Funny Signs Spotted When Traveling

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One of the favorite things I love about traveling is sign spotting – coming across the funny signs that don’t quite translate very well into English, or that have an interesting history or strange reason for being. I’ve put together a sample of some of the unusual signs I have feasted my eyes on over the years so you can have a few giggles yourself.

1. No corpses in the train station lockers – Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo funny sign

I was walking around Tokyo station waiting for a train out to Narita airport when these unusual terms and conditions caught my eye right above the storage lockers. There are many things you cannot store in the lockers, including a ‘lifeless body or corpse’. I’m guessing if they needed to include it on the sign, then someone has tried to do this before!

2. Truth in advertising – Bangalore, India

Funny sign in India

Knockout Beer has an alcohol percentage of 8%, which is way above most ‘full strength beers’ where the content is only around 5%. I liked how completely honest the brand name is!

3. Work-life balance – Sydney, Australia

Sydney funny sign

I’m sure most of us have thought “can I go home please?” at about 10 am in some workplaces. This sign was on a random corner in central Sydney.

4. Be nice to your doctor – Livingstone, Malawi

Malawi funny sign

I’m not sure of the reason behind this sign, which I spotted in a hospital. There must be some irate patients in Malawi!

5. The Bong Collection – the island of Sumatra, Indonesia

Indonesia funny sign

Bong apparently means ‘King’ in Chinese, but it doesn’t come across that well in this fashion shop sign.

6. Gotta go? – Durban, South Africa

South Africa funny sign

The curries at the House of Curries are delicious but they might upset the stomachs of some who don’t like spicy food!

7. Senior or junior? –  Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Tanzania funny sign

It’s not clear which member of the family The George Bush Bar is dedicated to, or if the former president should be offended that the front door is a toilet.

8. Delicious failures – New Orleans, United States

Johnny's Po Boys

I love the tagline from this food icon, Johnny Po Boys in in The Big Easy: Even our failures are edible. Actually, the food there was pretty good, but I’m not sure if I devoured a masterpiece or a failure.

9. Natural Viagra – Cappadocia, Turkey

Turkey - natural Viagra

I saw this entrepreneurial stand on a walk through the unusual volcanic formations near Goreme in central Turkey. Looks like natural Viagra includes apricots, nuts and Kodak film!

10. Wish you were here – Venzone, Italy

Venzone funny postcard

Venzone was flattened by an earthquake in the 1970s and then rebuilt back to its original form, brick by brick. There is nearby exhibition that houses a number of mummified skeletons that were found under a building that dates to medieval times. You can’t take photos of the mummies, but you can buy this bizarre post card from the gift shop to freak out your friends.

11. Where’s “Lewinsky Road”? -  Gore and Clinton, New Zealand

New Zealand Presidential Highway

This is for real – there are two towns named Gore and Clinton in the south island of New Zealand. When Bill Clinton and Al Gore were elected as President and Vice-President, the Kiwis renamed the road between the towns the Presidential Highway.

12. The “Longest Drop in Africa” – Durban, South Africa

South Africa - Loo with a View

The “Loo with a View” has great vistas of the Oribi Gorge, which is located in the KwaZulu Natal area of South Africa, not far from the city of Durban. The Loo is literally located at the edge of a cliff, so you can be one with nature as you relieve nature’s call. Just don’t fall in.

Photos courtesy of Anthony Bianco.

- Anthony Bianco

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