In Las Vegas, Do Not Line Up Here

November 26, 2006 by

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What do visitors do in Las Vegas? Simple: they gamble, they go to shows, they visit nearby attractions like Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon… and they party!

And what a great town for partying. There’s more great clubs in Vegas than you can poke a stick at, as we say in Australia. But there’s a problem, and you need to think about it if you are serious about hitting the Vegas clubs.

Lines. Long lines. Two hour lines. Everywhere you look. Beautiful people, not-so-beautiful people, rich people, wannabe rich people… all in lines, outside the club you want to get into.

This is pretty discouraging. You’re all dressed up, excitement levels set to high, you’ve decided which club to visit, and… well, you’re not on the list, are you?

Fear not, fellow traveler. We’re here to help. Or, more specifically, our friends at Vegas Passports are here to help, and we’ve added all our usual Viator coolness to make the solution to your problems a no-brainer, gotta do it answer to your getting in the door dilemma.

The inside scene…

The Ultimate Nightclub Hopping Package (part of Viator’s Las Vegas nightclub & nightlife passes) is your $119 entry onto all the VIP Guest Lists in town. Thinking about Ghostbar at the Palms? Forty Deuce at Mandalay Bay? Pure at Caesars Palace? VooDoo Lounge at the Rio? I could go on, but you get the idea, right? VIP admission to 24 of Vegas’ hottest clubs, all on the same night, if you can handle it (you can’t) or, even better, space your visits out over the year. Or hand your unused passes to a friend, because the Passport is completely transferrable.

Read more about this most excellent enhancement to your Vegas experience on the product description page, including descriptions of the various clubs, music genres ranging from 70s, 80s & 90s to hip-hop, rock, house, dance, funk and techno. This is Vegas at its best, and you’ll find it all here, on the inside. Because you will get inside, and fast!

Rod Cuthbert

7 Responses to “In Las Vegas, Do Not Line Up Here”

  1. Jim Says:

    Are these passes any good? I’ve heard mixed reports about them, that sometimes you can’t actually get into the clubs. Or that they only let some people – not all – in on a given night, and if they don’t let you in, there’s not much you can do about it. I’m curious to know what you think. – Jim

  2. Rod Says:

    Jim, There’s *some* truth in what you’ve heard. The passes do two things: they get you into the VIP Line, which is always much shorter (and a nicer line to be in!) than the regular line; and you pay no cover. Having said that, on some nights, some of the more popular clubs are so packed that even Snoop Dogg and his posse wouldn’t get in…

    So, be prepared to check out other clubs if your #1 choice is full, which can definitely happen on weekends. With 24 clubs in the package and most of them close by on the Strip; and the fact you can use the passes for a year, and they’re transferrable… all in all, I do think they’re great value.

    Rod Cuthbert

  3. Di Says:

    Do they let fat people in? I want to go, but am obese. If I can’t get in using this pass, let me know now, please. I can’t take that kind of rejection. Thanks much!

  4. Scott Mc Says:

    Di, if you’re serious, the answer is — of course.

  5. gary Says:

    hi, do i need to buy 1 or 2 Ultimate Nightclub Hopping Package for 2 persons?

  6. Scott Mc Says:

    Hi Gary.

    The Vegas Ultimate Nightclub Pass is valid for 1 person, so yeah, you’ll need a second pass for 2 people. Have fun.


  7. Katy Says:


    My question is kinda a follow on from Di’s, I totally get her way of thinking cause these places are full of skinny minnies and I’ve heard the door staff can be picky, especially at Pure, I am a big girl too and am a bit apprehensive about barging to the front of the line with a pass and then being rejected, are they really not sizeist??
    Also Di if you read this would love to know if you went and if you had a good time??