March Madness: NCAA Basketball Tourney

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Now I think most will agree that March is a fantastic month…the seasons begin to change, the days get longer or shorter depending on where you are in the world and St. Patrick’s day puts many in a celebratory mood.

What really makes March one of the best months of the year though is the NCAA basketball tournament. During the second week of March each year lines are drawn in the sand, brackets are created, people call in ‘sick’ to work, competitive banter is heightened and the unimaginable can happen. In fact just today one of my friend’s offices had a half day since so many people were calling in ‘sick.’

March Madness. The Big Dance. These are just two names that work to NCAA Brackets define the excitement of this tournament. The atmosphere is electric. The passion real. If a basketball team who is relatively unknown, makes a statement at the Big Dance, all of a sudden they are a household name. That is a beautiful thing, and inspires me to always shoot for the top. If you aren’t convinced below are quotes from a handful of people describing March Madness and what it means to them:

“March madness is the oil the lubricates my engine…without it I am nothing” -Matt

“There’s no other tournament, playoff game, or championship that creates the same excitement and buzz as March Madness. March Madness is something you wait for all year and never want to end.” -Lori

“I look forward to it every year! I love the office pools and hearing people in the office randomly yell or start clapping. You know that there is a close game going on. Go Cat’s!” – Jenny

“March Madness makes me thirst for both an exciting game and the beer that usually accompanies” -Erin

“March Madness makes me feel euphoric. The first two days of the tournament are so unpredictable and exciting, because your team has a 1 in 64 chance of shocking the world there is NO sporting event like it. It makes me feel like anything is possible.” – Chris

University of Arizona Mascots

Having gone to the University of Arizona. A Pac-10 powerhouse school and the home to one of collegiate basketballs most legendary coaches Lute Olson you could say that this sporting event for me is comparable to Christmas or birthdays. I feel like a kid in a candy store when I think about these teams and their display of passion, sportsmanship and skill. The games whether blow-outs or nail-biters define the phrase ‘anything can happen.’

So why you may ask am I blogging about this on the Viator blog, well it seems that my colleagues do not share the enthusiasm I do when it comes to this sacred collegiate event. Not that they aren’t sports lovers they do enjoy that competitive spirit. It is my hope that when they read this they will understand a tiny bit more why these three weeks in March are defined as Madness (or at least why I am so uncommonly loud in the office).

Viator is global travel company. Sports worldwide has built bridges in helping people understand other places and cultures and basketball is a wonderful arena for international athletes. Like with music people can become fast friends (or enemies) when discussing sports. Next time you are traveling ask about the favorite local sport or team and attend a game, match, race or event. Think about checking out horseracing in Hong Kong, NASCAR Pepsi 400 in Orlando, Footy in Melbourne, or football in Manchester, Milan, Barcelona, Rome, Madrid and Rio de Janeiro.

–Liz P

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