Going on a Dubai Desert Safari

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When my sister and I were planning our trip to Dubai we wanted to do at least one thing that wasn’t about shopping malls or architecture. This desert safari looked like – and was – a fun alternative experience!

We were picked up at our hotel by our guide and driven out to the desert. Our guide was very knowledgeable about the customs, history and even some of the scandalous/amusing trivia of Dubai. On the drive to the desert we learned a lot from him, which made the ride go fast.

Right before we were going to turn into the desert we stopped at a service station for a bio and food break for the passengers. While we were there several other vans from the company pulled in and we formed a sort of convoy to the desert.

The vans pulled into a desert parking area and the drivers let some air out of the tires for driving in the sand. Those of us on the tour ran around and took idiotic pictures of ourselves and of some of the pretty desert flowers.

Taking goofy pictures of ourselves

Taking goofy pictures of ourselves

Driving up, over, and down and in loops on the dunes was really fun and exhilarating. The sand flew up against the windows, we felt like we were going to fall over a sand cliff and we screamed, giggled and banged into each other.

Driving over the dunes was really fun!

Driving over the dunes was really fun!

The camel farm was interesting but we were more excited when we got to the area in the desert where the company has the food, bathrooms, and various attractions, which included a camel ride. It’s more fun to ride than it looks, although riding is a rather lumpy experience and I don’t think we’d ever want to cross the desert on a camel! Be prepared for the lurch of getting up and then getting back down at the end!

Camel Ride!

Camel Ride!

Sand boarding was also available, a lot of fun and easier than you’d expect. Basically if you have decent balance you can look more athletically impressive than you may actually be!

Nothing cost extra (unless you wanted a very modestly priced glass of wine) which was nice. We got henna tattoos, had a falcon sit on our arms, one of us tried a sishah (called hookah elsewhere) and we liked the bar-be-que that had a good selection of dishes.

The Falcon sat on our arms

The Falcon sat on our arms

After dinner there was a show with a man dancing what we think was called a tanoura dance. It involved a fascinating lighted dress and so many spins we were getting vertigo just watching!

He was followed by a female belly dancer. She was mesmerizing. My sister and I pondered why belly dancers never have flat bellies. It must be that you build up muscles for undulating!

Belly Dancer

Belly Dancer

At the end of the performance everyone was given a CD of the evening’s experience so even if you didn’t bring your own camera, or just didn’t get any good shots you could find some proof of your fun on the CD!

The driver loaded us in the car, it was dark and most of us snoozed the whole way back to the hotel. The only suggestion to improve the Dubai Desert Safari Tour is to tell the guests to bring their pajamas so they can just be carried up to their rooms upon return!

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-Kay Dougherty

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3 Responses to “Going on a Dubai Desert Safari”

  1. williamewan01 Says:

    I also visit Desert Safari Dubai and the thrill was really everlasting as we scope it for many days. The camel riding and especially the comforting Arabian dance is so worthy.

  2. alexlawson07 Says:

    Great pictures as it describes your thrill each pictures show how much you enjoy this trip.

  3. alexlawson07 Says:

    I go to the desert safari last day and it was really a fun but unfortunately i remained deprived of watching the belly dance because it was a holiday in Dubai but i enjoyed dune bashing a lot and really this was a fun loving experience.