Culture and Wildlife Shore Excursions in Panama

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Now a full-time resident of Panama City, Kevin has been showing people the time of their lives in this extraordinary country since 2003. As a tour guide in Panama, Kevin is committed to maintaining Panama’s natural and cultural beauty, minimizing environmental impact, and contributing to local communities. We asked Kevin for his top activities for visitors to Panama, and here’s what he had to say:

Casco Viejo

Casco Viejo

Casco Viejo neighborhood – photo courtesy of cormac70 via Flickr

Casco Viejo is a must-see attraction for visitors, the 2nd site of Panama City, a World Heritage Site and the only tourist-friendly part of the city. Enjoy walking through town and the squares, visit the shops, have an ice cream or shaved ice and take in the views of the canal and the city.

Miraflores Locks

Check out the Miraflores Locks museum and learn about the history of the famous Panama Canal. Here you can also watch how it works (if your ship didn’t transit the canal) and see the locks in action when a ship passes through.

Miraflores Locks

Miraflores Locks – photo courtesy of Robert Ciavarro via Flickr

Cerro Ancon

This is an amazing view point from atop Ancon Hill, which most cruise ship passengers will not have the opportunity to see. Buses aren’t allowed to visit this amazing view point right in the center of the city, but small independent operators can.

Indian Village

Not far outside the city we get into the jungle, where we can visit real Indian villages, learn about the culture and see how the people live now. A short (20-minute) walking trail makes it way through the jungle, in which you can see the plants used for medicine and everyday tasks, like dyes for materials or palms for thatching roofs of huts). You can also find the best prices on handmade Indian crafts and help support their way of life

Wildlife Tours

Gatun Lake

Go on wildlife tours around Gatun Lake – photo courtesy of Robert Ciavarro via Flickr

Monkey Island and the whole Gatun Lake area is full of wildlife. Take a tour of Gatun Lake and get blown away at the abundance of wildlife, including several kinds of monkeys, crocodiles, caiman, turtles, reptiles, mammals and countless species of birds!

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  1. rosemary Says:

    wow extraordinary. I love it …. Panama is one of my favorite place.. I remember long back, when i visited Panama, i stayed in Patiala Pacific apartment of Corporate Stays of Panama. We friends stayed there for 3 days.. we visited many places. HI Kevin O’Brien, your article made me to remember the past fantastic moments of life…