God is My Copilot

September 21, 2007 by

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Vatican low cost airline
God is my pilot, and copilot, and navigator…

I’m not a frequent reader of christiantoday.com, but I did find this story illuminating (uplifting? enlightening?): apparently the Vatican has just launched its own low-cost airline.

It’s billed as the “first-ever Roman Catholic airline” with service from Rome to the world-famous pilgrimage site of Lourdes (more destinations are planned to Catholic holy sites in Poland, Spain and the Middle East). Currently service is offered on a lone Boeing 737 painted in the Vatican’s white and yellow colors (even the Pope’s gotta worry about brand consistency, you know).

The Vatican itself has no airline and no airport (just a helipad used by the Pope for local journeys), so the Vatican has done what any good corporation would do: it’s outsourced the flights to Mistral Air, which is owned by the Italian postal service.

We’re not sure what the beverage service will be, but it’s a safe bet that The Passion of The Christ will be a popular in-flight movie option. Another nice touch: the seat backs are decorated with the inscription “I search for your face, Lord”, which presumably is meant as an inspiration to pilgrims and has nothing whatsoever to do with runway markings or landing the plane safely.

Scott McNeely

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3 Responses to “God is My Copilot”

  1. KellyG Says:

    If you have holy water do they relax the 3 ounce carry on rule or does that still apply? These are important questions to consider. How does one transport holy water? Hmmm.

  2. Suzann M Says:

    This brings to mind the most tacky item that I saw for sale in Italy on my recent trip. A Pieta snowglobe. If the snowglobe is also filled with holywater and under 3 ounces, can you put it in your carry on?

  3. Annie Says:

    They recently confiscated the holy water bought by the passengers in Lourdes (rules obliged) but the airlines offered a small bottle of holy water to all passengers on board (as a compensation).