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Our first two Dream Travel Job finalists Ryan and Asha (or “Rasha” as they’ve come to be known as in the Viator office) have experienced an adventure of a lifetime! For 60 days they traveled and filmed in Europe’s top travel destinations.

As they were traveling, Ryan and Asha filmed hundreds of hours of footage, which includes dozens of Viator tours plus some fun behind-the-scenes moments. Stay tuned for more tour video updates in the coming months, and in the meantime check out a recap of some of the adventures they captured on their iPad!

NOTE: Our second Dream Travel Job team, Jules and Brock, traveled around North America. Check out updates from our Dream Travel Job project including insider guides for each destination our teams visit, updates about team 2, and videos, photos and travel advice from their adventures.

Watch as Ryan & Asha’s Unforgettable Journey Unfolds…

Meet Team Europe: Ryan & Asha

Ryan Van Duzer and Asha Mevlana are both film and travel enthusiasts.  They’ve traveled extensively and are experts both in front of and behind the camera! They entered our Dream Travel Job contest both as a team and individually (each submitting multiple videos). They won us over with their extensive skills, bubbly personalities, and eagerness to hit the ground running.

Ryan Duzer Dream Travel Job

Fun Facts about Ryan:
– Served as a PeaceCorps volunteer in Honduras working in youth development.

– Has ridden his bike across America twice, down both the East and West coast and from Honduras to Colorado…
– Has never owned a car!
– Survived in the jungles of Venezuela as a participant on Discovery’s “Out of the Wild Venezuela.”
– Speaks Spanish and Swedish
– Appeared on a Honduran TV game show winning a goofy dance contest.

Read more about Ryan

Asha Dream Travel JobFun Facts about Asha:
Toured Europe (Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland), Latin America (Chile) and Australia as a musician
– Plays a 7-string electric violin and was the lead violinist for the Trans Siberian Orchestra
– Toured the U.S. with Gnarls Barkley and played at the Grammys
– Breast cancer survivor
– Appeared on several pilots for the Travel Channel and the Food Network
– Skydived in New Zealand, white water rafted down the Grand Canyon and rode her bike across Tuscan

Read more about Asha

Their “Dream Travel Job” Itinerary

After a 2-week training session in the San Francisco office, Ryan and Asha took off for their trip around Europe! Make sure to follow Viator on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, and Pinterest for the latest Dream Travel Job updates.

16th Stop: London
June 23 June 28, 2012

Ryan and Asha left Paris, and it was onto their LAST city… London. After following them on their 60-day journey, we, the Viator Travel Team, are sad to see their trip come to an end. They have been great to work with and have taken lots of amazing video footage–you can expect to see it in the near future! Keep reading…

15th Stop: Paris
June 17 June 22, 2012

After Madrid, it was onto their second-to-last destination, Paris! Ahh, Paris, what’s not to love?! Ryan and Asha certainly enjoyed themselves while getting stuffed on baguettes, going on bike rides, and napping by the Eiffel Tower. With six days here and only one city left, the team is almost at the end of their fun-filled 60-day adventure! Keep reading…

14th Stop: Madrid
June 12  June 16, 2012

After enjoying the beach and riding in fancy cars in Barcelona, the team headed to Madrid–their last stop in Spain. (And there are only two more cities left on their trip!) Here they drank sangria, took day trips, and marveled at the beauty of the Spanish countryside. Keep reading…

13th Stop: Barcelona
June 9 June 13, 2012

The next stop on Team Europe’s journey was Barcelona! They said ciao to the gelato and pizza in Venice and Italy and hopped on a plane to Spain, where they spent time playing on the beach, making paella, and riding around in fancy cars. Keep reading…

12th Stop: Venice
June 5 June 8, 2012

After looking for George Clooney in Milan, Ryan and Asha hopped on another train to Venice. There, they spent five days exploring the canals, getting lost, and indulging in gelato for the last time on this trip. Keep reading…

11th Stop: Milan
June 3 June 4, 2012

After getting stuffed on pasta and gelato in Florence, Ryan and Asha hopped on a plane to Milan – the home of fashion and business in Italy. Read on to see how they spent their two days in Milan. Keep reading…

10th Stop: Florence
May 29 June 2, 2012

For the next portion of their time in Italy, Ryan and Asha left Rome and Naples for Florence. There they enjoyed pasta, wine, and the beautiful landscapes of Tuscany. Read more…

8th & 9th Stop: Rome and Naples
May 22 28, 2012

After a fun-filled time in Istanbul, Ryan and Asha hopped on another plane to Rome (and later on to Naples), where they began the Italian portion of their journey. Read on to see what delicious foods they ate, which famous monuments they toured, and how they learned to fight like gladiators. Keep reading…

7th Stop: Istanbul
May 17 21, 2012

The fun continues! Last time we checked in, Ryan and Asha were in Vienna enjoying music and ferris wheel rides. Next they traveled to Istanbul to tour beautiful mosques and make new Turkish friends. Keep reading…

6th Stop: Vienna
May 14 16, 2012

Time to hop on another train! For this part of their trip, Ryan and Asha traveled from Munich to Vienna to spend a few days in the Austrian capital. Keep reading…

5th Stop: Munich
May 10 13, 2012

For the next portion of their adventure, Ryan and Asha left Prague and Martina behind and returned to Germany. This time they were in Munich, home of Oktoberfest and the capital of Bavaria. Keep reading…

4th Stop: Prague
May 7 9, 2012

After a few days in Berlin, Ryan and Asha found their way to Prague. Read on to see what they did on the Czech portion of their adventure! Keep reading…

3rd Stop: Berlin
May 4 6, 2012

After a fun time in Amsterdam, Ryan and Asha hopped on a train to Berlin. Read on to find out what they did on their first stop in Germany! Keep reading…

2nd Stop: Amsterdam
April 30 May 3, 2012

From Dublin, Ryan and Asha flew to Amsterdam for their second stop. There they got to spend another four days touring the city and the surrounds. Keep reading…

Team Europe’s 1st Stop: Dublin
April 26 April 29, 2012

For their first stop, Team Europe left San Francisco behind and flew to Dublin, Ireland! There they spent four days exploring the sights in and around the city. Here’s a recap of their adventures. Keep reading…

Training in San Francisco – Bon Voyage Team Europe!
April 17 April 25, 2012

Upon arriving in San Francisco for training, Asha and Ryan – our first Dream Travel Job finalists – were taken to Viator’s head office. There, they finally met the awesome team behind-the-scenes of the contest and were succumbed to a busy week filming tours! Keep reading…

– Viator Travel Team

Read more about Team Europe in our Dream Travel Job updates, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest for more photos and news!


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  1. norm simonson Says:

    Looks great.

  2. Judy and Bob Rosenkranz Says:

    Fabulous! Please let us know how we can follow Asha on TV
    Good luck.
    Judy and Bob

  3. Laura Says:

    Hi Judy & Bob,
    Thanks for reading our Travel Blog! Keep checking back on the blog for updates from Asha and Ryan, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest for more updates. 🙂

  4. John B Says:

    Oh, like a punch to the gut. Have fun guys!

    -from the first runner up.

  5. Cole @ Four Jandals Says:

    So jealous and looks like they are having loads of fun!

  6. Yulian Patzelt Says:

    Really?! Is this it?! I am utterly disappointed. Really thought you can do better Viator. I am pretty sure this is neither what you expected. Honestly, this is a major marketing disaster and I am not saying it because I work for a competitor, I was actually excited about this campaign, but this is about the worst video footage I have seen in years… My whole office is laughing about how angry I am what a terrible outcome you are presenting in your videos. About every experience you show is being laughed at by your candidates. Why would anyone want to go on any of the “Dream Holiday” experiences the way they are presented?! Its embarrassing to our industry. The concept was good, the execution is terrible. I just had to comment, and it is a personal, actually emotional comment but for disclosure reasons, I am the CMO of Excursiopedia and this comment reflects only my personal opinion. Fail. Major fail. Go ahead and delete the comment, just make sure you forward it to whoever is in charge of this campaign, he deserves a honest feedback.

  7. Brittany Says:

    Hi Yulian,

    We appreciate your honest feedback and are sorry to hear you’re not enjoying these sneak-peak videos of Ryan & Asha’s trip around Europe. Just in case there was any confusion though, these video clips are in no way intended to “sell” our “Dream Holiday experiences”, and I’m sorry to hear you’ve misinterpreted the goal of this campaign. These videos are simply fun updates (shot on-the-go using an iPad) intended to tell a sweet, travel-inspiring story about our Dream Travel Job finalist. We have faith our travel-loving community can look past the limitations of an iPad video camera and see the true story underneath.

    And rest assured, just as we publish all reviews on our website, we appreciate all honest feedback on our blog and never delete comments simply because they are not flattering. Please feel free to e-mail dreamjob@viator.com if you have any more questions or concerns about this campaign.

    All the best,
    Viator Travel Team

  8. Catherine J. Says:

    I have been enjoying the updates – it seems pretty obvious that they are just updates, not a final marketing campaign at this point.

    Yulian, it seems a bit odd that you are so upset if you work for a competitor and you think this is such a disaster – seems like you might be a little bit pleased. Perhaps you wish you had thought of the idea first?

    Anyway, Viator, it is fun – what an amazing opportunity for the 4 winners -and for the rest of us who will never be able to do such a trip, it is nice to share a little in that dream. Thanks!

  9. Brett Says:

    Hey this is a great idea i’m following both teams! Great job Viator

  10. freddy @ Accommodation.com Says:

    @ Yulian,

    Allow me to respond from both blogger/adventure traveller and travel marketing professional viewpoints

    If we look at the execution or quality of film, yes it can always be better.
    Nevertheless, the stats, virality, content volume and engagement produced by this campaign, this is an absolute success. The edgerank on facebook, the domination of search terms and some other clear marketing wins.

    Blogger / Travel
    From this angle, all it tells me is I could do it as well and will keep a close eye on what they are doing and if they run this competition again for Asia-Pacific.

    So effectively, it seems that at best your comment is intended to put your name and URL on a high traffic page…If you wanted to have a rant, best to send a message directly to Kelly or Melissa.

    Travel marketing professional – I work for accommodation.com (re-launching soon, don’t go there now it’s embarassing :s )

    Blogger/travel adventure – I will drive a VW polo from London to mongolia via all the ‘stans this summer to support kids with cancer and an orphanage in Ulaanbaator. Follow my adventures on http://www.adventourists.com.au

    P.S: Brittany great follow up, response and community management.

  11. Nas Says:

    i just found this a terrible cliche, repeated loads of time on tv, websites, magazines blah blah.. zzzz

  12. Diego Says:

    How could you miss one of the best european cities (Lisbon) after being so close in Madrid? Big big mistake…