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Editor’s Note: This is the second in our “airport transport & airport shuttles” series. We’ve asked Viator’s own hardcore travelers — the people who travel month in, month out — to write brief insider guides to airport transportation at major airports around the world. The following is by Alesia Stochel, the manager of Viator’s Las Vegas office. Alesia, she knows Las Vegas, baby!

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Fabulous Las Vegas Airport Transport

Welcome to Las Vegas, the beckoning of slot machines greeting you the moment you exit your flight. Now it’s time for more sensory overload as you make your way towards baggage claim, with ample time to take in the advertisements for the hottest Vegas shows, clubs, dining and tour experiences. But be warned: From the airport, it looks like the Vegas Strip is mere steps away, but it’s just far enough away to require an airport shuttle, taxi, limo or your own rental car. The good news is you have choice transportation for the most part 24-7-365! A few guidelines that should help you match your transportation with your Vegas style:

Las Vegas Airport Transport: Grab a Cab

Your average Las Vegas visitor simply grabs a cab. Queues for the cabs are located right outside of baggage area (directly past the car rental counters, and one last restroom stop). Cabs range from $12 to the south end of the Strip to $25 downtown. Usually queues move quite frequently — don’t be dismayed by the looks of the long line. Always good to have a map or an idea of where your hotel is located from the airport (south end, center, downtown, off-strip). No longer rides than necessary, right?!

Las Vegas Airport Transport: Show me the savings!

Las Vegas Night Helicopter Tour of the Strip
Save your money for a Vegas helicopter tour

Are you an “all About the value” kind of person? The type of person who would rather save money for a show, a great dinner, or may we humbly suggest a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon? Either way you’re in luck, pre-book your Las Vegas airport shuttle ahead of time and beat the crowds, beat the lines, and spend as little as $10 for Strip hotels and $15 for downtown hotels. This is especially useful if you are arriving on a Friday or Saturday evening, which are high traffic days. Cabs and limos can be costly during this tine.

Las Vegas Airport Transport: DIY Las Vegas

Are you an explorer? Or maybe you want to look good in a convertible? Either way all major car rental companies are available at the airport. Cost during the week starts around $65 per day, on weekends from $30 per day. There is often complimentary valet parking at the major hotels (don’t forget to tip), as well as plenty of free public parking available. You will definitley get your exercise from the hotel parking lot to check-in. Wear comfy shoes!

Las Vegas Airport Transport: Almost famous

For the party-until-you-drop people (don’t waste a minute – sleep is overrated) – private sedans are available at the airport for $40 per person. Not quite the high roller, but feeling extra special!

Las Vegas Airport Transport: Famous enough not to care

Welcome to Las Vegas, Mr & Mrs High Roller. You have two options in Las Vegas: a limo or a stretch limo. Both are readily available at the airport for walk-up customers (bottom level of the airport – ask information at the airport to direct you, or follow the signs). The cost is $50-$60.

Las Vegas Airport Transport: So famous…

… your personal assistant is reading this.

For the highest of high rollers you will need to reserve an H2 Hummer Stretch Limo ($100 – $125). You may want to keep it for 1-2 hours to show a VIP is on-board. This is always a great alternative when traveling with a small group of 6 to 8 people. Or maybe you’re what’s known as a “Whale” — one of those high-dollar gamblers who always travels free to / from by private sedan / limo / stretch (the best)… good for you, but remember that nothing is really free in Vegas, baby – but always a good time.

–Alesia Stochel

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3 Responses to “Las Vegas Airport Shuttles & Transport”

  1. Len Petkun Says:

    Gray Line shuttle was very good at the Las Vegas Airport pick up to the Rennaisance Hotel.
    The return trip to the airport was a no show. The hotel said that they were not surprised.
    I do not recommend buying a round trip shuttle ticket. If they don’t show, you will not be stiffed for the prepaid return trip.

  2. John Parker Says:

    I’ve found the services vary widely.
    Some have nice drivers, some drivers are not courteous at all.
    Do your research.

  3. NickB Says:

    Are the prices still valid for 2010? I guess with higher gas prices they have increased as the Nevada State Taxi Authority quote $25 – $35+ for fares from the airport to hotels.