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Thailand is not the only country in southeast Asia with stunning beaches. Malaysia has dozens of tiny islands on both the east and west coasts that rival the beauty of southern Thailand. Plus, the best Malaysia beaches have the added advantage of being relatively unknown (read: cheaper, less crowded, more unspoilt).

Best Malaysia beaches

One of Malaysia’s best beaches. Photo credit: Nicolas Lannuzel on Flickr

One important fact to keep in mind when planning a trip to any Malaysian beach is the monsoon season – do not visit the east coast of Malaysia between November and March, unless you like rain. Lots of rain. That one caveat aside, here are my top picks for a beach-hopping Malaysian adventure.

Best Beaches: East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia

Malaysia’s east coast is the top spot to catch some rays for those living in Kuala Lumpur (KL) – it’s cheap and easy to reach by plane on one of the country’s budget airlines, even for just a long weekend. The water is crystal clear, the beaches are powdery soft and blindingly white. My favorites on the east coast are:

Redang Beach, beautiful beach in Malaysia

The clear waters of Redang Beach. Photo credit: Nicolas Lannuzel on Flickr

Redang. The most expensive of the east coast islands, Redang is truly paradise. Very few Malaysians actually live on the island, so you pretty much have the whole place to yourself. Snorkeling is available off any beach; if you’re lucky, you might even see some sea turtles. Redang is well known as a turtle sanctuary, they usually lay their eggs on Turtle Beach on the north of the island. Berjaya Air makes it very easy to get to Redang from KL’s Subang airport (a 45-minute flight, and you’re on the beach within five minutes of arriving).

Beach on the Perhentian Islands

One of the famously beautiful beaches of the Perhentian Islands. Photo credit: Nguy?n Thành Lam via Flickr.

Perhentian Islands. A selection of smaller islands just north of Redang, the Perhentians are very popular with budget travelers. The beaches are totally unspoilt, with a wide variety of beach huts right on the shore, for just the right price. A favorite for diving and snorkeling, the Perhentians are a great place to earn your scuba diving certificate.

Read more: A Backpacker’s Paradise: the Perhentian Islands

Clear water at a Tioman Island beach

Crystal clear waters of Tioman Island. Photo credit: Peter Gronemann via Flickr.

Tioman Island. Part of Malaysia’s protected marine park islands, Tioman is a snorkeling and divers paradise. The abundant coral reefs off the northern coast of the island are home to a huge variety of colorful tropical fish within easy reach of the shore. Tioman is quite close to Singapore, towards the south of Malaysia’s east coast and sees quite a few tourists from both Singapore and Malaysia each year. You will find larger, more budget-friendly hotels all around this popular island. Berjaya Air offers quick and easy flights directly to Tioman or you can take the bus to the coast, and then a ferry to the island.

Best Beaches: West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia

Langkawi. Malaysia’s duty-free island, Langkawi is the most touristy and lively island on the west coast. Although the beaches aren’t quite as beautiful as those on the east coast, there is a much wider variety of hotels, restaurants, and shops on this tourist hot spot. Langkawi beaches have the added advantage of being available all year round – no monsoon closures for this northern island.

View of Langkawi from the cable car

Langkawi cable car. Photo credit: AndyLawson

The island is big enough for more than just beach sports, which make it especially attractive for more active travelers. There is a beautiful hike up to the Seven Wells (waterfalls) on the north of the island or the absolutely beautiful cable car ride up to the top of the highest mountain on Langkawi – providing breathtaking views of the ocean and nearby islands. Langkawi is also home to the most luxurious hotels Malaysia has to offer – the Datai and the Four Seasons. If you’re looking for a weekend of pampering, look no further than the beautiful island of Langkawi.

Book an island hopping tour from Langkawi or visit the Pulau Payar Marine Park from Langkawi

Beach and boats on Pangkor Island

Boats on the beach on Pangkor Island. Photo credit: Phalinn Ooi via Flickr.

Pangkor Island. Although not the most beautiful of Malaysian beaches, Pangkor is within an easy drive from KL – a great option for a weekend escape. There are several large hotels around Pangkor Island, but most expats opt for the Pangkor Beach Resort. If you’re looking to splurge, Pangkor Laut is a privately owned island resort with stunning over-water bungalows, 5-star service, and door-to-door transportation included. An easy weekend get-away from the hustle and bustle of KL.

Similajau National Park, Golden Beach, Borneo

Golden Beach at Similajau National Park. Photo credit: Paul White via Flickr.

Borneo. The island of Borneo, shared between Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia is quickly becoming a hot spot for well-traveled divers. On the west coast of Borneo, Turtle Beach and Golden Beach are part of the Similajau National Park. Both beaches are turtle nesting grounds, within a larger nature reserve full of tropical wildlife, jungle streams, waterfalls and plenty of animal residents. The natural parks of Sarawak are the perfect place to enjoy an invigorating jungle trek, bird watching, or just relaxing on the many perfect beaches.

School of fish seen while scuba diving in Sipidan

The waters around Sipidan are some of the best in the world for Scuba diving. Photo credit: Jenny via Flickr.

Sipadan, on the east coast of Borneo, is one of the top dive spots in the world, by far the best in Malaysia. The island is an environmental reserve area so there are limits to the number of visitors per day. Diving in Sipadan is an amazing experience – you may see schools of greenback and hawksbill turtles, barracuda, manta rays, even hammerhead and whale sharks! The island is best for diving, rather than snorkeling or sunbathing, so make sure you plan in advance for a full-on diving experience.

Read more: Diving in Sipadan and Layang Layang, Malaysia

Travel Tips & Precautions

Burau Bay, Langkawi, Malaysia beach sunset

And don’t forget your camera! Photo credit: Khalzuri Yazid via Flickr.

Not to sound like your mother, but…

  • Pack plenty of sunblock. While sunblock should be available at most resorts, some hotels on the smaller islands can be understocked. Since Malaysia isn’t far from the equator, just a few minutes in the midday sun can leave you scorched.
  • Bring mosquito repellent and walking shoes. Even if you plan to vegetate on the beach every day, you might find yourself trekking through Malaysia’s abundant and colorful rain forest at some point.
  • Don’t lose your cool. As in most Asian societies, Malaysian culture values polite interactions which allow both parties to “save face”. Courteous persistence with resort staff or locals will probably get you further than getting visibly upset. Note that Islamic tradition dictates that you should hand things to Malays using your right hand, not your left.
  • Safeguard your valuables. Regardless of how secure your resort might seem, tourists’ piles of expensive cameras and telephones can be tempting to locals, and things do occasionally go missing. Use the safe in your room, or leave valuables at the hotel desk, and keep an eye on your goods while bathing.

Read more: Malaysia Travel Tips: What Not to Do or book a 3-Day Pangkor Island tour from Kuala Lumpur  

-Kim Cofino

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61 Responses to “Insider Guide to the Best Malaysia Beaches”

  1. Scott Mc Says:

    Does anybody know what the weather is like on Borneo in December / January?

    Any idea what the water visibility is like at that time? Wondering if a dive trip to Borneo makes sense at that time of year.

  2. Ina Says:’s raining season until march… but if u’re lucky enough….the weather might be clear. Hard to said…but better avoid around that time…

  3. Emilysam Says:

    Is there any beautiful beach near Singapore that within hours of driving from Singapore? I plan to have a trip in this month to Malaysia. Maybe according to your suggestion, to some west part of Malaysia.
    I have driven to Desaru, It is very beautiful place and near Singapore , despite it is not a island.

  4. Mo Says:

    I have heard that the islands on the East are more beautiful then the islands on the West of Malaysia. I’m going to be in Malaysia from Dec 26th, 2007 until January 4th, 2008. Is it going to be sunny around then….I dont want to go to any islands if it is going to be cloudy and rainy. Any suggestions??

  5. Scott Mc Says:

    Hi Mo, sorry for the delayed reply. I wanted to track down some travelers who know Malaysia well. I finally was able to do that, and here’s what they say about your question:

    “Tell Mo he’s right, the monsoon cycle from November to February is much worse on the eastern side than the western side. So if he really wants to avoid the rains, he should stick to the western coast and Penang. But also tell him that, even during the monsoon period it does not rain all day, every day. He will get some sun in eastern Malaysia islands, even during the monsoons.”

    So there you have it, Mo. Hope this helps your itinerary planning.

  6. Ellie Says:

    We visited Pulau Rawa on the East coast of Malaysia in November, a short boat ride from Mersing and your in a little paradise. Only one resort but worth a trip if you want to enjoy the beaches, snorkling and relaxing in a beach chalet – oh and it didn’t rain once, we had clear blue skys!

  7. miriam Says:

    which is better, perhentian island or redang? im planning to go soon but i cant decide which is better. i want to go snorkeling, island hopping, the whole thing. Redang seems to stand out more though…or is it because its more expensive and commercialized? im planning to go in 2 weeks!

  8. Scott Mc Says:

    Hi Miriam.

    I think it depends a little on what you’re looking for. Big Perhentian is more of a backpacker hangout, party scene. The Perhentiana in general are less developed, not much in the way of things to do or see — and for some people that is a huge plus!

    If you want more facilities, more restaurants, more infrastructure, Redang is your best net.

    Hope that helps.

  9. wonderfulsabah Says:

    Dear travellers..

    For those who plan to have another brief vacation, why not give Sabah, Malaysia a try. You can even plan your honeymoon or family trip to Sabah (in Borneo island) and find reasonable room rates. Most tourist came to Sabah for climbing the Mount Kinabalu or (if not climb) visit other interesting places with remarkable scenery of the majestic Mount Kinabalu, clear crystal sea with beautiful beaches as well as diving sites at several awesome islands.

    Enjoy your holidays! God Bless..

  10. noV Says:

    i’ve been to Tioman before… and it’s very nice & beautiful… but many people say Redang is much much better…

  11. dee Says:

    looks enticing..I hope to visit Perhentian..but I read one should be careful (esp. girls)

  12. Kathy Says:

    I will be in Malaysia in December. I had hoped to get to Perentian Kecil but due to the rain am looking for an affordable but beautiful island to visit instead. Lagkawi Island seems very pricey and populated. Can anyone suggest an affordable but lovely island? I will only have 3-4 days and will be coming from Singapore and then need to get to Bangkok. So 4 days in Malaysia….I know it is not enough, but if anyone can suggest an island and affordable accomodation- I would be grateful?- Cheers,

  13. Nash Says:


    I am going to Malaysia in Feburary until 1st March, I keep hearing monsoon. ( I had free tickets so had to go at this time) It is going to be a little of 2 weeks out there, and we plan to do KL, Borneo and wanted to go to beach island…like Langkawi, can someone please tell me which island is bet to go at this time of the yr for some sun! it would be for 3-5 days.

  14. Jason Says:

    Is the weather on the east coast OK in January? Planning a trip then, but I can’t tell if that’s a good time of year or not to visits.

  15. Riz Says:

    Hi All !

    It was my first visit to Malaysia from 10nov to 26 nov and in this time i visited a lot of places like KL, Penang, Langkawi, Genting etc.

    Langkawi has breathtaking views and awesome beaches, the beaches are so calm and wide that one doesnt want to leave the place at ll, i stayed in Pentai Cenang Beach area and visited each and every place of langkawi like Seven wells/waterfall, Kota mahsuri, Snake sanctuary, Black sand beaches, caves etc.

    The beaches are magnificient and a must visit, i recommend you plan a tour in such a waay that you spend more time at the beaches rather than the shopping malls.

    Penang also has nice beaches but relatively ruff but the water sports at penang are wonderful and you can party / barbecue at places away from public areas (hire a boat)

  16. Brice Says:

    I don’t know if I am the only one in that case but the picture I had from Malaysia was Kuala Lumpur and the Petronas Tower (quite limited, I know…). That was before I went there and figured out that Malaysia has so much more to offer. Stunning beaches are numerous on both the east and west coast, though I haven’t been to all the places listed here. But the few beaches and islands I’ve been to were just breathtaking! and well worth a detour from the popular neighbour (thailand).
    Thanks for the highlights by the way, I would love to check out all those places if I have the opportunity to go back to Malaysia.
    I like the tips at the end of the post…

  17. kuala lumpur malaysia Says:

    If you go to Kuala Lumpur, there are limited choice of beaches. The nearest beach is in Port Dickson. But its not recommended because the beach is quite polluted since its near to the town. I recommend that you go to the beaches in the island such as the Redang Island and Tioman Island as mentioned in the article. Those 2 islands have the most beautiful beaches in Malaysia and also had been featured in a lot of travel magazine all over the world.

  18. nicole Says:

    hey.. kinda in a dilemma.. my galpals and i are planning to head off to some beautiful paradise in east side of malaysia.. so like is it safe.. we are all gals.. and also can someone suggest sumthin as we are on a shoestring budget..

  19. SHWETA JAIN Says:

    Hello , I am planning to go to Malaysia on 26th of July n planning to make 6 days trip. After reading all the comments regarding Malaysia I can point out few places to enjoy the beaches n water sports 4 kids such as , Langkawi n Redang . Can u pls help me to tell as i don’t want to make my trip expensive that How far is Redang from KL ? Is there any other transportation to go except flight?
    Most important thing if we hv to choose one place to stay a long then which place u suggest me ?
    pls reply me cos ur comments may give my trip a good success.Waitting 4 ur quick responce. TKS…..

  20. Vacation To Malaysia Says:

    i Think Pulau Mabul is the best islands i visit. Pulau Mabul have a white sand and very-very beauty beach i see. I very loved it. Come and visit thare all my friends.


  21. Cuti-cuti Malaysia Says:

    man, for the east coast of Malaysia, i would also suggest lang tengah island, or gem island which located at state of Terengganu..time to visit, make it early year – feb-march something..

  22. William Wallace Says:

    I was going to head back to Barbados for a month next year, but I think I will give it a miss and head to Malaysia instead. Looks like a cool place for a cool guy like me……

  23. Jana Says:


    After reading page after page on the internet I still cannot find out difinitive list of seasons everything I read suggests different times.

    Can anyone help me out with these questions..
    – When are the monsoon dates for the east and west coast
    – when is it less busy
    – what times of year would you recommened going

    Thanks a lot


  24. ekata Says:


    After reading page after page on the internet I still cannot find out difinitive list of seasons everything I read suggests different times.

    Can anyone help me out with these questions..
    – When are the monsoon dates for the east and west coast
    – when is it less busy
    – what times of year would you recommend going

    Thanks a lot


    Monsoon dates around December. It will rain quite often but you will see the sun at least half of the day. However, to enjoy sunny days through out most appropriate time would be around February. The west coast will rain but not flooding as some places in east during this time of year. Of course there are patches of area which is flood prone than the other. But it has never been very bad in the way that communication ceased to zero. So far. I won’t be able top guarantee on this, as we all know how the world temperature has changed lately eh.

    It is less busy during school season. As Malaysia has no real season ( no winter, summer etc) as it is right on the equator, it is quite hot and humid but you need a lot of lotion at the beach. You can check the school season here

    Hotels often are fully booked around shorter term holidays and they often charged higher considering peak seasons.

    If your avoiding school holidays then choose the dates which fall within the schooling and rainy seasons.

    And if you want to get a feel of being at home, try speaking in the national alnguage Bahasa Malaysia which you may learn online at

  25. sara Says:


    Me and my husband and our two kids (3 and 6 years) are heading for Malaysia
    for 6 weeks from 6 januari until mid february. We would like to go to some quiet “hide away” beach, good for snorkeling. Accept for that we hope to see som wilde life, pretty easy acceseble, also cultur life of interest. We probebly have to limit the nuberof places to five or so, as we are travelling with children and don´t want to get exsousted.
    When I read about Malaysia I want to go everywhere. can anyone help us out to pick the best spots.

  26. Wan Says:

    @ Sara- Since you folks are coming prior to the monsoon season and you only want snorkeling, it really doesn’t really matter which part of Malaysia you go. Pace of life in east Malaysia is slower and locals are much much friendlier plus more exotic wild life, that is if you can book a direct flight from your place to Kuching or Kota Kinabalu. However, if you want to include shopping in your itinerary, you should fly to Kuala Lumpur and travel from there.

  27. malaysia asia Says:

    Jana – Monsoon is from Late October till early March so avoid east coast islands of Peninsular Malaysia. It is least busiest during the monsoon. But when the seasons opens in March, it is one of the best times to go and avoid weekends or local school holidays if possible. Rates are 20-40% more.

    Well, apart from that, there are a ton of islands around Malaysia to choose. If you like a nature full trip, head to Sabah Borneo. Otherwise, best to try islands like Tioman, Perhentian, Redang or even Langkawi. All depends on who is going (couple, kids, extended family, seniors). You could take a look here as I have 14 articles on islands around Malaysia –

    Other than that, have a fantastic holiday when you visit Malaysia.

    Malaysia Asia

  28. bittu Says:

    My husband and I are planning a trip to malaysia for 4 days during march 31 and april 3.
    I would like to know what are the best places to visit malaysia in 4 days. also i would like to know the weather condition during that period.
    I love to see the green water beaches and beautiful landsapes.
    plz suggest me

    Thanks a lot,

  29. Kaye Says:

    My first time in Malaysia, flying into KL, then taking a bus to Cameron Highlands. Then I want to go to Langkawi. What is the best way to get to Langkawi from Cameron Highlands. Bus, train, flY?

  30. Olle Says:

    After checking availability of almost all hotels I can find on Langkawi I am surprised to see that the Island obviously is not suited for families. Not one hotel offers the possibility to host two adults and three children. Isn’t that extraodinary?

  31. asha Says:

    me & my husband are planing to go malaysia on 20th june to 27th june………..which places to see???wht will be the weather on that time?

  32. dany Says:

    Hallo. Can you give me an advice about the best place to go in August if I like snorkeling (no diving!) in calm and shallow waters and I prefer to stay in a very quiet place? Last year I went to Redang, but this year I would like to go somewhere else, in Borneo too. Thank you!

  33. ash Says:

    Among locals, Perhentian is the most beautiful and affordable island there is. In Borneo, the islands are too exclusive while Langkawi and Redang suitable for families because for being more touristy. My suggestion, go to Langkawi and Tioman. They are tax-free islands so alcohol are cheaper. If you go to Langkawi, there are even speedboat service for ones who want to to southern Thailand islands in Andaman coast. I heard Koh Lipe is a haven!Plus, Langkawi is available all year round!

  34. René Girard Says:

    I would like to travel in Malaysia.

  35. Sonal Says:


    my name is Sonal. A couple of friends and I are planning a holiday to Malaysia in September. Preferbly end of September. After abit of research I came across Langkawi, however i read somewhere that its the rainy season then in the west coast. After reading the article here, I see that the east is also very nice and dry during the period i wish to travel. We would like to do snorkeling and also relaxing. What’s the night life in the east. I dont want the Rain! Every help will be appreciated.

  36. David @ Malaysia Asia Says:

    To Sonal, the rainy season is pretty unpredictable these days but Sep/Oct is quite fine from my experience. So you should do alright provided you do not book a 3D/2N tour. At least spend 3-4 nights minimum so you wont have to rush.

    Malaysia Asia

  37. Bawani Says:

    I am coming to Malaysia in early November for couple of weeks, and I really want a beach holiday. We were thinking Bali, but (Malaysian) visa are a nightmare. So got to stay put! But is it monsoon season for beaches in Malaysia at that time? I’d like to see some sun, any ideas on somewhere we could go?


  38. Catherine Says:

    Hi, just wondering where the best beach would be to go for clear waters, white sands, masages and cocktails? 🙂
    We are on a tight budget and would like to go in December as a stop on our way home to Australia.
    I travelled Thailand in 2008, is it roughly the same price???
    Thank you 🙂

  39. scott Says:

    Hi everyone.Monsoon dates have been well stated above, so I wont go into detail about that. Just be careful because a lot of accommodation closes down during the monsoon season. If you have a short trip in Malaysia and your not flying then head to the Cameron Highlands for some beautiful scenery. This is a great spot to visit on your way to Penang. From here stay a night or two as their is a lot to do, including beaches, water sports and numerous other things. Penang has a relaxed enviroment while still being quite large. Get the boat from Penang to Langkawi and make sure you book accommodation on the beach side of the island. Kick back on the island and relax. If you want to explore the hidden treasures of the island rent a car or even better a motorbike.

    If you are going to the east coast it is easy to get a bus from Cameron highlands to the Perhentian Islands starting point. from memory it takes about 6hrs from KL to Highlands, and 6hrs from highlands to Islands. An hour and a bit on the boat and your their. I stayed on Perhentian Kecil, the cheaper, backpacker, party island. Perhentian Besar is the resort, family orientated big brother. If relaxing is what your after come here. Lie on the beautiful beach, swim snorkel and dive during the day. Awesome buffet dinner (seafood) on the quiet side of the island next to jetty ($5 US). Then for the rest of the night either chill out or start drinking like the rest of the tourists. They sell a cheap sweet rum called monkey juice for 25MYR a bottle, but if you don’t want that bring your own as being Muslim, alcohol is expensive on the east coast. Finally if you are a girl it is fine, just be aware that at the end of the night the local guys will come out and try and hit on you (it happened every night), so stick with your friends.

    You can get chalets from 40MYR per night, cheaper for dorms and up to over $100 US per night. Beer costs about $3 US each. No electricity in your rooms during the day as generators are used. I think diving is around $30 US per dive. Hope this helps.

  40. Lindsay Says:


    I hope I am not repeating a previous question. I am coming to Malaysia for a month in January with a friend of mine from Canada. We are lucky enough to have some time to travel throughout the country but we also really wanted to see the Perhentian Islands. I know that we will be there during prime monsoon time…but what I wanted to know was is it still possible to get to the islands during this time via ferry? Are ALL accommodations closed (that is what it is sounding like). We are also going to be doing some camping, so if we are able to get there by ferry, and there are no accommodations, we would be happy to set up camp. Is this a worthwhile plan, as I am well-aware that during monsoon season rains are sporadic throughout the day, not constant. Any insight would be much appreciated!


  41. Zain Says:

    I have been to langkawi, tioman, and pangkor island, and i have to say that tioman was the most beautiful, the beach is awesome and its great for snorkeling, but the second time i went i found out that it is becoming more and more of a tourist spot that is a bit crowded, and the local people seem to get frustrated with tourist and aren’t that friendly anymore, the locals seem to be friendly when you pay more, or if you’re white lol, other than that you will be treated with very little respect and that alone can make the best place on earth seem very shitty.

  42. sam sserunkuuma Says:

    I hope one day i will be able to visit some of these beautiful places ! It is an inspiration for some of us in uganda to have joint ventures and make similar beauty in our countries after all we should all work toword human happiness.

  43. boy Says:

    Belawai,mukah also got a great beach,but nobody know..

  44. Uman Says:

    Hi, I have a work visa in Malaysia and I’m looking to relocate to somewhere beautiful and peaceful. I would love to live by the beach in a place which isn’t that developed – something similar to Koh Samui or Koh Lanta in Thailand – any suggestions for where could be nice option in Malay?

  45. Randolph Says:

    We consider going to malaysia 10 days (Kuala Lumpur + few days on the sea-side) end of March / beginning of April.

    Is it a good idea ? How is the weather at that period of the year ? (I had some contradictory information while searching on Internet).

    Many thanks

  46. Aleks Says:

    Hi guys,

    Can you please let me know how to get to Kota Kinabalu from Kuala Lumpur. What is the best and the cheapest way to get there? Are there any boats we can take and do you guys the prize wise???


  47. Thristhan Says:

    I particularly love the beached in Sabah area, especially at the Islands there.

  48. SEO Company Bangalore Says:

    Thanks for such a wonderful post. India is very beautiful place and i like it very much. Very interesting article with wonderful photos.

  49. Ioseb Says:

    Going visit Malaysia this september (from 18 – 26)
    Can anyone give me an advice where to go to catch the sun
    And what is the best beach for this period??

  50. TAM Says:

    Hi there,

    Im traveling to kuala Lumpur on the 13th – 26th March, i want to travel on somewhere after, somewhere beautiful, beachy, cheap (ish) and a small flight away. Any ideas?? Nice small number of bars/ huts, very casual, lots of walking/ exploring to do along with rlaxing in the water and on the beach???

    Will i manage to miss monsoon season? Any help or ideas you have would be great!

    Thank you!!
    I’d really appreciate any help!!

  51. Brittany Says:

    My husband and I sre trying to decide between Malaysia or Vietnam for vacation. We enjoy snorkeling (to be expected) and laid back beaches with few people, and good local food. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  52. Mary Says:

    We just got back from traveling in Malaysia mid February. We had some good & bad experiences. One of the bad was the incredible amount of garbage covering the beach (think innumerable flourescent light tubes, light bulbs, batteries, plastic bottles of all shapes & sizes, plastic tarps, bobbing plastic blue barrels) & pollution we encountered in the Perhentians. The locals seemed unfazed and it was visitors with garbage bags trying to make a dent in it…they must be overwhelmed & I think they burn piles & piles when they get a chance (ie when tourists are not around.) The water was also full of a fizzy bright green algae bloom which smelled unappealingly polluted. This did seem to blow away the next day, but every cove seemed to show signs of pollution. So sad…Had some great food in Malaysia though, particularly East Indian.

  53. Ozaer N. Says:

    Brittany: I recommend Redang Island in Malaysia. The resort has changed ownership and its a bit pricey, but well worth it, as its one of the best beaches I have seen.

  54. Zulfiqar Says:

    I last visited Langkawi and really enjoyed as it was much easier to look around for different places as driving was much easier due to the infrastructure. Also, Langkawi was less crowded and was economical which was a plus as well. Could someone please guide me that is there any better island in Malaysia which has same features as I mentioned above?

  55. Laura Says:

    The Perhentians are lovely, small islands that are not too crowded. They are popular for diving, but also have nice beaches and have a relaxed atmosphere. They are reachable by boat from Kuala Besut. You can find more information about Malaysia, including its islands, on our Malaysia Things to Do blog: 🙂

  56. Collin Says:

    Is there a less than 6 hours coach ride to any of the west side beaches? dislike long traveling hours

  57. LuizzeOliveira Says:

    When you want to take a holiday to a wonderful and exotic place, you should think about selecting Malaysia as your next holiday spot. Because there are many of beautiful beaches as you can see in this an informative content.