Meet Rob and Kang, Private Guides in Seoul, South Korea

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Together Rob and Kang create a dynamic duo that is sure to deliver a stimulating experience of the Korean peninsula. Constantly feeding off each other, these two professional guides are able to give their clients two very different perspectives of their country, resulting in the best possible Korean experience, especially given they are just as curious about their country as you are.

Meet Rob and Kang!

Meet Rob and Kang!

It is the dynamic between Rob, a Korean-American, and Kang, a restless native, that make their tours unique — a continuous comedic battle of East versus West to see what sites are better for what occasion. And this entertainment is just a sideshow to the wonderful tour you’ll be getting!

Rob and Kang strive to make their tours unforgettable, one-of-kind experiences. Besides the standard Seoul city tour, they also offer a ‘Discovering Gangnam style’ tour and a ‘Well-being tour’ that aims to show how normal Koreans manage to enjoy life and maintain an overall sense of well-being.

As much as Rob and Kang might disagree with one another, one thing they can agree on is that they love Korea. Their mission is to show you where they come from, to give you a glimpse into the heart of the Korean people and explain what it is that makes them tick.

Between the two of them, they’ve traveled over 75 countries and know what it takes to make your tour unlike any other. With their extremely friendly manner and huge capacity for hospitality, Rob and Kang are sure to send you home satisfied.

Check out Rob and Kang’s Viator Private Tour Guide profile for more details about their private Seoul, Korea tours and further information on how to contact and book with Rob and Kang.

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