Meet a Guide: Mustapha Ahitass in Marrakech

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Local Experts & Private Guides, Middle East & Africa

Editor’s Note: Viator is proud to introduce some of our new local experts. This network of licensed tour guides covers most every destination you can imagine, so check ‘em out the next time you’re looking for a private tour guide – or simply looking to explore a destination from a local’s perspective.

Meet Mustapha Ahitass, one of Viator’s local experts on Marrakech.

Meet Mustapha Ahitass

Meet Mustapha Ahitass

Mustapha is licensed by the Ministry of Tourism and his Marrakech sightseeing tours, personalized city tours and family-friendly excursions are some Viator favorites. His hard-working spirit and friendly disposition are ideal for travelers looking to go beyond the surface of the thriving city to explore the real Marrakech.

Mustapha is passionate about showing visitors the history, flavors and natural wonders of his hometown. In fact, he’s been doing it for 17 years. His customized tours typically include a mix of cultural activities, safaris, wildlife excursions and his favorite—social encounters. For Mustapha, helping travelers and locals engage with one another has proved the most rewarding part of the job. That’s probably why he asks his guests to open both their minds and their hearts in order to experience all Morocco has to offer.

Travelers looking to venture beyond Marrakech can follow Mustapha on day trips to Casablanca, the shores of Essaouria, or even the Sahara desert. Whether it’s an afternoon or multi-day trip, Mustapha is ready to show visitors what makes Marrakech a worthy adventure.

Check out Mustapha Ahitass’s profile for more customer reviews of his private Marrakech tours and for further information about how to contact and book with Mustapha. 

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