How to Spend a Week in Nicaragua

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If you have a week to travel Nicaragua, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one location — consider a multi-day adventure that lets you see some of the country’s best sights and attractions. If you want to see as much as possible, here are some ideas on how to spend a week in Nicaragua.

See the Best of Nicaragua in Five Days

The Cathedral of Granada in Nicaragua

The Cathedral of Granada in Nicaragua

Explore the best of Nicaragua on a five-day tour of Managua, León and Granada. You’ll visit famous sites like the Cathedral of Granada, Masaya Volcano National Park, the UNESCO-listed Ruins of León Viejo, Managua’s National Palace of Culture, Lake Nicaragua by boat, and more.

This tour starts in Managua and can end in Granada or Managua, depending on what the rest of your week includes.

Take a Native Villages Tour

Get to know Nicaragua’s culture by exploring some of the more remote native villages. On this five-day tour, you’ll explore Bluefields and Pear Lagoon in Nicaragua’s jungles. Some people refer to Pear Lagoon as the “real” Caribbean, with its dirt roads, English-speaking Creole communities, lots of seafood and reggae music wherever you go. You’ll also visit other villages like Kakabila, Kukra Hill and Marshall. Spend a day at Tasbapouni on the beach or go on a fishing tour. Expect plenty of opportunities to spot birds, baboons and other jungle animals that call this area home.

Escape to Caribbean Nicaragua

The Corn Islands are about 70 kilometers east of the Nicaraguan coastline and a popular destination for travelers visiting Nicaragua. Despite their popularity, the islands remain mostly untouched. The Corn Islands are renowned for their coral reefs and ample opportunities for diving and snorkeling. The three-day tour visits Big Corn Island only.

Visit Both Big and Little Corn Island

Little Corn Island

Little Corn Island

If you want to see both Big and Little Corn islands, extend a few days and make it a five-day adventure. You’ll spend two nights on Big Corn Island, then transfer to Little Corn Island, where you can go scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing or kitesurfing.

Some travelers prefer the remoteness of Little Corn Island, which has no real roads or motorized vehicles. There isn’t a lot to see, making it the ideal island to just relax and take in the views.

Go on a Nicaraguan Volcano Adventure

Nicaragua’s volcanoes are a must-see, especially if you’ve toured volcanoes in other Central American countries like Guatemala. On a seven-day Nicaraguan volcano adventure, you’ll experience volcano boarding at Cerro Negro, visit the cloud forest in Mombacho Volcano, then travel to Masaya Volcano National Park, the only volcano in the Western Hemisphere where you can drive to the rim and see the lava down below. You’ll also paddleboard or kayak between the volcanic islands, rounding out your unforgettable adventure.


Nicaragua is gaining popularity as one of the best surfing destinations in Latin America. If you’re interested in checking out the waves, how about spending an entire week devoted to nothing more than surfing — even on your departure day!

The six-day San Juan del Sur surf vacation takes diehard surfers to the best spots on the Nicaraguan coast. You’ll surf in San Juan del Sur, Playa Maderas and Playa Hermosa. In some spots you’ll also be able to SUP if you’re interested. Lots of relaxation time, beautiful scenery and great food all included.

Take a Private Tour to Ometepe Island

Ometepe Island in Lake Nicaragua

Ometepe Island in Lake Nicaragua

If you’ve already experienced the best of places like Granada and Managua on earlier trips to Nicaragua, consider a six-day private tour to Ometepe Island. The island was formed by two rising volcanoes in Lake Nicaragua and is the largest island in the lake. The highlight of the trip includes a strenuous eight-hour hike in a dense cloud forest on Maderas Volcano. Be prepared — the higher you go, the more slippery and humid it gets.

On this tour, you’ll also visit the Charco Verde nature reserve and a museum of petroglyphs; spend an afternoon cycling, horseback riding or kayaking; and relax in the thermal waters of Ojo de Agua.

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