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Yes, it really is fabulous.

With the ubiquitous slogan and ad campaign “What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas,” one would think that all there is to do in Sin City is to commit one of the seven deadlies…

For a starving college student, the allure of avarice will on occasion call me to the gaming tables, but I do resist and try to find a less expensive albeit entertaining alternative for an evening out.

So what is there to do in Las Vegas besides releasing your id? How about a show? Would you be surprised that hidden among the world-renowned Cirque shows, the brand-new Love (another Beatles tribute) and the tried-and-true Mamma Mia! you can find truly amazing shows for any budget?

Recently I had the pleasure of seeing The Rat Pack Is Back, a spot-on tribute to ‘ol blue eyes and his crew with a surprise cameo by Marilyn Monroe, who made a lucky audience member’s day – va va va voom! The show adds a little street cred with the addition of the Rat Pack’s original Maitre D greeting you at the door.

If a little taste of Old Vegas doesn’t suit you, head over to Planet Hollywood’s new casino for V – The Ultimate Variety Show, with an ever-changing lineup of magicians, acrobats, comedians and more. Or, check out “The Best Beatles Show in the World” at Fab Four Mania (I could not believe they weren’t lip synching).

How about something a little naughty? If you are thinking strip clubs, that’s definitely a different blog (and one I may write given enough incentive). There are some great adult-only options on the Strip. For the fetish-friendly, I suggest Fashionistas, especially if you like vinyl! Or you can check out Mesmerized – just hope you don’t get called up on stage for a hypnosis-induced moment of embarrassment. Just remember: what happens here, stays here. Unless someone catches you on their cell phone, then you’ll have to take it up with them (and pray they don’t post it to You Tube). Or head over to the west side of the Strip, where you’ll find the stars of the Showtime Show Bullshit – Penn & Teller – catching bullets, getting political and showing you the tricks of the trade.

I bet you’re wondering – what about the topless shows? Well, I was getting to that… of all the topless revues offered in Las Vegas, Folies Bergere gives you a taste of Old Vegas with a dash of the new. It’s a similar vibe with An Evening at La Cage at the Riviera Hotel. Continuing the theme of Paris-inspired shows, the MGM presents Crazy Horse Paris, a mirror image of the original with a Las Vegas twist. Or try the Crazy Girls Fantasy Review.

Are beginning to wonder why you’re bringing your kids to Las Vegas when there are so many shows for adults? Don’t despair – Sin City need not be sinful. With kid-friendly magicians like Nathan Burton and Ronn Lucas, you can keep the kids busy during the day. Vegas even offers a Comedy Pet Theater at Planet Hollywood – what more could a kid want?

Hopefully with my advice, Las Vegas entertainment need not make a huge dent in your budget. That said, remember that excess is best – this is Sin City, after all. So if you want to splurge a little try La Reve at the Wynn, the water acrobatics were simply amazing. If you are a big Monty Python fan (even if you’re not) you need to see Spamalot! And don’t forget the world-famous cerulean boys, the Blue Man Group, who are opening a brand-new Blue Man Group show at Universal Orlando on June 7. So, if your vacation plans send you to Orlando instead of Las Vegas, think of me, the lowly college student, as you soak in the Florida sun!

Las Vegas Shows - Blue Man Group

-Melissa Llanes Brownlee

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