Viator’s Dream Travel Job Project

Editor’s Note: This contest has been closed. Watch videos, check out photos, and read about the travels of Team Europe and Team North America!

Do you love to travel? Do you have an interest in videography? Want to spend 60 days this spring and summer traveling to some of the most popular destinations in Europe and North America? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Viator wants you for the travel experience of a lifetime!

Wanted: Four Travelers with a Passion for Videography!

We’re looking for creative and hard-working individuals ready to take on the challenge of a fast-paced tour around Europe or North America. No experience is required; however, a love for travel and an interest in videography is a must!

Starting in May 2012, Viator is sending 4 people to shoot video in top cities across Europe and North America. We’re looking for travelers who love to shoot video, as well as aspiring and experienced filmmakers. Prior film experience is a bonus, but not required. What matters most is your excitement, creativity and passion for travel!

How it Works

Videographers will be traveling in teams of two; one team filming in North America and one team filming in Europe. Each team will visit roughly 20 cities in 60 days, along the way shooting video of top local attractions, tours and things to do. We provide the equipment, cover the cost of travel to/from your destination, and provide each videographer with up to USD $15,000 to cover travel expenses!

At the end of the travel assignments, both video teams will submit “Wrap-up” videos which will be posted on Viator’s Facebook page. Users will vote for their favorite video and the winning team will receive a grand prize of USD $10,000 to split between them!

Win Your Dream Travel Job

How to Submit Your Video

It’s easy! Create a short video (up to 3 minutes) in English, covering one of the topics listed below, and submit the video to our Facebook page ( We’re selecting Semi-Finalists for interviews on rolling basis approximately every two weeks (March 15, March 29, April 12, April 26). So submit your video today!

The 10 videos that get the most votes will be guaranteed an interview! Please make sure to review the official rules and review the Frequently Asked Questions (below) before submitting your application.

  • Topic 1: Top Things to Do
    Describe your favorite things to do, places to go, food to eat or anything else you love about your hometown!
  • Topic 2: Top Travel Tips
    Tell us your most useful travel tips.
  • Topic 3: Share a Memorable Travel Experience
    Tell us about the funniest, scariest, happiest or most moving travel experience you ever had.

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Important Dates

  • The contest runs from February 24 ,2012 to April 25, 2012.
  • Viator will be reviewing submissions daily and will be interviewing applicants on a rolling basis. We’ll select three Semi-Finalists and one Finalists approximately every two weeks, beginning March 15, 2012. So the earlier you apply, the better your chances of being selected!
  • Vote for your favorite videos on Viator’s Facebook page! The 10 videos with the most votes are guaranteed an interview for the fourth judging period (April 26).
  • All four Finalists must be willing and able to travel to San Francisco (at Viator’s expense) for in-person training, and to travel for 60 days in Europe or North America.
  • Team 1’s training is scheduled to occur in late-April for a travel start date of May 1, 2012. Team 2’s training is scheduled to occur late-May for a start date of June 1, 2012.

Win Your Dream Travel Job

Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to the Official Rules for complete details. Have another question? Send an e-mail to:

Submitting a Video

Can I enter with a partner or as a team?
Yes! You can absolutely submit your entry video as a with another person or as part of a team, however, as we only have 4 spots available, we can’t guarantee that you’ll be selected together. If you do choose to submit as a team, each person in the team will be reviewed individually. If you’re only interested in going if you’re selected as a team, please specify that in your video description. Also, please note that you can submit as many entry videos as you like, as long as each video is unique. So, if you are unsure whether to submit together or separate, you can always submit one video as a team and then create separate videos too.

Where will my video entry appear?
All submissions, after being approved by Viator staff in accordance with the Official Rules, will appear on our Facebook page so people can watch the videos and vote on their favorites. Some videos may also be selected for display on Viator’s websites, blogs, highlight reels, etc.

Am I required to be on camera in my video?
No. But it could be helpful! Think of the video as your best chance to show us why you’re the best person for the project. If your strongest skills are behind the camera, being on camera might not be necessary. However, if you think your strongest skills are your personality or travel knowledge, being on camera is a great way to show us that.

Do I need to own a video camera?
No! You can submit a video using your laptop webcam. And when you are traveling Viator will provide sufficient video equipment and other gear reasonably required to complete the project.

If I submit my video early, does that mean I’ll only be considered in the first judging period?
No! All videos are eligible to be selected as Semi-Finalists in each and every judging period. So the earlier you submit a video, the better your chances are of being selected!

Can I submit more than one video?
Yes! You can submit as many videos as you like as long as each video is unique and not a copy or duplicate of your previous submission. Our general rule of thumb is, any additional videos you submit should not contain more than roughly 50% of the identical footage you’ve used in a previous video submission.

Is there an age requirement?
Yes, you must be 18 years of age or over as of January 1, 2012.

Is there a language requirement?
You must be fluent in English and your video submissions must be in English. No other languages are required, however could be useful if you are selected.

Selecting Semi-Finalists and Finalists

When will you start interviewing people?
We will interview people on a rolling basis. We’ll select three Semi-Finalists in each of the four judging periods (March 15, March 29, April 12, April 26) and, based on the video submission and the interview process, we will select one Finalist in each of the four judging periods.

What are you looking for in a video submission?
A video that’s unique, shows off your filmmaking talents and displays a strong sense of personality and passion for travel. Your video will be judged (in equal parts) on style, creativity, production values, editing skills and adherence to the Official Rules.

Can people vote for the best videos?
Yes, all eligible videos will be posted on our Facebook page, where users can view and vote for the videos they like best. Votes will not be used to determine Finalists, however the 10 videos with the most votes will be treated as Semi-Finalists in the fourth Judging Period (April 26) and receive a guaranteed interview by Viator staff.

How many times can someone vote for a video?
You can vote once per video per day until the contest ends on April 25 ,2012.

Can two people apply as a team?
Sure, but applicants can be selected either individually, or as a team.

Can anyone from around the world apply?
Yes, as long as you meet the age and other eligibility requirements specified in the Official Rules, anyone is allowed to enter.

About the Travel Assignments

For Finalists who are selected to travel to Europe or North America for 60 days, are meals and accommodations covered?
A per diem of approximately USD $250 per day will be provided (up to a maximum of $15,000 per person) to pay for all expenses including accommodation, food, telephone, and personal items. No additional expenses are provided or covered.

When will the travel begin?
Team 1’s training is scheduled to occur in late April and will start their 60-day trip on May 1, 2012. Team 2’s training is schedule to occur in late May and will start their 60-day trip on June 1, 2012.

What cities will I be traveling to? Can I decide which region or cities I want to go to?
No, sorry. All destinations will be decided by the team at Viator.

How much free time will I have, when traveling?
Viator will coordinate with both teams to create detailed day-by-day travel itineraries, in order to maximize the amount of video footage the teams can shoot in each destination. The days will be busy and involve a lot of traveling, carrying and setting up gear, filming, arranging interviews, etc. You will, of course, have some downtime and an opportunity to relax and enjoy the destinations on your own, but the majority of your time will be spent on assignment for Viator.

The Wrap-Up Video & Selecting the Grand Prize Winners

What is a Wrap-up Video?
Once the video teams have completed their travel, both teams will create a “wrap-up” video highlighting their experiences on the Dream Travel Job project. This can be in the form of a gag reel, music video, mockumentary, etc. The more amusing and creative their video, the better.

Is there a Grand Prize?
Yes! The teams’ teams “Wrap-up” videos will be posted on Viator’s Facebook page. Users will vote for their favorite video and the winning team will receive a grand prize of USD $10,000 to split between them!

Viator Travel Team

Terms & Conditions: You must be 18 years of age or over to apply, have a valid government-issued Passport, and be in good physical and mental health. All applicants must read and agree to the official contest rules before applying.