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Our Dream Travel Job teams recently spent 60 days traveling, taking Viator tours and filming videos all over Europe and North America. Adventures such as these rarely end without some stories to be shared, and the two teams’ journeys were no exception. Read on to find out their best travel tips and suggestions from their travels.

Dream Travel Job

Ryan & Asha in Europe and Brock & Jules in North America

Meet Team Europe: Ryan and Asha and Team North America: Brock and Jules

Favorite city you visited?

Ryan: Istanbul

Asha: Instabul! Amsterdam and Dublin were a close second though. Oh and I also loved Prague. Too many great cities to name just one!

Jules: I love New York for the people watching, Vancouver for the natural beauty, New Orleans for the food, Las Vegas for the spectacle, Maui for the beaches, the list goes on and on.

Brock: New Orleans

What was your favorite tour?

Asha narrates the Rome Food Walking Tour.

Asha: I loved being serenaded by a gondolier through the canals of Venice. The food tour in Rome was also high on the list! And just thinking about it makes me crave tomatoes from Campo de’ Fiori, the fresh food market.

Jules: Everyday was a new adventure. One of our last tours really took my breath away. We got to fly over an active volcano in Hawaii in an open-door helicopter—WOW! Imagine sticking your head out of the window, seeing bubbling hot lava beneath you, and feeling a wave of heat on your face–it was incredible! I also had a ball on some of the adventure activities we got up to: We went whitewater rafting at the Grand Canyon, we raced dune buggies around the desert in Las Vegas, and we went cliff jumping in Hawaii. Yeah, I scared myself a little, but it was totally worth it.

Brock: Three way tie: San Fran Helicopter RideHarlem Gospel TourSnorkeling with Manta Rays at Night

Did you pick up any travel tips?

Ryan schooled Asha on how to pack lighter.

Ryan: Get your Eurail pass validated before jumping on a train, otherwise a big German dude will ridicule you for being an idiot and make you get off the train.

Asha: I learned to pack much lighter.

Jules: No matter where you go, you can never see it all—so enjoy the time you have and save the rest for your next trip! Oh yeah, and Brock taught me that it is possible to travel with three t-shirts. I am impressed.

Brock: Flight attendants like chocolate.

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Favorite food?

Beignets at Cafe du Monde

Beignets at Cafe du Monde

Ryan: Tapas in Madrid

Asha: The most fun food to eat was the ice cream in Istanbul. It was certainly not the best I’ve ever tasted but the show they put on before you get your cone makes it worth it.

Jules: I always make an effort to try local food, and New Orleans absolutely wins the prize for food! Between the etouffee and gumbo, po boys and beignets—I looked forward to every single meal! The craziest thing I ate was poutine in Montreal. It was a giant heap of French fries, cheese curds and gravy.  It was disgusting and delicious, all at the same time. What a guilty pleasure!

Brock: I loved the beignets in New Orleans and the Cubanos in Miami.

Favorite beer or alcoholic beverage?

Sex and the City tour

Brock & Jules enjoyed cosmos on the Sex and the City tour

Ryan: Had a really good Belgian style beer at a small brewery behind the Prague Castle, AMAZING!

Asha: I had the best beer of my entire life in Prague at the Strahov Monastic Brewery. It’s called “holy beer” and was created by the monks. Unfortunately there is nowhere else in the world you can get this.

Jules: There were lots of yummy beverages to try on our trip, but I’d have to say the wine tour through Napa and Sonoma was at the top of my list.  We got to go behind the scenes, check out the vineyards, and taste the wine right out of the barrel. Mmmm. I also really enjoyed the pink Cosmo we had in New York City while on the Sex and the City Tour. I felt like one of the girls.

Brock: Mint Julep while visiting the plantation in New Orleans. Mmm Southern Belle!

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Most interesting fact you learned?

Big Island of Hawaii

Some of the crazy lava rocks on the Big Island of Hawaii

Ryan: Learned that Stonehenge is about 3000 years older than the Coliseum!!

Jules: I learned a lot about volcanoes and lava on the Big Island of Hawaii—it was fascinating to discover how the lava forms, sometimes it looks like a whole tray of brownies, while other lava flows look like Oreo cookie crumbles! We also found mysteriously deep holes in the lava, which were created by lava that wrapped around a tree stump, and then burned the tree into ashes, leaving a gaping hole. Very cool!   

Brock: That the population of New Orleans shrunk by over 100,000 people post-Hurricane Katrina.

What was your music of choice on this trip?

Jules: I always let Brock take control of the iPod, but he never failed to pick tunes we could jam out to. Best music memory? Rocking out to music while driving down The Strip in a blue convertible… Classic!

Brock: There were three songs that Jules and I heard over and over again.

We Are Young by Fun
Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen

And my favorite:

That’s What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction

What was your favorite way to see the Grand Canyon?

On the Grand Canyon All American Helicopter Tour, one of the many ways that Jules & Brock saw the Grand Canyon.

Jules: We were lucky to go to the Grand Canyon several times on our visit to Las Vegas. At one point, I was filming Brock eating a sandwich in front of an incredible vista, and he says, “Wow, it’s not everyday you can eat lunch and look out at the Grand Canyon—hang on, yes you can! I’ve done it everyday this week!” That was hilarious. I REALLY enjoyed white water rafting down the Colorado River. It was so cool to look up at the massive canyon walls, and get out and explore some of the hidden treasures along the way like Travertine Falls. There, we climbed up wobbly rope ladders to find a cave with a beautiful waterfall pouring down…you could even walk through it! That was amazing!!!

Brock: I really enjoyed when we flew to the Grand Canyon by helicopter and had a picnic with champagne.

Favorite souvenir?

Guinness Storehouse

Ryan's souviners came in liquid-form!

Ryan: I drank all my souvenirs 

Asha: Whenever I travel, I collect musical instruments from different countries. Unfortunately I had no extra room in my suitcase. So the only instrument I got was a bodhran from Ireland (an Irish type of drum), I found a beautiful kemence (a stringed-instrument almost like a small cello) in Istanbul but sadly had no room for it. I’ll have to go back to Istanbul and get one some day!

Epcot Center panda umbrella

Jules and her panda umbrella

Jules: When I first departed for my 60-day adventure, my pink suitcase was filled to the brim… so there wasn’t much room for shopping. But, that didn’t hold me back! I admit, I had a field day at Disney World. I bought some heavy-coin belly dancing hip scarves and a panda umbrella at Epcot’s World Showcase. I’m also excited about the spices I bought in New Orleans so I can try making gumbo at home after seeing the pros do it at the New Orleans Cooking School! MMmmm!

Brock: I found a nautical style suit jacket in New York City that I fell in love with instantly – and bought of course!

Which destination would you revisit?


Ryan and Asha both loved Istanbul

Ryan: Istanbul, Dublin, Amsterdam…pretty much every place actually.

Asha: Istanbul

Jules: All of them. Just like most good trips, you never have enough time. I would love to go back to Hawaii to lay on those beautiful white sand beaches for a few days… revisit Miami to enjoy some more Cuban coffee and play Dominoes with the locals at Calle Ocho… return to New Orleans to study the art of cooking… head to Vegas to have a peek inside all of those over-the-top hotels… can we do it all again?

Brock: I’d definitely go back to New Orleans for the culture and Maui for the rest and relaxation.

One word to sum up your experience?

Ryan: IncredibleAmazingBeautifulMindBlowing

Asha: Adrenaline-rush (that’s kind of one word)

Jules: UNBELIEVABLE! Did that really happen? I am still pinching myself.

Brock: Marathon

Currently the two teams are competing for $10,000! Make sure to check out their wrap-up videos and vote for your favorite team. Plus, watch videos from their travels.

– Viator Travel Team


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