation and with the prices for Disney, we unfortunately can not afford tickets. My son has never been to Disney and he has always asked us to bring him. I am a college student and my spouse works very hard to do what he can to support us, he is wonderful and could use this magical vacation as well!

  325. Dawn Says:

    My parents promised me this trip… fifteen years ago!

  326. Dawn Says:

    My sister needs to go while Mickey is still “cool”

  327. Dawn Says:

    The tooth fairy can’t finance my sister’s trip.

  328. Dawn Says:

    Received $30,000 of student loans, but where’s my graduation trip?

  329. Dawn Says:

    I want to give my sister what I never got.

  330. Sherry Mitchell Says:

    Sister has worked since she was 14, she deserves vacation!

  331. Kevin E Says:

    I would love to win a trip to WDW because…

  332. Kevin E Says:

    I never was able to go to Disney World before …

  333. Kevin E Says:

    with my parents. Now, if I win I could finally

  334. Kevin E Says:

    go to Disney World with them and my family!

  335. Patricija Says:

    Help me discover a child in me again!

  336. Kelly D Anderson Says:

    Single mom desires to make the magic happen her kids

  337. Laura Says:

    Disney or BUST! Make my nieces’ Christmas Wish come true!

  338. Jesika Says:

    My kids really need to go and just be kids.

  339. Jesika Says:

    All three of my kids love it and that’s rare!

  340. Jesika Says:

    I need to forget about reality for a bit.

  341. Jesika Says:

    Every Disney vacation is a good vacation.

  342. Jesika Says:

    I have hope and trust, I need some pixie dust!

  343. Jesika Says:

    The baby’s first word was Disney.

  344. Gin Says:

    HELP!!!! Trapped in frozen North!! Must thaw with jovial rodent!!

  345. Deborah Says:

    Cinderella’s dreams came true, with Viator, maybe mine will too?

  346. Stacy Says:

    Need pixie dust to sooth grief of losing my Dad.

  347. Jason Says:

    In this economy, our family needs a vacation bailout!

  348. Jason Says:

    Disney has the cure for what ails us!

  349. Jason Says:

    We need a shot in the arm of Disney magic!

  350. Jason Says:

    Viator has the power to save our 2011 family vacation!

  351. Jason Says:

    Layoffs canceled our Disney vacation. Haven’t told the kids yet!

  352. Jason Says:

    It’s within driving distance-we have a place to stay!

  353. Jason Says:

    My family + free Disney tickets = DREAMS COME TRUE!

  354. Jesika Says:

    My son has his heart set on Disney World.